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Programming Magic Ambassador


The story of how saving a truck full of magic animals in crates, spanking a demi-god princess… in public… twice, and becoming an ambassador to a parallel work with magic, beast-men, and gods would result in messing up my life… Who would have guessed…

Follow the story of how a CS Grad student as he attempts to grasp with the new found power, love, and responsibilities which (to his dismay) just keep piling up for him…

Author notes: I never meant for this story to take on a life of its own, but since I’ve started writing… The story has just flowed. The first set of chapters is very slow (chronologically) but I have a long time planned out. Hopefully You’ll enjoy How I weave the story from now on. Some speed ups will happen so don’t be afraid of billions of lines literary code(words). Please feel free to stay, relax, put your feet up, and enjoy the ride. Please consider this ‘rough draft’ level of editing/completion. This is not meant to yet be a final product. I am only posting online still because a few people seem to be enjoying it and I think after ch 20 or so I really got much better with my writing style/consistency. So Please forgive the early chapters.

Tags: Fantasy, Adult, Action, Romance, Magic, Comedy, Harem, Math

Trigger warnings: Yes.

Specifically: Math, Logic, Wit, Sarcasm, Spanking, Lots and lots of consensual sex, more sex, LGBT characters(& sex), BDSM, and a Male MC.

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Volume 01 chapter 001 – 018 ** 103,881 Words — Magic Beginning…
(Volume 1 has the most amount of sex in it, (tried to weave narrative into the sex and it mostly delivers, but could be (and is in later chapters) toned back a bit to balance the story.) Also this has the chapters with the most inconsistent grammar (verb usage switches from past (perfect) to present often.)
Volume 02 chapter 019 – 038 **   99,064 Words — Magic Arrival…
(Switch from First person to Third person writing style, much more story than vol 1.)
Volume 03 chapter 039 – 055 **   81,254 Words — Magic Awakening…
(Pretty consistent and I think much higher writing quality overall, World Building and story focus)
Volume 04 chapter 056 –

Word Count Title Link
9783 Magic Cherry… Chapter 001
2608 Magic Father… Chapter 002
3946 Magic Play… Chapter 003
4667 Magic 6… Chapter 004
2544 Magic 9… Chapter 005
5778 Magic Cuddles… Chapter 006
3137 Magic Spent… Chapter 007
4953 Magic Need… Chapter 008
5791 Magic Control… Chapter 009
7113 Magic Acceptance… Chapter 010
6304 Magic Goodbyes… Chapter 011
7209 Magic Rings… Chapter 012
5373 Magic Display… Chapter 013
6760 Magic Friends… Chapter 014
8124 Magic Ride… Chapter 015
7169 Magic Desires… Chapter 016
7259 Magic Kisses… Chapter 017
5363 Magic Later… Chapter 018
3864 Magic Nursing… Chapter 019
3522 Magic Healing… Chapter 020
5375 Magic Ears… Chapter 021
4922 Magic Bite… Chapter 022
4558 Magic Tea… Chapter 023
5421 Magic Trick… Chapter 024
5054 Magic Dinner… Chapter 025
5447 Magic Talking… Chapter 026
5712 Magic Dream… Chapter 027
4239 Magic Time… Chapter 028
4930 Magic Word… Chapter 029
4459 Magic Berries… Chapter 030
5122 Magic Implications… Chapter 031
3225 Magic Interests… Chapter 032
4853 Magic Master… Chapter 033
5898 Magic Watch… Chapter 034
5303 Magic Hug… Chapter 035
4128 Magic Grandma… Chapter 036
6048 Magic Bath… Chapter 037
4810 Magic Invitation… Chapter 038
4027 Magic Suit… Chapter 039
3135 Magic Rules… Chapter 040
6820 Magic Trust… Chapter 041
3358 Magic Letters… Chapter 042
4537 Magic Promises… Chapter 043
4161 Magic Show… Chapter 044
5946 Magic Souvenir… Chapter 045
4847 Magic Wine… Chapter 046
5234 Magic Giggling… Chapter 047
5746 Magic Angel… Chapter 048
6195 Magic Neck… Chapter 049
4707 Magic Whisper… Chapter 050
5135 Magic Goals… Chapter 051
4262 Magic Bed… Chapter 052
7315 Magic Bond… Chapter 053
4191 Magic Chick… Chapter 054
5665 Magic Want… Chapter 055
4007 Magic Laughter… Chapter 056
4542 Magic Lunch… Chapter 057
4042 Magic Walk… Chapter 058
3809 Magic Thirst… Chapter 059
5031 Magic Futon… Chapter 060
???? Magic ????…


305,264 words so far… (roughly, each word count is just WP’s auto-word count minus # of ‘navigation words’etc… and doesn’t include any typo fixes or other edits that I forgot to update.)

I’d love to find a widget that would do this automatically… but for ‘widgets’ you need to pay money for ‘pro-level hosting’ or whatever WP calls it…