PMA Ch 037



Chapter 037: Magic Bath…

“Mark… most people… most GODS can only shape a few elements… ever… in their entire lives… Mark… just what the in the name of the heavens are you?” (Snow)

“Um… really? It wasn’t hard to get 6 or so off the bat. Are you kidding me?” (Mark)

Snow slowly tries to massage her hurting head. With one hand rubbing her middle finger and thumb back and forth across her eyebrows. The other hand hanging on the back of her neck trying to just gently massage the knot that has grown in her lower neck.

“Grandma Snow?” (Mark)

“Mark… Please stop calling me Grandma Snow… I need time to think things over and to decide if I’m going to allow you to call me that… but either way… You need to tell Sylva that you can control 6 elements… then you need to tell NO ONE else. Do you understand me? Sylva will help you determine which 3 you should publicly admit. Tell her ‘offense, defense, and utility’ She’ll be able to help you… 3 will be seen as very good talent but nothing world-shattering… But right now I need to go… I’m too tired as is.” (Snow)

Snow laid her head back on the pillow and without a further word started to sleep again.

“Alright ‘grandma’ Snow… I’ll take care of sending you back and everything else” (Mark)

Mark walked over to the bed and picked her up gently. Then he willed the door to his apartment open and… threw her out the door onto her ass…

But she never hit the ground. Instead she entered a nice peaceful dream in her own mind.

And then Mark woke up.

“Whoa… I know magic” (Mark)

“Ah damn it… No one was here who would get that joke… oh well…” (Mark)

Mark looks around and realizes the time. it is now 11pm. Sylva should be coming to see him in 1 hour.

(Grandma Snow is still… wait… wasn’t it just ‘Snow’ or Elder Healer… guess she told me I can call her Grandma Snow… either way… Grandma Snow is sleeping now… Hmm… what to do…) (Mark)

Mark looks around the office and finds a blanket folded up on one of the shelves. He unfolds it and gently places it over Snow.

Then Mark starts to shape mana in his palm. He’s able to make a sphere~ish shape and a quare~ish shape. Obviously he needs much more practice. Mark alternates between the two shapes for about 30 minutes before he realizes he is now very drained. He realizes he has been using a lot a of mana for the first time doing so. So Mark just lays back on the couch and waits for Sylva.


The door slowly opens and Sylva sees Mark still sleeping on the couch. Surprisingly Snow decided to sleep here tonight. She must really trust Mark because normally she wouldn’t let anyone other than her mate sleep that close to her.

Sylva walks over quietly to Mark and leans down to kiss him awake.

She gets the back of her head grabbed by Mark and he pulls her into a passionate kiss that lasts several minutes. By the end of that kiss she wants to have him touching her…

They separate and she play bite his nose.

“Mark I wanted to kiss you awake… but then you do that to me and want me to touch you now… that is not fair.” (Sylva)

“But you have tomorrow off… and I’ll be able to hold you when we sleep tonight… so I’m thinking I’ll probably make it up to you… now won’t I? hehe” (Mark)

“Ohh really? you got that much control? That’s amazing *she leans down next to his ear* -master- *leans back* I’m so proud of you… and yes… You’re going to have to make it up to me *she grins coquettishly to her mate*” (Sylva)

“hehe… sure hun sure… but what about Snow… She fell asleep after helping me. Should we just leave her here? will she be okay? I put a blanket over her so she didn’t catch cold” (Mark)

“Ohh… Yeah, that should be fine. She sleeps here a lot of nights. She works too hard. She’s a snow lion, so she’ll be rested after one night unless you cut off her arm. and knowing Snow… that would only take a few extra nights… hehehe.” (Sylva)

“Alrighty then… Lets get going… But before I ‘make it up to you’ I need to get some food… I’m starving. How about you?” (Mark)

“Of Course… I’ll take you to this nice after hours place that has the best fish.” (Sylva)

*** Next ‘morning’ right before lunch.

“Sylva… sweetheart… We should wake up…” (Mark)

“No… not today… I’m still sore… you shouldn’t have licked me that many times in a row… I’m still not able to do that… I love it… but ancestors… it hurts so much afterwards in the morning… ” (Sylva)

“Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?” (Mark)

“NO!!… I know how you’ll -make it better- and I don’t need that right now… ” (Sylva)

She turns over and kisses him…

“Maybe after lunch… hehe” (Sylva)

She giggles like a young girl and then turns back around to rub her tail into Mark.

“You know hun… I’ve meant to ask you this… how sensitive is your tail. You don’t really mind it being touched or anything. You just don’t want it pulled on.” (Mark)

“Mark… its fairly sensitive, but I can just ignore it most of the time… but yes… please never pull on it hard… unless you are behind me… and inside me… THEN maybe… you did that a couple times in your dream… and that was -more than- okay… hehe” (Sylva)

“Then how about this? Is this sensitive?” (Mark)

Mark grabs the very tips of her ears and pulls her head back, and then slides his body on top of hers.

“owww…. yes it is sensitive but you knew that… else you would be hurting me for real right now… why are you doing this?” (Sylva)

“Easy… So I have easy access to here” (Mark)

“OHH! ohhhhhh…. You’re evil…” (Sylva)

Mark pushes his finger into her otherwise mostly dry pussy after he licks his finger. Now he is leaning down to lick her pussy while still holding on to her ears until the very last second. Then he lets go of her ears and throws his mouth onto her clit.

“ohhhhhhhh but such good evil….” (Sylva)


Mark and Sylva are busy like this until just before dinner.

Mark and Sylva clean up and walk towards the dinning hall. Well Mark walks, and Sylva has an ever so slight limp because of being sore again.

Mark, Sylva, Geni, and the others all have dinner together.

“So Geni, I must thank you for offering to work my shift today… the extra day off and time to sleep in after that night shift is so useful.” (Sylva)

Geni smiles and slightly glares at Sylva and then to me.

“Ohh no problem… Hopefully I’ll get another chance to do it again… But I guess that’ll depend on the next time I get inspired again like that…” (Geni)

(God these two are like best friends who love to fight… or cats and dogs… or … whatever the hell Geni is to rabbits… hehe… Guess I should ask Sylva that later… Ohh yeah… I should ask her about elements too.) (me)

“Now now girls, Fighting is only fun when the boys and me can watch you two in skimpy outfits… Ugh…” (Mark)

“You didn’t have to elbow me that hard…” (Mark)

“Yes she did.” (Geni)
“Yes I did. (Sylva)

“See you CAN agree on something… its a miracle I swear its a bonafide miracle…” (Mark)

Everyone at the table other than Geni and Sylva started to laugh at my comment.


Mark and Sylva are walking back from diner.

They reach Mark’s room and after he looks around Mark reaches down and suddenly picks Sylva up and princes bride caries Sylva into his room.

“Mark… why did you do that? As much as I love you touching me… I thought we agreed to not show -too much- affection in public for now.” (Sylva)

“hehehe, I know… I looked around and didn’t see anyone… but I realized I hadn’t done that with you properly yet. So I did it. *Mark grins to Sylva* Sylva… that is a tradition of newly weds. The man carries the woman across the threshold of their new home.” (Sylva)

“So… I wanted to carry my new wife across the threshold of my new home.” (Mark)

“Mark, I’m flattered, but doesn’t ‘wife’ just mean mate? and aren’t you going to put me down?” (Sylva)

“Sorta, we don’t have the idea of ‘mates’ back home, we have husband and wives. Therefore I want you and Sherie to both be my wives. Which is going to cause -all kinds- of problems back home… but oh well.” (Mark)

“I’m sorry I’m going to be causing you problems…” (Sylva)

“hahaha… Sylva… I just meant that every guy is going to be jealous of me for having such beautiful wives… hehehe *He kisses her while still holding her* And I’m lucky to have two amazing mates who are not only beautiful, but also are amazing people.” (Mark)

“Mark… *She kisses him back this time* No… we’re the lucky ones… you’re the amazing one.” (Sylva)

“Well I’m glad you think that way… because now I’m going to eat you out once and let you get a little steam off…” (Mark)

“hehe… I could always go for … you know a couple dozen times….hehehe” (Sylva)

“Not tonight… We have some real stuff to talk about… but I want you to be clear headed first” (Mark)

“Mark… then don’t even start… because I won’t be clear headed once you start… sadly and enjoyably at the same time… hehe…” (Sylva)

“Hmmmm… you do have a point…” (Mark)

“How about I just want to watch you cum, hows that as a reason? hehe)

“That is one reason that I can fully support… *kisses Mark again* ” (Sylva)

Mark walks over to the bed and gently puts Sylva down on it. Then he gently lays next to her and starts to slowly undo her clothes. Sylva feels inpatient and starts to try to move faster but Mark moves to put her hands on him instead and not have her pull her own clothes off quickly.

“Slow down hun… we’re in no rush… I just want to take our time and enjoy this… hehe” (Mark)

“grrrr… you just want to tease me…” (Sylva)

“haha, no hun… I just want to go slow and enjoy every second of slowly kissing you and touching you… Since I can’t be inside you, I figured I’d try to enjoy everything that I can right now” (Mark)

“Grrr…. that’s not fair… and you fucking know it Mark… fine… slow it is…” (Sylva)

(hehe… I know hun, its not fair to use the ‘but I want pleasure too’ card on you… but you have just wanted to jump into it every time recently and not take our time… That gets boring too… lets just enjoy the process…hehe) (Mark)


Over the next 45 minutes Mark and Sylva slowly kiss, nibble, and lick each other. He takes his time slowly unclothing her. He slowly and gently makes sure to kiss as much of her neck, chest and inner thighs as possible. Mark slowly brings Sylva to her climax and wordlessly pushes her past it. Mark makes sure to enjoy every twitch and jerk that she makes during her peak.

“So… How was that? Going nice and slow, no ‘play’ involved just two lovers… hehe” (Mark)

“Damn you Mark… I hate you when you have that smug bastard look on your face… but yes… it was amazing… I was getting so wrapped up in the ‘play’ that I forgot just how gentle you were ‘normally’ and how much caring you show me…. grrr..” (Sylva)

“haha… why do I get growled at for that? especially with your cute little bunny growl” (Mark)

“Mark! Don’t call it that *play bites his nose* I don’t have a cute growl at all.” (Sylva)

(Yes hun…. Yes you do… hehe) (Mark)

“But I’m curious… do you have that insatiable ‘need’ right now after that?” (Mark)

“…no… but that is besides the point… Perhaps I ‘wanted’ that need right now…” (Sylva)

“Sylva, you just can’t give up being so competitive, can you? How about you just admit that it felt good and that you enjoyed it? hehe” (Mark)

“No, I refuse to accept that… because that means I don’t get more of it right now… hehehe” (Sylva)

“Ahh her true master-plan unfolds… the evil genius now exposes her plot at world-domination… well ‘my bedroom-world’ domination…. hehehe” (Mark)

They both laugh at this and then Mark moves up from the bottom of the bed to cuddle with Sylva.

“You know… I used to not really ‘enjoy’ cuddling. But now I rather enjoy it a lot. To the point I missed it when we couldn’t.” (Mark)

“How could you not enjoy cuddling?” (Sylva)

“I don’t know… it just always made me anxious and I couldn’t relax… who knows… I’m just weird” (Mark)

“Well he finally speaks the truth at last… Ancestors please reward this young kit with the ability to get hard… yes… that would be ‘his’ reward… not mine… nope… not at all” (Sylva)

Mark reaches around and play bites Sylva’s nose this time.

“ha… that -IS- more fun than I thought it would be fun…hehe.” (Mark)

“So Sylva, we need to have a real talk. Grandma Snow told to talk with you about my elements.” (Mark)

“Okay? what about them, It sounds like you have 2 or more, which is a good sign of potential. So which ones do you have?” (Sylva)

“That’s the thing hun, Snow seemed to think it was odd that I could already use 6 of them a little” (Mark)

Sylva stiffened when she hears this. For good reason. She herself is actually among one of the most talented members of her clan to have 3 elements: Healing, Water, and Mental. Healing and Mental are both quite common. Having a 3rd, and one of the 4 base elements at that is quite good for her already… But 6… That’s ridiculous…

“Every single thing about you Mark is ridiculous… I just want you to know that… I love you… And Every day I’m more and more grateful that I was lucky enough to be your nurse that first day… because soon you’ll be too great of a person for me….” (Sylva)

Sylva started to get more and more quiet as she trailed off when finishing that.

Mark ‘justly’ leans up and bites her ear lobe hard. Making her freeze and moan slightly when he does. Mark speaks through his clenched teeth.

“Sweetheart… Please don’t make me have to do this again… I don’t want to ever hear you be like that again… I love you… that is all that matters… I am the lucky one… I was able to trick you into falling in love with me by kidnapping your mind into my dreams for a couple nights… hehe *smoooooooch*” (Mark)

Mark finishes off the hard bite with an exaggerated and loud ‘kiss’.

“Mark… that’t not what I meant… and I know… I know… You love me… and I love you… I just felt super lucky… Okay… I promise… I love you Mark… Please don’t be angry with me…” (Sylva)

Sylva sounds like she is almost about to cry. Mark hugs her tight from behind in their spooning cuddle.

“Sylva… I love you too… I’m not mad at you… I just don’t want you to think you aren’t worthy of me… I don’t understand that… I had to fight with Sherie about this too… I am not really that special. You two are both much better catches than I am.” (Mark)

Sylva laughs and continues to cry at the same time.

Mark just holds Sylva ‘tight’ (as tight as a human could actually hold a Sylvilagus, but since Sylva wants held… then she allows it and is comforted by it.)

“Mark… I love you… and I love how silly you are… You have no idea how great you are… and that just makes you even more great… Mark I promise you that I’m not continuing to cry because of sadness… Not entirely… I’m just so happy right now… I don’t know what to do… Please just continue to hold me… I just want to stay like this for a while…” (Sylva)

“I’ll hold you like this as long as you need. You are my -mate-, you are my -lover-, you are going to be my -wife-, and you are my -friend-. I will hold you as much as you want. But I have one condition. You can’t be sad. Not at all… I won’t allow it… hehe..” (Mark)

“Ohh is my -mate- deciding he knows whats best for me now? Thinking that I need to be -told- what to do?” (Sylva) as she says it in mocking anger.

“When it comes to you being happy or sad. Yes. I will be as misogynistic as it takes to say I’m -the man- in this relationship and that you should just obey me… and be happy. *Mark gently kisses the side of Sylva’s neck*” (Mark)

“Mark… I hate to admit this… but you saying that is the first and only time I’ve ever gotten wet from a man telling me something so obviously sexist… hehehe” (Sylva)

“That was the point hun… You know me… I don’t agree with most middle-ages man is always the king of his castle bullshit… but I will make an exception when it comes to making you laugh, cheering you up, or making you not sad. I’m sorry… but I was raised to think that a boy should protect the girl he loves… Mind you mom also said that she’d kill me if I ever cheated on a girl… but I don’t think she envisioned magic, bunny girls , tanuki, whatever the fuck Geni is, coyotes, and a partridge and a pear tree….” (Mark)

Mark finished that by singing a little and chuckling to himself.

“A partridge, who is a partridge, and what is a pear?” (Sylva)

“I’m sorry Sylva, its a joke, it is a famous song back home… It lists a bunch of crazy things and every verse ends with ‘and a partridge and a pear tree’ … or maybe its ‘in a pear tree’… *Mark shrugs* … Ehh honestly I don’t care… but either way… I don’t ever want to make you or Sylva or any other female ever think that I’m using you, or don’t count you as my equals. I love you both. Sherie at least I know ‘why’ better than you hun… but I don’t mind that… because it means I get to ‘fall in love’ with you all over again. *Mark squeezes Sylva again as he says this* And to be honest. I wouldn’t have it any other way…” (Mark)

“Mark… as weird as it is… I wouldn’t either… I love you… and part of me already loves Sherie in a weird way… I love that she was kind and smart and pretty and … I don’t know… lucky enough to get to know you back before you came here. I love her in a way that I can’t quite explain… I love her for taking care of you before I could… I love her as a family member already… I am jealous that she met you first… and make you her mate first… but I’m happy she spent the time with you there and made you happy… And you know I told you that I thought about us being ‘together’… after watching you and her… And that does intrigue me greatly… Despite never having done anything like that before… The idea just seems ‘right’ when it comes to her and you… I don’t know how to explain it… I guess I am just being more ‘open’ to my heart and body… and not telling myself it is ‘wrong’ so I stop worrying about it.” (Sylva)

“Sylva, I know hun… and when we can both go back I promise to introduce you to her properly, just remember she’s not going to know you… and she’ll have Susan and Beth. Well I assume… No 100% guarentees to that… but I’m like 99.99% sure… hehe… So there will be 4 of us… 2 wives and … 4 mates? I guess… But I have enough money saved up back home to be able to build us a nice big house and allow us to live in peace and quiet for as long as we want. ” (Mark)

“Mark… about that… I wanted to talk to you about Geni… I know you like her… And I’m not upset… rather… it pleases me… I have known her since she was born. Her mom worked here in the castle and her and princess Katherine were conceived around the same time and grew up together. I was friendly, but not quite ‘friends’ with her mom… but after she passed away from getting sick… I helped Geni a lot… I started to care for her as almost a daughter I never had… I didn’t tell you this before… but I helped train her as a nurse. She was my first trainee. I haven’t yet had another. I Love her as family already. She needed a lot of help when her mom passed away so I did everything I could. I even put up the money to get her the training to be a nurse…” (Sylva)

“I have a lot of savings since my litter had 4 boys we didn’t need to spend a lot on buying a new house for a daughter… which let me help Geni when her mom died… I Helped her with the financials and I helped her plan the cremation rights… the funeral… everything… She was at a complete and total loss… I grew to love her… She is already like family to me… but yesterday morning when I was awake way before you… since -someone- wore me out SUPER early the night before… hehe… I woke up when it was still dark out… and I just laid here… thinking… thinking about me, about you, and about Geni. and about the future….” (Sylva)

“Sylva… Sweetheart…” (Mark)

“Shush you… I want to say this now while I have the courage… so just wait and let me ramble…” (Sylva)

Mark replies by kissing her neck and staying quiet.

“Thank you… But… like I was saying… I was thinking that Geni might be a good mate for you in a couple more years… Not because of your lower half not working yet… but more so because of her own immaturity. She is without a doubt an adult, even by her clan’s standards, which is the Garud, by the way, you said you didn’t know what she was. She is a Roc. A bird basically. She hasn’t shown me that version of it. So I have no clue how it looks, but its quite rude to just ‘ask’ to see someone’s ‘other form’ like that so I haven’t asked either. But she… well… she… prefers females over males… or at least she thinks she does… I tell you this in confidence as your mate… and I don’t want you to spread it… Okay?” (Sylva)

“I promise. I won’t say a think” (Mark)

“Thank you… well she ‘prefers females’… might not be exactly correct either. She likes how males look… and she is obviously friendly with you. Even going so far as to flirt with you more than I think she realizes she was… even asking if you were serious about bedding her… hehe… she’s so young… but she’ll be a fine young woman… well she already is.. but she’ll be much happier when she… can either have or give up on her … what should I call it… fascination… with one person in particular… She told me that I’m the only person she told this to… but she is madly in love with Katherine… And that is why she hasn’t even sought the ‘company’ of any young males, let alone looked for a mate…. ” (Sylva)

“So… that is why I want you to promise me… you will be very gentle and kind with her… even more so than you were with me… Don’t even ‘check’ to see if she is submissive… don’t do -anything- like that the first few times. I want her to learn what good normal, loving, caring, gentle bedding can be like first… She is very much like me, strong willed and stubborn… so I don’t want her to have any mental trauma from not first understanding what ‘normal’ sex is. Alright? I know this is a lot to ask for something so far off… but I was thinking about how my ‘love’ for her wasn’t that of a ‘daughter’ as I thought. it was just ‘family’. I wouldn’t think of a ‘daughter’ being with you and me like I thought of her… so… I want to admit to you that I like that idea… and that I want you to wait… and be gentle in the meantime.” (Sylva)

“Sylva, I promise you that unless she throws herself at me, and I’m unable to escape her monster-girl strength… hehe… that I promise to not rush things with her. I know how much you care about her. I can hear it in your voice. And lets be honest… Only ‘family’ can rile someone up as much as she did the other day at dinner…hehehe… ” (Mark)

“But… Sylva… Have you thought about making her ‘first’ time be with you instead of me?… I mean you don’t have any experience with another girl… but you know how to be gentle and take care of her…. and you know what I do to you… to make you feel good down there… Mainly b/c you’re so nosy and keep on asking for me to describe it… hehe..” (Mark)

“Mark… I don’t know… I thought about it yesterday a little after we left you with Snow… but I don’t know if she’s ready for that… Heavens… I don’t know if I AM ready for that yet…” (Sylva)

“Sylva, I’m fine with you having fun with her… I told you that I wasn’t going to push it because I didn’t think it was fair to the girl… because I didn’t want them to be frustrated at being unsatisfied… Because I hate to say this hun… but if I wasn’t able to get you off… no matter how good your hands and mouth were… it would be a mental blow to me… so I know it must be one to you… and I don’t want to push that onto someone else… But… if you two are together… then I can just take my time and be with you both.” (Mark)

“Who says I’d share her? Huh? perhaps I wouldn’t let you see her cute little body? I’ve already bathed with her and know how attractive she is… so maybe I just want to hog your fingers, your mouth, and your love all to me… huh huh? what you going to do then? Ohh great and powerful -master-?” (Sylva)

“Then I’m not going to do anything, other than find some rope that can hold you down… and tease you until you beg me to bring her into the room at the same time to have her watch you beg me to tease you even more… Then I’ll leave you alone while I start to play with her… Hows that sound? making you watch me and her together while your throbbing pussy recovers and starts to want more…” (Mark)

Sylva slowly grabs Mark’s right hand which is laying on top of her right now and slides it down into her panties. Both of their hands down there… here rubbing herself with his hand and letting him feel her hot wetness.

“Mark… rub me now… Heavens… that just turned me on so much… please sir… please talk to me like that and touch me….” (Sylva)

“Sylva… I’m going to force 3 hard orgasms out of you.. then we’re going to talk about my mana… Hows that sound?” (Mark)

“That… .OUGHHHhhh….. sounds amazing….” (Sylva)

“Then should we talk about how Geni is going to be part of our family in the future if she wants? How she’ll be my mate and how she’ll lick your pussy and suck my cock?” (Mark)

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhh ohh ohhh” (Sylva)

(wow… she really does want her… interesting…) (Mark)

“Build your orgasm now you slutty little bunny you… you want that innocent little girl to be licking your dripping wet pussy right now… while I watch you both… don’t you?” (Mark)

“oooohoooh ooh ohh yes… sir can I come…. please…. please can I come…” (Sylva)

“Ohh… your little clit was that sensitive after the last time that you’re already able to cum for your -master- is that right? tell me my slutty little bunny… who controls your pussy…” (Mark)

At this point Mark pulls his left hand out from underneath Sylva and grabs both of her ears a the top, holding on tight to the top 1/3 where it doesn’t hurt too bad when he touches them.

“Mark… You my master… my sir… you control my pussy and my orgasms…” (Sylva)

“Good.. now -cum for your master-” (Mark)

As he says this he pulls her heard back by her ears. He’s found out that she likes a sudden sharp pain right at the moment of her orgasms. This will both heighten and prolong her climax.

And it did. She came hard for more then 30 seconds. But Mark doesn’t stop rubbing or let go of her ears during this time. Instead he moves his head right before her orgasm stops and when it is dying down he bites down on her earlobe. Not breaking the skin but enough to freeze her.

“Now sweetheart… lets see how your body responds to 20 minutes of me rubbing your clit like this while I freeze you…. and tell you to cum when I let go of my teeth… I wonder if you’ll enjoy that…” (Mark)

Mark continues to bit her earlobe while he rubs her clit hard and faster now. He isn’t really sure how she’ll respond to this…

(Hopefully she’ll be able to get past the pain in her clit and it will allow the pleasure to build up before I let my bite go… I’d love for her to cum hard after I let go…heheh) (Mark)

Sylva wanted to cry and wanted to hit Mark for causing her this much pain in her loins… at least for the first minute or so… He just never stopped rubbing her. She slowly starts to enjoy the pain… the pulsing… it starts to feel good along with his rubbing… After the 8 minute mark Sylva wants Mark to finally let her cum… she’s already begging him in her mind… the stimulation it too much…

After 14 minutes Sylva is praying both that it stops now and that it never stops… She now knows what her ultimate rewards and punishment is going to be… She can’t wait for Mark to finally be able to fuck her like this… to use her body as he wants when she can’t react… how amazing that would feel. How must pleasure she’d feel

When 19 minutes have passed Sylva can’t even think in proper words anymore… she just needs her mate, her master’s order to finally feel release.

Mark finally releases his teeth and says ‘cum’ into her ear. Sylva doesn’t even really ‘hear’ the word. She just starts to convulse with her legs slowly spreading wider and then closing ever so slightly as she cums. She releases a guttural moan/grown/sound that shows her pure pleasure at the moment.

Then Mark feels the warm liquid start to hit his hand like a jet of water. Then he smells the familiar ammonia smell and knows she wasn’t able to control herself again.

This lasts for almost a minute. Then Sylva grunts one last time and falls to the bed like a rag doll.

Mark tries to talk to her, but she has passed out from the mental and physical burden placed on her.

Mark realizes at this point that he’s probably pushed her too hard… but that she loved it… and he’ll have to clean all this up before she wakes up or else she’ll yell and cry again… Though its not like Mark really cares about her peeing herself.

*** 20 minutes later

Mark has stripped Sylva, put her on the couch, covered her with a new fresh blanket. He has already stripped the bed bare and has cleaned up the puddle that Sylva made next to the bed.

Mark now walks over to Sylva and checks to see if she is still okay, she is. So Mark goes into the bathroom to prepare the bath. He comes back out and gently picks Sylva back up and carries her to the bathroom.

He slowly dips her hand into the water but she doesn’t wake up. Therefore he submerges her into the tub like how she lays when they bathe together. All of her is below the water now except her head.

Mark gets behind her and slips down into the water too. He supports her body and most importantly her head with his chest and shoulder.

Mark gently kisses up and down Sylva’s shoulder and neckline until she wakes up less than 10 minutes later.

“uuuuuuuuuugghhhhh…..” (Sylva)

“*kiss*kiss*kiss*kiss*kiss*kiss*kiss*kiss*kiss*” (Mark kissing her neck)

She can both feel and hear him kissing her.

She wonders why she is so warm and why he’s holding her like this.

“ughh….. ma…..rk…..” (Sylva)

Sylva is still mostly asleep and doesn’t realize her word didn’t come out in a single syllable.

“Yes dear… I’m here, We’re in the bath, so don’t freak out.” (Mark)

“mmmm I love baths with you…” (Sylva)

“I know hun, that’s why I put us in the bath” (Mark)

“Mark… that was amazing… I… I couldn’t move… the pain turned to pleasure… It was amazing…” (Sylva)

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” (Mark)

“I did… or not… I don’t know… it was torture… but then I loved it… then it was torture again… and I loved it again…. ” (Sylva)

Mark continues to kiss her while she wakes up from her stupor.

Over the next couple of minutes Sylva just lays there in Mark’s hold and enjoys him kissing her as she slowly remembers what is happening and what happened.

Then she realizes she peed herself and is shocked awake…

“Damn it Mark… you didn’t tell me we were in the bath because I peed again…” (Sylva)

“No, But I didn’t lie either… I just let you enjoy the feeling of waking up… hehe” (Mark)

“Also I already cleaned it all up and we’re in the bath… so no reason to care all that much about it… huh? huh? Remember I love you…” (Mark)

She turns around and grabs his balls…

“Mark… If I didn’t love you… and know what this thing down here would be able to do for me in the future… I would just squeeze right now… and be done with it… You… you…” (Sylva)

Mark kisses her and she stops being angry despite herself.

Then she starts to massage his balls with her hand and reaches with her other to try and stroke her lover’s member to erection.

Unfortunately even after a few minutes of kissing and her teasing him like that… there is no reaction.

A dejected Sylva leans back against the other side of the tub.

“Sylva, just so you know… I -did- enjoy you touching me like that… I just can’t get hard or reach orgasm…. yet… sadly… ” (Mark)

“Yeah yeah… I know… But we have more important matters right now, don’t we?” (Sylva)

“So ‘-master-‘ tell me what Snow told you to tell me about your elements… ” (Sylva)