Writer’s Tools

WordPress Tools

These tools are provided for free under the GPLv2 license. Please think about contributing by clicking the PayPal Donate button. Without paid hosting I can’t show live-examples of the work below. Especially when it comes to things such as user-facing interactive widgets, etc.

  • Widget to auto-create Navigation Links in each Chapter of a story
    • Allows an author/translator to not have to spend a lot of time ‘fussing’ with page-navigation links between chapters. (This saves them a lot of time(which they can use to write/translate more)
    • Supports editable ‘Previous’, ‘Index’, and ‘Next’ Words, formatting, and other detailed customization.
    • Adds support for the Arrow Keys Left/Right to navigate forwards and backwards between chapters.
  • Plugin to bulk create pages of a story, these pages work with auto-nav widget
    • Allows an author/translator to create in bulk pages to a story.
    • Supports both ‘Chapter ###’ and ‘Volume ### – Chapter ###’ formats.
    • Supports lots of customization when it comes to padding, spacing, seperator characters, etc.
  • Twenty Sixteen-Custom Theme extension
    • ‘Child’ Theme of the Twenty Sixteen theme from WordPress that adds 2 ‘sidebar'(s).
    • ‘top-sidebar-1’ is above the title on Page(s).
    • ‘top-sidebar-2’ is below the title, but above the ‘content’ on Page(s).
    • This is mostly an ‘example’ of how to add custom-sidebar(s) to your own theme.