PMA Ch 045



Chapter 045: Magic Souvenir…

(And…. she’s out…) (Mark)

(Well that went better than I ever imagined…) (Mark)

Mark just lays there holding Kathy knowing some of what is going on outside. Just after the wall went back up the news about Elizabeth was made public.

(I really wish I could just warp everyone I know into a bubble and protect them forever…) (Mark)

Mark sighs deeply thinking about everything that has, is, and will be happening. Mark realizes that …yes indeed… the scariest part of all of this is Elizabeth’s death, and her choosing Mark.

Things have been going -too good- for Mark.

(I had always envisioned me and Sherie getting married, having our 2.4 kids, the cat & the dog, the house with the white picket fence, and maybe an RV for family vacations… But look at me now… I’m starting… fuck… I -have- my own harem… I have two women that I truly love… 2 more that I find attractive, 1 of which actually likes me and the other of which I just made cum in front of 1000s of people from sadomasochism… and then Susan and Beth… ) (Mark)

(But what am I going to do with them? and what do these BONDs really mean? its too dangerous to ask, and apparently most gods can’t have more than one or two BONDs… and I can have -a lot- more… And my BONDs are special some how… though -how- I know this… ‘has’ to be Elizabeth… because otherwise I have no fucking clue… Hell I don’t even know what ‘god’, ‘demi-god’, ‘full-god’, I’ve heard these terms used… something about ‘divinity’… (Thanks Elizabeth, useful knowledge like that -would- be too much for you to help me with… huh…) Anyways… the biggest ‘what the fuck’ out there is what killed Elizabeth… and why does she think she needs -me- to protect Katherine…. Obviously it has something to do with me being fully human… Am I fully human anymore? That ‘body being remade’ thing kinda freaks me out… ) (Mark)

Mark lays there holding the beauty with his arm. He leans back to lay flat on his back. He closes his eyes to think about ways in which he can try to make things better.


Mark falls asleep and doesn’t realize it. He was intending to stay awake. He remains asleep for hours.


Kathy wakes up and realizes that she is still in the amphitheater and that mark is laying next to her.

(Ancestors… what happened to me earlier?… I can’t believe what he did to me… I can’t believe I finally was able… oh.. my… heavens… I had my first orgasm in front of thousands of people…) (Kathy)

Kathy is turning the color of cherries while Mark is slightly snoring next to her. She finally realizes what the sound she is hearing is. She looks over and sees Mark with is mouth slightly ajar. The snoring is pretty annoying now that she realizes what it is.

Kathy tries to use some mana to see what she can do with her wind magic to make him stop snoring. Then she realizes she can’t form her mana because of the bracelets she is wearing. She looks up at her wrists and realizes Mark only places her wrists in the slots and closed the door. He never locked it. She ‘could’ get her wrists out, but she refuses to endanger her having to go through 2 REAL punishments that aren’t at all as…. whatever…. Mark had done…

(Spanking is suppose to hurt. It is suppose to be nothing but punishment for children. I don’t understand how the spanking that Mark gave me was able to feel so good. He told me to relax, but if that was the case every child would find out and tell each other to relax and it wouldn’t hurt anymore… But its not that it -did not- hurt… its that the pain didn’t feel like it was ‘too much’ other than the very first time he hit me hard. THAT hurt worse then the rest of them combined…) (Kathy)

(But the way in which he spanked me… it made it feel ‘good’ when he hit me the rest of the times… I was so scared that he wouldn’t tell me what he was going to do… and then he _teased me_ about spanking me… and said he would be my _future mate_ … This Mark was arrogant and cruel. Then he told me to trust him and to ‘relax’ over and over. I don’t know why I did trust him… probably has to do with Geni. Geni is one of the smartest people I know… but she is usually so dense when it comes to boys that if one sticks out to even her… then he must be special… And Mark is… special… that much is sure… He picked a fight with Father _on purpose_ no sane sentient being does that… Only Mother dares to do that… and then Mark says it is up to ME to save him by telling mother that he treated me well… I just don’t get you Mark Johnson…) (Kathy)

(You tell me that you want me as a mate and then tell me I’m 6th behind a Tanuki, a Sylvilagus Nurse, an Garud Nurse, and worst of all… two -humans- then you tell me you don’t know if you even want me as a mate… but want to get to know ME first… the arrogance… But Kat… You know he wasn’t be arrogant… he actually -said- the right things… like wanting to be friends first… and that we should keep this a secret for now until we decide… He even offered… ohh yes… he did… didn’t he… hmm…) (Kathy)

(I’m not going to bed him… but… I think teasing him and making him beg me to grind against him is well within my rights after what he did… ) (Kathy)

Kathy slowly and carefully opens the hinge ‘holding’ her hands in place and she rotates her right hand 180 degrees and moves her left hand down 2 spots. This makes her be facing downwards. She hasn’t yet put her leg over mark. but she is getting ready to. She just needs to close the hinge to register that she is still ‘locked’ in place.

She is able to do that and then throws her leg over mark and leans down to kiss him. She is lucky in that he’s barely within reaching distance but she enjoys catching him off guard after what he did to her.

Mark wakes up with a good morning kiss. At first he doesn’t realize who it is, and thinks it is Sylva who enjoys waking Mark up the same way whenever she can. However he soon realizes that the kissing style is different and he realizes where he still is.

Then Mark starts to really enjoy the sudden kiss by his little coyote princess.

Then to his surprise he realizes that she is attempting to grind into his lap. Mark chuckles at this. Firstly, because she is trying to tease him. Secondly, because of the awkward position she is in because or her wrists pretty much means she is grinding against his stomach and not his groin, and its obvious that Kathy doesn’t truly realize.

(If only you really could arouse me by doing that…) (Mark)

Mark reaches his hands up and puts one on the back of Kathy’s neck and the other on her hip. He pulls keeping her head pushed against his and grinds her groin into him more.

Kathy moans slightly. as he pulls her groin harder into him. Then Mark slows their kiss and then stops it so they can talk.

“Kathy, I like your assertiveness, but unfortunately no matter how much you do that… you aren’t going to get me hard.” (Mark)

She freezes.

(Is he saying I’m that unattractive to him? That he doesn’t like how I look that much? This bastard… after what he did to me… after how he made me feel–) (Kathy)

“Ohh shit… Wait… Let me rephrase that… I mean that I won’t be able to get hard, despite what you do.” (Mark)

“And how the hell is that any different you asshole?” (Kathy)

“Umm… because I can’t get hard no matter what I do… right now at least….” (Mark)

Kathy is about to swear at him again and then realizes what he said.

“Wait… why? and why ‘right now’?” (Kathy)

“Well back home I’m 27, and my body… well it worked fine… But when I came here, Coyote did something to my body that reformed it to this age and apparently my body hasn’t gone though puberty now or something. So no matter what I do… I don’t get excited…. Sorry hun…” (Mark)

(Oh Heavens, that is right, I forgot Lizzy mentioning that once about males that would come to this side. Well I guess that is better than him saying my body doesn’t turn him on.) (Kathy)

Kathy didn’t realize at all at that point that she ‘wanted’ to turn Mark on. She intended for this to be a way to tease Mark in the first place, but then she gets sad when she realizes she can’t arouse him. The implications of this are completely lost on her.

“So as fucking beautiful as you are… and having the right curves in the right places *Mark rubs his hand around Kathy’s hips and back towards her ass* I can only appreciate them from the logical and emotional point of view, not the physical.” (Mark)

“But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few tricks up my sleeves…” (Mark)

Mark reaches up and actually locks the headboard into place without even looking. He just grins right into Kathy’s face the entire time. When she realizes what he’s done her mind and body are thrown into a maelstrom of conflicted feelings…
-Princess Katherine- can’t accept that this lowly human would ever dare to touch her like he is. That he would ever spank her in public. That he would ever treat her in any way that he has…
-Katherine- the friend of Geni trusts her friend and her ‘choices’ when it comes to males. That means they usually both agree that a male is hopeless. Geni accepting a male and even allowing him to kiss and touch her… means that Katherine should trust her friend and let that male do the same…
-Kathy- the girl who just had her first orgasm wants to hold and cuddle this amazing person who just gave her such …embarrassing… pleasure…
-Princess Katherine- wants to slice of his head for spanking her in public…
-Kathy- wants him to do it again…

In short… She is conflicted…

“Kathy, I’m going to give you another present which is apparently not that common here… I hope you like it.” (Mark)

Kathy couldn’t even freeze. She ‘knew’ that this boy wasn’t going to harm her… Why she felt that way… she didn’t know… but she knew that even if they weren’t mates he wouldn’t bring her harm. However… for all she knows he’s about to make her grow a second head. She has no clue at all what he is going to do to her. But one thing she knows is that she is excited about experiencing it… while also a little bit scared at the same time.

Mark simultaneously grabs the princess by the hair and pulls her head back, while reaching his hand down and starting to rub her. She lets out a gasp when he does this because of the pure shock of having someone treat her like this. But she notes that it doesn’t hurt… much… just that it is embarrassing to know he’s under her looking up at her like this.

This thought and the feeling of his hand on her loin starts to excite Kathy without her realizing it.

Mark just enjoys the view for a few minutes while he gets her going. She doesn’t know what this male is doing to make her feel so good… a good couple dozen males have all tried their hardest over the past few years to make her feel good… But this male this human is able to do it. He then leans up and licks her neck from her neckline up to almost her chin. The shivers that are running down her spine are probably wrapping around and landing in his hand teasing her clit. At least that is what Kathy is envisioning in her head as it happens.

“Hmmmmm… god… you know you’re so god damn fucking sexy it isn’t fair… I think I might just have to make you my mate one way or the other… ” (Mark)

Mark stops pulling on her hair at this moment and brings her into a sudden kiss. This stops her from being able to complain about him talking about it like it is only his decision. She however forgets to mention that ‘little’ detail after Mark spreads her lips apart down there and slides two fingers up into her. Her moan into his mouth is as much of a sign of her forgetting to argue with him as it is a signal that she is ready for her ‘gift’.

Mark then pulls back on her hair a bit and breaks their kiss. Then he kisses up to her ear and licks and nibbles it.

“Kathy, I just realized our time is actually running short here… so I’m going to give you something to remember me by. hehe” (Mark)

Mark breaks off holding her hair at all and then slides his body down the bed under Kathy. Then to her utter amazement he stops when his head is directly under her hips. Then she starts to blush harder than she had ever done before because she realizes that she still has her panties off from the earlier. She realizes that when Mark untied her legs he left per panties on the ground back there, and that now he is looking directly up at her unclothed rear.


Kathy doesn’t even know what to do. She can’t move because Mark actually locked the headboard in place. Anything she says will be useless. The worst part is that she doesn’t even know if she wants him to stop. This bastardly cocky male does things to her that she doesn’t understand and would kill others if they even attempted them. But this male, this ‘Mark’, acts like this is the most normal thing in the world for him to do and just does whatever he wants.

What Kathy doesn’t realize is that it is Mark’s confidence without overbearing cockiness that she likes. She has never had a male have the ability to do anything he wants to her like this before. Even having experienced what Mark did, she couldn’t explain ‘why’ he did it everything he did. She couldn’t explain ‘why’ what he did hadn’t hurt as much as it should have. She couldn’t explain why she wants to tease Mark and make him feel good. She didn’t know why she wants him to touch her more.

She doesn’t know that she is falling for him because despite his cockiness. She doesn’t realize that he is being playful about his cockiness and that makes it not as overbearing and oppressive as the other males who have tried to court her. She doesn’t realize just how much him asking for her permission to kiss and touch her really means to her. She doesn’t realize any of this.

She thinks that because she has more experience pre-bedding males than Geni that she is knowledgeable. However, the truth is that despite Geni’s lack of physical experience, she is a much better judge of character and of her own emotions than Kathy. That is why Geni was able to just accept the fact that she was starting to like Mark, once the -complicated- event unfolded in his room.


Mark then continues to slide out after a few seconds of just laying there looking up at her. Then mark starts to get up and hears him talking to himself.

“So… what to do… this is an awkward position, neither of us will enjoy it… hmm…” (Mark)

Upon hearing ‘it’ Kathy starts her mind rolling with possibilities. What is he going to do… was he teasing about not becoming erect… is he going to bed me like this… what is he talking about?

Then she hears chains and Mark at the same time…

“Oww god damn it… what the… ohh… this is perfect…” (Mark)

“Mark are you trying to fucking scare me… this isn’t right… just tell me what you are planning… chains and you not telling me what you are going to do is fucking scaring me…” (Kathy)

Mark leans down to have his body similarly positioned to Kathy’s. He moves his hand to start teasing her pussy again and she softly moans feeling him touch her again. Then she suddenly gasps and moans when he pulls her hair and lifts her head back and up.

“Kathy… do you like me doing this to you? Do you?” (Mark)

“I don’t know…” (Kathy)

“Yes you do… you just moaned when I pulled your hair… tell me… do you like it?” (Mark)

She meekly replies to Mark…

“..yes..” (Kathy)

“Good… I’m glad… Do you want me to make you feel better and make you cum again from spanking you?” (Mark)

“I didn’t have my orgasm from the spanking…” (Kathy)

“Ohh??” (Mark)

Mark stops teasing her pussy and slides back underneath her from the side. continuing to hold her hair while he does it. He restarts teasing her pussy and making her moan. Then he pulls her head back down fully to him and kisses her.

“So if it wasn’t the spanking… what made you cum…?” (Mark)

“You touching me… I didn’t start to orgasm until you put your fingers deep into me at the end… alright? please stop asking me these things…” (Kathy)

(Oh Okay, don’t start to tear up like that on me… I don’t want to make you upset…) (Mark)

Mark gently brings her back into a loving passionate kiss while teasing her below.

Mark then lets go of her hair as she keeps her head there kissing him of her own free will.

Then suddenly Kathy feels Mark’s hand leave her loins and be brought up to her arms. He starts lifting her arms up out of the headboard and lifting them above her body. She then feels his hands close her wrists into chains above the bed.

Mark smiles at her when she realizes what just happened. He had undid the headboard lock without her realizing and had even planned where to put her without her realizing.

Mark then starts to kiss her again This time not holding her head, but instead moving his hand back down to her clit and his other hand to her chest.

“Kathy now its time for your surprise gift. I hope you like it… also feel free to moan as loud as you want… no one can hear you… hehe” (Mark)

“Huh?” (Kathy)

She feels her arms raise and she looks over at what Mark did. He pulled a golden rope that is next to the bed. She doesn’t understand why they raised her hands and made her kneel higher. Mark raises and lowers the rope at her confused look. Her body going up and down makes her realizes what the contraption is meant for… She blushes slightly at her earlier confusion.

Mark smiles to her and then kisses her again.

(Damn him and his smile. He smiles and kisses me over and over… and the worst part is I fucking love it every time… but god… I’m starting to hate him for that smile…) (Kathy)

Mark pulls the rope up and then slides further underneath her. Again he is positioned under her hips. Mark lets go of the rope entirely. However, Kathy realized what would happen when he did so and so she purposely is kneeling and not letting his face be touched by her vagina.

Mark chuckles…

“Does the idea of me licking your clit scare you that much? I promise you it will feel better than anything you’ve felt so far.” (Mark)

Mark didn’t realize he basically guaranteed that he was going to ‘force’ her to lower her hips with that statement. Firstly, Kathy couldn’t accept being called scared. Secondly, the idea of the ‘best’ feeling she’s felt so far… was too intoxicating a proposal that she didn’t know what to do. So she lowered her hips and let his mouth have her way with her. Her pride at not being scared having won over her stubbornness. Her pride got a lot of back-up from her lust… but she doesn’t want to admit that.

Kathy did appreciate one part of this position, it gave her control, both control to lower herself but the ability to look down and see Mark’s face. She lowered herself slowly onto his… face… She knew what he was going to do now since he said ‘lick’, so she wasn’t afraid of what he was going to do… she was afraid of how much she was going to enjoy it.

Her fears were well founded… She realized instantly that his mouth on her was indeed the best feeling she had felt that night, or for that matter, ever. She started to hate his evil smirk even more. He knew she was going to love this… and she hated that he was always so god damn correct about everything since the beginning of this. She hated how good he made her feel, she hated how she wanted him to do whatever he wanted to her. She just hated how she didn’t know what was going on anymore.

“Ohh Heavens… Mark… that’s amazing… oh heavens… please… please… don’t tease me.. don’t tease me like that… please…. oooooooohhhhhhhhhh…. thank you… thank you…” (Kathy)

Mark was slowly teasing her and sometimes not teasing her, which drove her crazy. She loved how good his mouth and tongue felt. She loved being able to look down and see his eyes. She didn’t know why though. She hated it when he stopped touching her and made her wait for it.

Mark then slides his hand up under Kathy and is able to get his pointer and middle finger up inside of her. This time however they are in as far as they can go and his palm is facing forward. This is the first time this has happened so far. And Mark knows what this enables him to do.

Mark reaches his free hand up and around her body and touches between her panty line and her navel. Kathy doesn’t understand what he is doing, she sees and feels his hand there, but she is at a loss for what it is going to do. That is until she feels him push in on her abdomen with that hand.

That push positions a very special spot inside of her. It makes her g-spot available to reach by his hand. Mark then starts to focus on Kathy’s clit with his mouth an tongue. He starts to twitch back and forth his fingers which are curved now and strategically arched to the wall that just now came within reach of his fingers. And then Mark doesn’t move at all, he just stays in that position.

But Kathy on the other hand… She reacts…

She starts a deep growl of a moan when his fingers reach her wall. She doesn’t understand -what- he has done… but it is amazing… Her eyes half close and she just hangs there from her arms. Not supporting her body weight on her own at all. She just pants and moans to the feelings that Mark is producing. She isn’t even thinking any thoughts at the time, she is just enjoying the sensations.

(Hahaha… Glad you are one of the girls that this works on… Who says modern science isn’t fucking beautiful) (Mark)

Mark is referring to the scientific medical literature that has spent over 30 years trying to determine the nature of the almost mythical g-spot. The literature just a few years ago finally came out and said that it does indeed exist, but the problem is that 1/3 of women don’t have it. It is a small region on a far interior wall of the vagina that can or can not have a thicker buildup of nerves. If it has the nerves than the woman has a g-spot. Only doggy style sex or using your hands like Mark is doing right now allows this special spot to be able to come in contact easily.

Mark continues this steady even pleasure for a good 5 minutes before Kathy’s breathing becomes haggard He can tell by her moans an the squeezing around his fingers that she is fighting the urge to not cum. Mark quickly stops licking her clit and leans his head back so he can speak clearer.

“Kathy, its alright… allow yourself to cum for me now.” (Mark)

Before she could fully realize what Mark had said and reply he put his mouth back to her clit and then he pinched them between his lower lip and his upper teeth. This pressure and somewhat pain along with realizing what Mark said sent her over the edge. She didn’t want to ‘cum -for him-‘ but her body certainly din’t care… The way he said it -had- been sexy and then the sensation was just too much.

She howled in pleasure in a deep guttural moan that transformed into a high pitched series of sequels that would have shamed any porn star.

Mark continued his steady even pressure and didn’t stop even when her vaginal muscles contracted over and over for the next 30 seconds.

After she came she didn’t appear to be sensitive, which was something Mark was curious about. His evilness and curiosity apparently knows no bounds.

He stopped teasing Kathy and pulled himself out from underneath her. He thought of something and looked over the side of the bed and saw that the rope he was holding earlier did indeed have a hook at the floor next to the bed that he could un loop. Mark gets out of the bed, pulls down on the rope slightly, jarring Kathy to alertness again, and then he unhooks the rope from the hook.

This allows Kathy to be gently lowered to the bed and then Mark tests to see if the rope will fly all the way up or if the pulley has a lock on it. Thankfully it does have the stopper on it and Kathy can easily lay on the bed, but the chain won’t fall on her from above.

Mark gets back into the bed and Kathy gladly accepts him cuddling with her. This time face to face. Mark is laying on his side and Kathy puts her arms around his neck with her wrists still bound.

Mark pulls the blanket over them despite them still being mostly clothed.

“Kathy, So… how was that…” (Mark)

in reply shes kisses him gently.

“Mark, what in the world was that? I’ve had a couple guys try to lick me there before and it felt good… but yours felt amazing… and then with your fingers… I just don’t understand how you can make me feel so good…” (Kathy)

“Kathy, that is just normal oral sex from back home. I just happen to have read up on it and practiced. That’s all.” (Mark)

“[That’s All] he says… heavens… you… I don’t know what to do with you…” (Kathy)

“Well hopefully we fall in love and you become my mate…” (Mark)

Mark kisses her again right after saying that.

(ANCESTORS… STOP THAT… but he’s so good at kissing… grrr… And he is so upfront about claiming he wants me to be his mate… He has no shame about just openly stating that… I don’t understand him at all… ooooo) (Kathy)

Mark pinches her nipple and smirks at her when she pulls her head back and looks at him.

“Alright hun… I’m sorry, but its probably best if I put the gag back on you, and pretend that you slept since the spanking was over. So I’m going to have to pretend that we haven’t done any… well… anything…” (Mark)

(Oh… yeah…) (Kathy)

Kathy doesn’t want to admit to herself how much she enjoys laying next to this weird man and them holding each other.

So Mark helps her get back to a kneeling position and then helps her tidy up her clothes and her hair. Making her look as pretty as possible.

“You look very beautiful, and I do want you to know that I love the way your hair looks… that is why I went so far in my trying to compliment you… that went so horribly…” (Mark)

“Mark… please don’t… that is all my fault…” (Mark)

“shhhh… stop that hun… you need to be telling everyone that you are pissed at me… remember? hehe” (Mark)

“Mark… how can you laugh about all of this… you’ve turned the nation against you… and more scarily that includes my Father…” (Kathy)

“Because I already got permission for all of this from your Mother. Trust me… without that I would have thought up some other plan. But promise me… don’t risk yourself… just tell people that you don’t want to talk about me… Only tell your mom and Geni what happened here. Otherwise… all of this plan will be for naught.” (Mark)

“Okay, but you’ve never told me about why the spanking felt good. You said we’d talk later…” (Kathy)

“Ohh okay, let me get the gag and then I’ll tell you.” (Mark)

Mark gets up off the bed and goes to get the gag that he left one the stocks. He brings them back and kisses Kathy one last time.

“Kathy, I’m sorry, but we’re out of time… I’m going to tell you about why you enjoyed the spanking… but please… don’t get upset… and don’t think I’m insulting you…” (Mark)

Mark puts the gag back on her, and then kisses her cheek.

“God… you know you look fucking amazingly hot with a ball gag in your mouth… Sorry… I just had to tell you that, hehe” (Mark)

Kathy is surprised he finds this sexy, but she somewhat enjoys that he finds her sexy no matter how.

“Kathy, I have learned my lesson from past mistakes so I won’t just say what made you enjoy the spanking. But I want you to listen to me carefully. I’m going to say some things that you are likely not going to like, but please remember that I mean -only- in regards to sexy time in the bedroom. I do -not- mean in real life or any other time. So can you please not freak out at me and let me finish explaining what I mean? Alright?” (Mark)

She nods. She is a little worried at what Mark is going to say, but she’s been rewarded each time she has trusted him… so she tries to listen to what he says.

“Alright, well the first reason is that I used a practiced method of making your body react to the pain in a special way that would help your body lessen the pain, and maybe start to enjoy it. The second reason is that I was hitting special places on your ass and even occasionally your pussy, this led to nerve centers in your body being activated in a way that became pleasurable to you, but mostly the nerves to your pussy were being activated. Then there was me touching you the entire time and gently spanking you between the hard spankings. This helped turn you on. So I used a lot of medical knowledge from my side of the bridge to help you out. Ohh yeah, and your relaxing and letting it not make you jump. That really helped me carefully aim my hits and my touching of you.” (Mark)

“That was the physical aspect of it. But there is also the mental and emotional aspect. Emotionally I was being gentle with you and you trusted me. That helped get rid of a lot of fear and opened you up to the idea of it not hurting but instead feeling ‘different’. Then there is the mental part… and this is the part where I’ve fucked up explaining before… so please don’t over-react… I -only- mean that you enjoyed it in -this- kind of context, the context of sexy bed-time. But… *Mark takes a deep breathe* Kathy, I don’t know if you are familiar with the term ‘masochist’ but generally it has a negative connotation. Most people think it is a person who just likes to hurt themselves. However, you’ve experienced how Masochism can be enjoyable for the person experiencing the ‘pain’… especially if the person giving it… me… knows how to make it not feel like ‘pain’ the entire time. So what I’m getting at is that you enjoyed it because you ‘can’ enjoy being a masochist. I’m not saying you are ‘only’ a masochist, or that it is ‘wrong’ in any way… just that your body and mental state ‘can’ allow you enjoy that. -if- and -only if- the person doing it knows what they are doing like I did. I’m sorry if you are upset at me now” (Mark)

(Upset… I’m not upset… I don’t even know what to -think- about what you just said… Of course I fucking loved it… I know that much… but I can’t have people knowing that… That is too embarrassing… Ancestors help me… I don’t know what to think about this male or the things he says or does…) (Kathy)

Kathy leaned forward and put her ball gag filled mouth against Mark’s. Trying to indicate that she wasn’t upset with him.

Mark smiles to back to her attempt to ‘kiss’ him.

“Now let me help you lay back down. We need people to think that you slept the entire time after the spanking…” (Mark)

Kathy lets Mark help her lay down in a ‘sleeping’ positing that still looks dignified, her laying on her side with her dress looking proper.

Mark kisses her cheek again. He then whispers to her…

“Well hun, I’m sorry our time is going to be up soon… and know that I did enjoy getting to know you a little… and I will certainly enjoy spanking your cute little ass more when fucking you as your mate. But for now I need to go collect my souvenir, and prepare to avoid your father. Until you decide to come see me and enjoy my company again… Farewell my beautiful little coyote princess.” (Mark)

He kisses her cheek quickly and jumps off the bed.

“-his- little coyote princess… -his- mate that he’ll enjoy spanking and fucking… and what the fuck is -his- souvenir… OHH… MY… HEAVENS…. I swear to my ancestors I’m going to kill this male who thinks he can talk to me or treat me like this…” (Kathy)

Kathy reacts so badly towards her feelings about Mark because she sees what he meant by ‘souvenir’… He walked back over to the stocks and the sawhorse… then he slowly bent down and picked up a piece of pink cloth that Kathy is -very- familiar with… Mark then puts that cloth in his pocket and turns around and smiles to Kathy.