PMA Ch 051



Chapter 051: Magic Goals…

Sylva looks at Mark with somewhat disbelief. She ‘knew’ Mark was going to be able to form bonds at some point in the future. But she figured that was years and years away. She never expected it to happen so soon.

“Um… Okay… Are you sure??? Because you’re suppose to need to be super powerful and skilled with your mana before you can make bonds…” (Sylva)

“Sylva, I already have, well… had… one… So I don’t know what to tell you… Other than it just hit me that I’ve gained enough skill with the basics of mana to be able to handle adding you as BONDed. And something about it helping you too… though I don’t know -how-… but either way… You should go talk to Snow… because I -know- this is important.” (Mark)

“Yeah… it really is… Should I go get Geni too? I mean…” (Sylva)

Mark interrupts her.

“No hun, and don’t tell her yet. We still need to keep this very secret. Apparently even being able to do it with you has something to do with your very low mana capacity to start with. I can only BOND with you right now. Apparently it will help me with my mana control, and some other things… I don’t know what… But… *he walks over to her and pulls her down to his height and kisses her briefly* Its alright, this is only a good thing, just go tell Snow and tell her Loki can know too, if need be. I’ll *mark twirls around dramatically* be here” (Mark)

She giggles at his melodrama and agrees that this is very important. She quickly puts on her shoes and leaves to go find Snow.


Sylva quickly makes her way over to the hospital and asks around where Elder Healer is. Elder Healer often makes her rounds throughout the hospital in the afternoons. Sylva searches though just over half the hospital to finally find her.

“Elder Healer, there you are. I’ve been looking for you. I have a message for you.” (Sylva)

“Ahh Sylva, You look flustered what is the problem?” (Snow)

“I’m alright, I’ve just been looking all over the hospital for you. The message is somewhat urgent and must be taken in private.” (Sylva)

Snow realizes where Sylva has likely been and hopes that her fears of ‘urgent’ and ‘private’ don’t mean something major has or is about to happen.

“Come. Let us go to my office” (Snow)

Snow and Sylva quickly make their way to Snow’s office. Snow unlocks the door and lets Sylva in.

“I’m afraid to ask, but do I need to…” (Snow)

“Snow, I’m afraid so.” (Sylva)

“Dear child… I was afraid you’d say that.” (Snow)

Snow walks over to her desk and unlocks her bottom desk drawer and pulls out the magic stone with the spell of privacy on it. She spends a minute concentrating and then activates it.

“Alright… Now tell me what is the matter? Please tell me that a war hasn’t started or something…” (Snow)

“Ohh no. Nothing like that. Mark had a realization just now and he thinks Elizabeth finally decided to tell him that he’s now ready to form a BOND with me.” (Sylva)

“What!? Are you sure? I mean is he sure?” (Snow)

“Apparently he says that he’s only able to do it now with me because of my low mana capacity. Not only that, but apparently it will help him in several ways and that it’ll even benefit me in some way to. Though ‘how’ he doesn’t know.” (Sylva)

“It will even help you? Geez… this boy just doesn’t do anything by how it is -suppose- to work does he?” (Snow)

“Grandma Snow… Honestly, at this point… if he grew wings and learned how to fly… I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s already made Geni fall for him too and they have agreed to become mates. Including Katherine… I don’t have any idea of his limits or potential.” (Sylva)

“Yeah, I spoke with him yesterday. He told me about Geni, and I agree… he just does his own thing, and doesn’t seem to care, know, or follow the ‘normal’ guidelines and rules we know about for -anything- as far as I can tell.” (Snow)

“But yes, He was indeed very correct to have you come to me before attempting to form the BONDing with you in the castle. We need to get him out of there… but where… *Snow ponder for a few seconds* I guess that is really the only option. Alright, you need to go speak with Loki and tell her that we’ll be taking Mark and you to the Healers’ Grounds. Take this with you and -instruct- her that the message you have is for -her ears only-. This note will give you permission to both request and demand this as my official messenger.” (Snow)

Snow starts to write out an official document and then hands it to Sylva after folding it and placing her official mana-imbued seal on it.

“Take this and go see Loki. She might not like this, but its the only way to stop the entire capitol from knowing about the BOND. We need bot get you two out as far away from others as possible and the Healers’ Ground is the best place I can think of that won’t have people snooping.” (Snow)

“Alright Grandma, I’ll go see her now.” (Sylva)

“Meet me at Mark’s room. I have some things I need to do here first before leaving. Namely arranging for a shuttle to transport us, so that Mark isn’t seen in public.” (Snow)

“Alright, goodbye and see you there.” (Sylva)


“Greetings, I am a nurse and my name is Sylva I am here to see Lady Loki immediately on orders of Elder Healer.” (Sylva)

She is now standing in front of the thrown room and speaking to the official in charge of greetings. He is a short dark green skinned man with big eyes and a wide mouth. Likely from the Ribbit clan she assumes.

Upon hearing the name ‘Elder Healer’ even the official starts to take not of the situation with a serious attitude.

“Did you say ‘immediately’?” (official)

“Yes, This is my official decree and introduction ordering a private meeting with her highness to be held immediately. I hope you won’t delay this.” (Sylva)

She hands him the letter and he checks the seal and then opens the letter. After reading it carefully once he closes it and looks back to Sylva.

“Ohh.. No… I wouldn’t dare delay you. Please let me go inform the Lady.” (official)

He leaves quickly and goes into a side door where he disappears.

A few minutes later he returns and instructs her to follow him to the Lady’s private chambers.

(My Heavens… her private chambers… I never expected to ever see these… Mark… you better not be making this up…) (Sylva)

She follows the short man down the hallway and they make a couple quick turns. Left, right, and then left again and he knocks.

“Come in” (deep male voice)

The man opens the door to let Sylva in. Two guards are standing in front of her and check her for weapons or other magical devices that might allow her to teleport away. She assumes from their height and width that they are either members of the Bear clan like Ursula or from the much more rare Golem clan. Then they open the door and step into the chamber with her. One in front and one behind. Once inside the unexpected plainly decorated room she finds that they stand to either side of her.

Lady Loki comes out of a side room and greets them. She is reading the letter that Snow wrote.

“You two are dismissed. She isn’t here to harm me. I know who she is. It is fine.” (Loki)

(She knows who I am?) (Sylva)

“Child, stop standing there and come have a seat. I’ll have you know I don’t like formalities very much. Neither does my husband, but we decided to at least outwardly display them.” (Loki)

“Um… Yes ma’am” (Sylva)

Sylva comes and sits across from her in a love seat couch while Loki sits in a chair. The love seat is very comfortable but not at all decorated. Sylva is very disoriented, she expected to see a hugely decorated chamber. And Lady Loki’s familiarity with her.

“Sylva, calm down, there is nothing the matter. I’ve just decided to treat you as I feel like treating you. I know how you are and I know who your mate is.” (Loki)

“Ohh” (Sylva)

“Yes. For obvious reasons I asked Snow about you and the other women surrounding my future son-in-law. Plus I saw some of you from Mark’s memories.” (Loki)

(Son-in-law? huh? OHH!!!… Katherine… so she approves?) (Sylva)

“Well I’m flattered So you approve of Mark then?” (Sylva)

“Approve of… that is an interesting question… I don’t ‘disprove’ of him. At least not nearly as much as Coyote… but that is for obvious reasons. But I also can’t say I entirely ‘approve’ of him either.” (Loki)

“But you are a mother of what 4? children yourself? So you must know how it is to realize that no matter what you say or think, you aren’t able to decide who your children will love. So therefore I’ve accepted that my little one already has very… shall we say… complicated feelings about your mate.” (Loki)

“Yes your highness, I have 4 kits whom I love very much. And yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly that parents can’t determine who their children will fall in love with. And about -complicated- feelings I can completely sympathize with her. Did Snow tell you about my experiences inside Mark’s subconscious?” (Sylva)

“Somewhat, she said you were able to spend almost 6 months of time within his dreams in just one evening. Which I must say is somewhat unprecedented and I don’t know what to say about that.” (Loki)

“Yes, well the thing is… if you fall asleep before him you don’t remember it either… so after the first night I -knew- I loved Mark, with my whole body and soul… But I didn’t know -why-… -That- my Lady is what I would consider ‘complicated’… and even now… having 6 months more memories of your loved one when he only knows you for a couple weeks is still rather frustrating, because he ‘knows’ he loves me, and he feels the emotions, but I know he still doesn’t know what to make of it. But I love him none the less” (Sylva)

“Kathy is very similar. She ‘knows’ she hates him. And I’m only telling you this because you too are a mother and if you swear to not tell Mark. *Sylva nods* Well… She -knows- she hates Mark for the way he treated her, but she also -knows- but doesn’t want to admit to herself that she really likes him. I don’t know if -love- is the right term for it. But Snow said that its possible that Mark’s abilities allow for him and his eventual BONDed or mates to more quickly realize their feelings for each other. So its possible it is love. But either way… I think he purposely infuriated her over and over so as to keep her at a distance. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense as to -why- he did things the way he did. Do you know anything about this? Also you can just call me Loki, the honorifics are bothersome.” (Loki)

“Um.. Loki then… Yes apparently his BONDs or pre-BONDs can help you speed up your realization of your feelings for each other. This happened with me most likely but it has certainly happened with Geni another nurse, and friend of both myself and Princess Katherine. Whom has also become a mate of Marks.” (Sylva)

“Well well… I wasn’t aware our little Geni had eyes for him too. I thought she was just having fun teasing him like she does from the memories of Mark’s I saw. So she has finally… ohh I see… She’ll be Kathy’s ‘sister’… haha… that is certainly one way for them to be ‘together’… hahaha… Mark you continue to amaze me..” (Loki)

“I was actually the one who recommended they seek each other out. But when the events happened with Katherine… she went to Mark and offered herself and her virginity to Mark if he would promise to not bed Katherine…” (Sylva)

Loki chuckles.

“Did he ‘happen’ to mention to her about his current body’s limitation? hehe” (Loki)

“No, not at first he didn’t he let that misunderstanding hang for a while. He eventually did tell her though. But what is amazing is that he sweet talked a beautiful naked girl who threw herself at him. But he did it by putting her into his bed and covering her up with a sheet.” (Sylva)

“He was panicking and didn’t think about you know… just having her re-dress… hehe… but he put her in the bed and talked with her for a long while and he told her that he wanted to kiss her and touch her… but the amazing thing is… he asked permission… which I think he’s done with all of us now… and so she gave it to him for both kissing and touching. He was gentle with her and I think captured her
heart that night before either one of them realized it. But yes… The idea of becoming ‘sisters’ with Katherine was mentioned and was a really nice idea to her, and my guess is that it was part of the reason she accepted his initial advancements.” (Sylva)

“Yeah… He is quite a unique boy… I was glad to hear that he asked Kathy for permission to kiss and touch her before he did. Otherwise I might have had to kill him… No offense… but you understand..” (Loki)

“No, I completely understand… I might have done the same if he had hurt Geni, despite me personally loving him…” (Sylva)

“Well either way… I’m glad that cares so much about being gentle and kind… his ‘choices’ for bedroom ‘play’ however… don’t quite match that… but I’m not judging… When you are a ‘trickster’ god… you’ve done everything Mark has ever thought up or done… so I’m not saying anything bad about it.

And by your gentle blushing I’m going to assume -you- have nothing bad to say about it? hehe” (Loki)

“Um…Ah… No… I can fully discuss how infuriating it can be sometimes… but Mark never lets it -stay- that way he is always thinking not only about how to tease and torment us, but how to heighten our pleasure from whatever he is doing…” (Sylva)

Loki chuckle and nods her head.

“I just wish Kathy would have had a more … gentle… introduction to it… The spanking he gave her was pretty brutal actually… I was surprised to hear from her that she enjoyed it as much as she did… Apparently it was the first time she ever reached climax… Which she did -not- want to tell me but accidentally blurted out when rampaging on about how much he frustrated her… hehehe…” (Loki)

“I just hope he doesn’t have to do that -every- time to get her in the mood… that would be a little disturbing to know as a parent.” (Loki)

“Well he said he was able to make her climax later with his tongue. So I somewhat doubt that.” (Sylva)

“Good Point. I hadn’t really thought about that… Keeping my husband isolated has been enough of a problem… as you can imagine… I’ve had to explain to him that I have a plan on how to ‘get back’ at Mark that I can’t explain to him yet. Its the only way he’s been pacified so far… Plus its not like I can tell him ‘well hun, she likely loves him and enjoyed it’ … I mean… I understand as a woman how good it can feel to have the guy take control sometimes… but Coyote is stubborn and would kill him out of principle for ‘hurting’ his baby.” (Loki)

Sylva gulps.

“Don’t worry dear… I am doing everything in my power to protect Mark. Snow said you know who all stands behind him… Michael and the other two… So yeah… even if Kathy didn’t seem to have fallen for him… I would still protect him out of self-preservation… but as is… I honestly do want him to be safe and happy… He was brilliant… His trickery up on that stage was magnificent. I have no other words of praise that can quite match his brilliance. Even I who knew he planned on doing an act wasn’t sure if he was acting or not. Let alone the public.” (Loki)

“Yeah… Geni was one of the ones who was laughing hysterically at it. She couldn’t believe him challenging Lord Coyote like that, nor Kathy being spanked like that. Apparently she realized that Kathy was enjoying it from the very beginning because there was no reason for the pillowcase over her head or for her to not move her hands or head at all otherwise. She knew that something was up from that and the fact that Mark was always behind her. So unlike the others who were laughing at the insanity of him challenging the Lord. She was laughing at Kathy being forced to enjoy the spanking by Mark… She didn’t even tell me all of that until yesterday. haha” (Sylva)

“Well my dear. Despite me enjoying talking to you like this. Which I plan on doing more of in the future. Since I will enjoy having the ‘motherly’ figure out of Mark’s mates as a friend. I think its about time we get to the real reason you are here. Especially being here with Snow’s official seal and all.” (Loki)

“Yes your majesty. I am here to inform you that Snow wishes to remove Mark from the castle and take him to the Healers’ Grounds so that we can perform a BONDing. Um… I’m sorry I don’t know how to say this tactfully… but… Apparently Elizabeth’s memories informed Mark just now that he was able to BOND with me.” (Sylva)

“Interesting… So Snow wants to take him out there where the least amount of people will notice the shockwave produced… Hmm… Yeah. I agree, that is the best course of action. Also Please don’t tell Mark what I’ve said about Kathy, I don’t want to influence them too much. They need to decide their own feelings between them. But know that a major part of the reason we’re sending the aid to help in the plague lands so quickly is because I’m sending Coyote to go with them.” (Loki)

She chuckles.

“I told him that I’m going to stay here and slowly torment Mark until he gets back… hehe. So he has until then to prove his friendship or courtship with Katherine… But I got some ideas about how to solve that… I’m going to be sending them both to school starting soon. So that should help things. So I don’t want you to worry too much about him. Just go do your thing today and then go be a great little nurse. When you get back Hopefully Mark will be in a much better situation than he is right now. Plus I’m hoping Coyote will have calmed down some.” (Loki)

“Well that gives me some hope as well. I was worried about Mark being here alone with me and Geni leaving.” (Sylva)

“Yeah, I can imagine, but I don’t think you have to worry. At least not as much. I will be looking after the little boy. I hate to admit it… but his trickery was as good as either me or Coyote could have come up with… So that alone deserves some help. Plus I think Kathy is going to end up settling her feelings with Mark… so… I need to be nice to a potential… and my guess likely… son-in-law… which would make us family. And dear… I protect family… So please don’t worry. Take this and show it to the guards, they will let you take Mark with you. Also keep that in case you ever need to see me or get out of some minor trouble.” (Loki)

She hands Sylva a coin with Loki’s personal seal on it.

“Yes ma’am, and thank you.” (Sylva)

With that Sylva leaves Loki’s room and heads down to Marks’ room to meet Snow.

“But my dear… Just because I’m going to -help- Mark… doesn’t mean I’m not going to repay him for his trickery… I can’t let a trick so grand as that go non-returned.


Sylva arrives at Mark’s door and the door is already open. She sees Snow and Mark. Mark has a hooded cape pulled over him and she can’t even see his face, but she knows it must be him.

“Here is the the proof that Lo… Lady Loki has approved of this action and that we are to leave immediately.” (Sylva)

Snow nods her head and motions for Mark to follow her. They both leave the room and Sylva follows.

“Follow me, I have a transport waiting for us downstairs.” (Snow)

They arrive downstairs and snow directs them to a transport. This beast is a carriage drawn by a beast of burden local to the city. It is an 8 legged horse that acts as the main means of pulling goods locally. They can pulls thousands upon thousands of pounds at once and almost never tire.

Snow opens the door to the carriage and waves both Sylva and Mark inside.

“Alright this is it, let us be off.” (Snow)

She tells the horse to start and it waits for Snow to get in and close the door before it starts to leave.

“It doesn’t need a driver?” (Mark)

“ha.. no, this beast knows the route back and forth quite well. It has been trained to go from the hospital to where we are going back and forth if it doesn’t have a driver. So He’ll swing by the hospital and then head to our destination on his own. It will take roughly 3 hours. So make yourself comfortable. But not too comfortable, I usually sleep during this trips, but I can’t handle the thought of waking up hearing you two playing like you do.” (Snow)

Mark is shocked she brought that up. But not as much as Sylva. Sylva turns almost pure red, despite her yellow tint. She doesn’t know what to do with her herself so she just continues to hold Mark’s hand and looks out the window. Quietly wishing to go dig a hole in the ground and bury herself in it.

(hahah… she is so easy to fluster… But I’m surprised that even Mark is taken aback by that comment. So apparently he doesn’t discuss these topics in public… interesting… ) (Snow)

Soon they pull out of the Castle itself and are moving past the hospital.

They all three remain in silence for the beginning of the journey until they leave the city itself.

“Wow, I’m still impressed that you all like this. I’m surprised you haven’t tried to learn how to build better buildings or god… better roads or at least shock-absorbers… this ride is so bumpy that I might bruise my damn ass.” (Mark)

Both Snow and Sylva are shocked by what he is saying. They both consider this a quite smooth ride so far.

“Mark I know the buildings you have are amazing, but this ride is already quite good.” (Sylva)

“ha.. if you think -this- is good… Then I’m going to be a millionaire no… a billionaire here… I can easily craft a ride that is dozens of times smoother. and instruct the nation on how to build better roads.” (Mark)

“Mark are you sure about this?” (Snow)

“Easily, shock absorbing tech is actually one of the simplest complex machines there is.” (Mark)

“I thought you had ‘school’ here, don’t they teach basic sciences here? or is it all Magic this, Magic that?” (Mark)

“Mark… you need to realize… we live comfortably… very few people starve… we might not be as advanced as your nation in many ways… but we don’t have mass starvation like you said some nations in your world have.” (Sylva)

“That isn’t what I meant, and you know it. I’m sorry for sounding rude. just your lack of ‘desire’ for knowledge seems so odd to me. I know our world, and even my country has problems, lots of them. but we are at least always working towards solving them. Maybe not individuals, but as a whole. We are always trying to improve ourselves.” (Mark)

“Mark, that is a very interesting notion, and one that I think might actually be the reason why Princess Elizabeth chose you. I hope you can bring that drive and passion to bear to help this nation. But before that I have some things to discuss with you. What did you mean when you told Sylva that it would ‘help’ her? and what all ‘ways’ is the BONDing going to help you?” (Snow)

“Honestly, Grandma Snow, I wish I could tell you. But I don’t know. Other than it is all ‘good things’… *Mark shrugs* Sorry I just really don’t know. Apparently it will help -me- with my mana control, and maybe some other things. But I get the feeling that Elizabeth’s memories aren’t ‘quite’ sure themselves. But who knows…” (Mark)

“Alright. well… I’ve never heard of ‘bad’ side effects from a BONDing… so we shouldn’t be too worried. I was just curious.” (Snow)

“Well, if you two want to cuddle I’m actually fine with it, I was just teasing you earlier. I can see how much she wants to. She keeps looking down at your hand acting like she wants it around her. I’m not against you two being mates and showing your affections for each other. I just don’t want to see ‘that’ again.” (Snow)

They both blush at the mention that she knows how they ‘play’.

Mark leans over and wraps his arm around Sylva and pulls her into his embrace. Bringing her close to him. He rotates sideways a little and smiles as she realizes that he is laying her head on his upper chest. She nuzzles her face into his neck in appreciation.

Mark smiles knowing she would love that position. Even snow smiles and nods to Mark showing that he did the correct thing.

“Well Hun, if you want, you can sleep until we get there. I’m up for a nap myself. Alright?” (Mark)

“Yeah, I like that Idea.” (Sylva)

Mark never attempts to nap at all, he just stares out the window as both of ‘family’ members start to take naps. He is amazed either one of them can sleep through this bumpiness. Mark starts thinking about how to create an effective suspension system. He eventually realizes he is going to need to use rubber or another similar substance to create the dashpot to create mechanic dampening that will balance out the spring’s force. This combination will create the shock absorber effect he is looking for. Without rubber or some other kind of object, he is afraid the smithing requirements for the metals will be too high precision, at least for this world. Perhaps mana and magic can be used to create goods that high of quality… but he doesn’t know… Either way he needs to make friends with some crafters.

Mark starts thinking like he is playing an RPG but he’s the only person with blueprints that are useful.

The next two hours pass in silence as Mark starts to plan ideas for making enough money to buy all his mates as many dresses as they want from those 3 needle-mad sisters… Or at least a handful for each one. And a couple new suits for him too. Mark is also thinking about how the one book said that certain materials for magic circles and magic items can be expensive. So he needs to build up a war-chest to be able to do the experimenting and learning he wants to do.

The idea of buying custom sexy lingerie for Sylva, Geni, and Kathy doesn’t enter Mark’s brain… Nope… Not at all… Just ask him.

He also didn’t think about how Sylva would look best in black to contrast her yellow skin. Nor did he think Red would look best on Geni with her brunette hair or pink on Kathy with her multi-colored hair…

Mark smiled to himself thinking about the 3 of them lined up together waiting for him when he gets home from school…

Then he thinks about Sherie, he misses her. and then he pictures her with the other 3 in a purple teddy and his grin grows even more.

If any of the girls realized he was planning on buying at least a dozen sets of those power-restraining cuffs, just so he could have spares… they probably would have slapped him. But he didn’t care. He considered those -required- purchases (once he had the money).

Mark realized that he needed to figure out a couple large ticket items, but if he wanted to bring in real money he needed consumer goods that he could design and sell.

With this some of Mark’s goals had been settled.

Suddenly Snow awoke. She looked out of the transport and apparently knew where they were.

“Mark We only have 10 minutes left, please wake up the sleeping one drooling on your shirt… hehe” (Snow)

Mark slowly lifts her head and kisses her on the lips. She stars to kiss back before fully waking up…

“Master… not now… let me sleep…” (Sylva)

Snow snorts from laughter and the noise startles Sylva then the transport hits a bigger than average bump and she is fully awoke by the jolt.

She starts to turn crimson red now that she realizes what she said while being woken up.

Snow is just chuckling to herself. Seeing her baby girl who is ‘all grown up’ act like a lovesick young girl again is amusing in its own right.

Mark is trying not to bite his tongue while not laughing at Sylva.

She knows what he is doing and his ‘attempt’ to not anger her by laughing at her have the opposite effect. She realizes he -knows- he shouldn’t laugh but can’t help it… That makes it even worse for her. So now she is angry and embarrassed.


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