I’m a CS Grad student in the US.

I started this site as a random project to get my mind off work. I’ve read “Dream Drive” (An amazingly good story from a published author who decided to post his story there for reviews.) and some other stories on Literotica.com and thought I could make one that more 50/50 mixed.

The plan was a for PMA to be a Fantasy story where the MC makes a ‘small’ group of women  his ‘partners’ I was thinking 4 when I started. I’m already to 4 and I still have more main characters to add….. I just keep on writing characters into the story and then realizing that they fill a ‘need’ in the story.

The first few chapters have/had (pun intended) some bad verb tense alignment issues. I need to go though and edit them. This is because I tried to be ‘fancy’ with my verb usage… and failed basically… lol… but I’ve tried much harder since some early reviews to edit as I go. I feel that chapter ~10+ are in ‘good’ shape.

This is the first creative work I’ve ever worked on. So I’m enjoying it. Learning my own writing ‘style’ and having fun with it.

I hope you enjoy the work.



P.S. I’ve thought up the 2 main characters for Mad Jack – But I haven’t yet decided if I want to make the story more Urban Fantasy or Sci-Fi… or a mix… or more of a Detective novel-esk storyline… etc… So that will probably sit on the back burner for a while until I’m happy with it.