PMA Ch 012



Chapter 010: Magic Rings…

** Mark’s POV **

“Hi mom, How are you?….. That’s good. ….. Yeah I’m glad to hear it… Hey. I got some good news. I got a new job mom. and it comes with free travel and a 5 year contract, best part is the pay its 100k a year, tax free.”

(She’s going to kill me) (me)

“No mom, I’m going to have to take a leave of absense from school but my employer already took care of that. He’s the king of a country actually. So the school just gave him what he wanted…. No… not England…. No… not Thailand either… No… Mom…. Please stop… Please stop……… ………… …………… Mom, will you please shut the fuck up?…….. Jesus Mom I’m trying to fucking talk here and my god damn time is limited.  Mom… You need to listen to me. I’m going to start saying some bullshit that is going to sound made up, but I swear to god that it is real. I’m not going to be able to come back to Earth for 5 yeas at least after I leave. (Ha that shut her up) No mom, I’m not kidding. Within the next 3 years or so, the major world powers will start to publicly announces that a parallel world has been found… but actually it has always existed, but anyways… The news will hit the world hard, and so people from that side came over here to recruit some people to be ambassadors to their side, so that they could get a grip with how our society works, and that we could come back here and explain their world to people on our side…. Yes… you’re right I got selected. No mom, I don’t actually have a choice, when a walking talking god tells you to do something. You fucking listen……. Mom…. are you there?…. Mom? … Yes I did say god… but not what you are thinking I mean Coyote…. Yes…. uh huh… I’m sure…. Yep mischief god…. Yeah… I know mom, I’m fucked… but what can I do…. I have to go. Also… Mom… I’m going to be marrying a girl out here by the name of Sherie. You haven’t met her yet, but I love her…….Mom?………Mom?…Ahh there you are…….No I’m not doing this to try and kill you………….No I swear to grandma Fletcher that I’m not making any of this up….. Alright Mom…. Yes Mom….. Yes Mom….. No Mom…. Mother! Jesus Christ I’m not telling you that, what we do in our bedroom is none of your business. No she is NOT pregnant. I don’t even know if she can GET pregnant… She’s not even… fuck never-mind Mom I’m not going to make wild guesses right now about that. All I know is I love her, I’ve got approval from her next of kin her Uncle, I’ll have him talk to you after I leave, I’ll give him your info so you can get to know him and her. Okay? That is the best I can do. yes mom I love you too… I swear I’m not fucking kidding… I won’t be back for 5 years… Fuck I don’t even know if I’ll miss you at this rate… Jesus Mom… just accept that I wouldn’t make this shit up… Alright Bye Mom, I’ll tell you all about it when I get back…… yes I’ll see if I can get you to come over too… That might take years Mom, but I’ll look into it…Okay I’m running out of time, please call and tell everyone what I’ve said. No one has to believe me, but when the news spreads THEN they will believe me. Alright bye Mom.” (me)

“Well that went easier than expected…” (me)

“BOY!! Why were you swearing at your mother?!?!” (Mike)

“OHhh… I forgot you’ve never seen me talk to my mom. That’s normal, we’re Irish.” (me)

“I know it seems odd to a lot of people, but that’s just how we are. We yell at each other. We swear at each other. But it doesn’t mean anything. Its just how we communicate. I know its a little weird. But think of it like this… We allow ourselves to do that. But if anyone from outside the family does it to one of us. The ENTIRE family will come down on them. Its a little hard to explain.” (me)

“hmmm….. so your small family operates like a mini-clan… Interesting…” (Mike)

“Umm… what? do you mean… Never…mind don’t tell me.. I don’t want to know yet…” (me)

“But alright… I need to get back to Sherie, and then head out. I hope I’m not making things difficult for you and Sherie, I don’t want to do that.” (me)

“Son, If what you have told me, including you loving her and wanting to make her your mate is true, then no, nothing you have told me is going to make things more difficult for either Sherie or me. Different, yes, More Difficult, no. I can promise you that if stay true to your self, continue down the path you are on now, and do not turn to wicked ways, that I will give you as much assistance as I can in the future. But know that you will be on your own for a while, and that you must protect yourself by any means necessary until you gain the knowledge, power, and control to be able to act justly. Until then do whatever it takes, hit low, cheat, steal, and lie as much as needed, but never get caught because the punishment will be more than anything you can think of right now. And most importantly, NEVER kill easily. Only ever kill in self defense or in the defense of others. If you follow those ideals you will be able to walk tall and take pride in yourself.” (Mike)

*** 5 minutes later outside Sherie’s Door

I call house-cleaning and tell them that a guess just checked out and gave me a tip to pay to them for the mess they left in the room across the hall from Sherie’s. Its an obvious lie, because I called for a wake up call to that room myself. But its fine. I gave 500$ to each of the cleaning ladies, and told them I was sorry, and that I didn’t have time to clean it up myself.

(I’m about to earn 100k a year, I can be kind to these poor old ladies who have to literally clean up our piss and fluids….) (me)

I open the door to Sherie’s room, and am surprised to see her in her …now clean… (how did she manage that one…) purple dress, she’s all made up, and we look like we’re about to go hit the town because I’m in my nicer business casual clothes.

She kisses me and tells me we have dinner reservations right now in the hotel restaurant’s VIP section. I don’t have enough time to do this… but I’m glad she’s not trying to milk me until the last second….I’m somewhat glad about that…

We arrive to see our meal arriving the same time as we are. Two steak diners cooked the way we like, with baked sweet potatoes and mushrooms.

“hun, how did you arrange this? This is insanely well timed” (me)

“hehehe I wanted to have a date with you before you left, so I called in almost every favor I had with the staff, and arranged it as soon as you walked out the door. I know we just ate your food, but its more about us just being here. Together.” (Sherie)

She grabs my hand and we just sit there staring into each other’s eyes like dumb high school students for a minute until we both realize at the same time how we must look. I see some of the wait staff all huddled together in a corner pretending to not all be watching us.

(Guys, you are so obvious it is comic…. ehh whatever.. I don’t care… its not like we were keeping it a secret. We just liked to be private, that’s all.) (me)

“They are amusing aren’t they?” (me) and I dash my eyes to the audience.

“Yes, I told them that my boyfriend and I had an important anniversary to celebrate and that I had forgotten. It was the only lie I could make up that would work this quick. hehe” (Sherie)

(Ohh I have a good idea…  and you’re going to love this…) (me)

“Hun, you know we can make this our anniversary date location then ”

I lean towards here and continue to talk as she realizes I’m going to kiss her.

“We can celebrate right now me getting approval from Mike to make you my wife and mate” (me) *instantly kiss her*

(Oh yes… that shocked face is what I wanted… eat your hearts out audience) (me)

(WHAT??!!? You already got permission from Uncle Mike…. How why… ohh you bastard… you did this on purpose…  ) (Sherie)

I kissed her for a good 20 seconds and then leaned back and grinned at her.

“I’ll still have to wait to buy you a ring, and a …whatever else I need to buy you for mate-ness rituals… but I don’t plan on pretending that I don’t want that, so you will be getting the nicest things that I need to get to show that you are mine. and I’ll be even learning to wear a ring…. so I want to see a damn smile on your face now…. So… Even without the ring… Do you want to be my wife, my partner, my mate?” (me)

I got a smile.. I think, but did get to see it as she shouted “I DO I DO, I’ll Marry you!!!” and then clasped her face in her hands as she started crying…. But this time… I didn’t mind watching her cry.

“I guess that was a pretty good show for the audience huh?” (me)

I get out of my chair, kneel next to her and grab her by folding my arms around her and hold her as she cries. Whispering to her that I love her, and that I promise to make everything right.

She only cries this time for a minute before wiping her face and then beaming a smile that would warn oncoming ships of danger.

“Mark, Why did you have to wait to formally ask me that until we were being watched like that? That’s just not fair… I couldn’t think of what to do other than hide. ” (Sherie)

“Well maybe that is -exactly- the reason I did it like that… Plus I just got Mike’s blessing, so… Now I felt comfortable doing it… plus… its really fast for me… so I needed some time to think it through before I wanted to make it official.” (me)

“Mark…” then she whispered … ‘master’ ” I love you, I want you to know that you complete me. I know I’m not perfect, none of us are, but I’m going to try to become better for you, as you try to be for me. I don’t know why I’m just so not-sad but instead excited right now. I know it will be a long time until I see you. But I’m not scared of that, because I know I won’t lose you as long as you keep yourself safe. Which I know you will. ” (Sherie)

“Of course I’ll be safe” (me)

“Well Hun I got 25 minutes left, so lets eat a bit, then head out, let the audience be damned, Hows that sound?” (me)

“Or… we could leave now, and we could ‘play’ for a bit….” (Sherie)

(Damn you and your wicked grins) (me)

“No hun, not right now, I don’t want to push my luck I want to be early for this appointment… Though…I’d love to… and I’m sure we’ll both dream about it until we meet again. ”

“awww alright, but lets enjoy the meal then…. I paid a lot of favors for this… so… enjoy it.. hehe” (Sherie)

For the next 15 minutes we enjoyed each other’s company and ate some baked sweet potato and steak. We really only nibbled, just enjoying the atmosphere. And then it was time to leave.

I -tried- to pay, but Sherie actually slapped my hand when I tried, and then we left.

“Okay Hun, I gotta go. I’m going to miss you, I love you. I can’t wait to get back to see you. I will be the safest I can while gaining power to protect us. I will make it so you are happy I swear this to you, and I will do my utmost to make it happen.” (me)

“I know. I know all that. I’m going to miss you too sweetheart. I will forever be yours. You are the master of my heart. You are my mate. You are the one I love with my whole being. I will await your return. Then we can work on actually having a nice ceremony… and having a couple dozen young.”

A couple dozen young….

*** Sherie’s POV ***

(KYYYYYYAAAAA IT WORKED… I broke his mind… HAHAHAHA…. ) (me)

” HAHAHA Hun. I was just kidding… ” (me)  as I lean forward and kiss him to reboot his brain.

*** Mark’s POV ***

(Holy hell… that wasn’t fucking fair… ) (me)

“Umm Lets take that step a little slower than we’ve taken today… Okay? Please? ” (me)

“haha yes dear. I was only teasing you. I want to wait for kids for a long time, Okay, don’t worry… I’ll be here when you get back, now go knock’em dead tiger.” (Sherie)

“Heh, My name ain’t Peter, but sure, I’ll go knock’em dead. I’ll see you later” (me)

(See you later sounds better than goodbye… I hope…) (me)

*** 6pm

I am waiting where Coyote told me to be.

I look around and I don’t see him.

By 6:10PM I’m starting to wonder if mistook what he said.

By 6:30PM I’m starting to wonder if he changed his mind.

By 7:00PM I’m starting to wonder if he is fucking with me… you know… God of Mischief and all…

Then I turn around and he’s standing there  looking a little irritated.

“Boy, You better be ready, I was delayed by … lets just call it … official business, and had to be delayed. ” (Coyote)

“Um…. Yes I’m ready. What do I need to do?” (me)

“Stand there, and when you feel me shifting us, try not to fight it. Not that you really could, but it will be less nauseating for you when we arrive if you didn’t.” (Coyote)

“Okay…” (me)

Then I hear Coyote say something in what sounds like a Native American tongue and he then he stares at me for a minute and tells me that He’s going to be delayed again, and this time I have until noon tomorrow.

“Boy, scoot out of here while I go handle some new urgent business. I’ll be back tomorrow” (Coyote)

“Oh Okay. I’m actually fine if you want to delay this some more, or.. ” (me)

“NO! I shall not be delayed any more, now get out of here.” (Coyote)

(What the fuck is up with him?) (me)

“Alright, Sorry. I’ll be back here by noon.” (me)

*** Two and a half hours later outside Sherie’s room.

I stand there nervous for some reason.

*** 5 minutes later

(What is wrong with you… Jesus Christ man… you already fucking asked her in public and she agreed… you even told your Mom… Ohh fuck it… I can’t waste my time with her by just standing out here) (me)

I unlock her door by swiping my thumb over the sensor and it unlocks. I then walk in.

“Lookie Lookie Lookie, what do I have here? I came back to find my sweetheart, and all I find is a tear-making ball of blankets on her bed.” (me)

“MARK?!?” (Sherie)

She raises her head up like a prairie dog out of the ball of blankets she has made and looks towards me.


I get tackled just inside the door by the former prairie dog, which is now hugging my chest and crying even harder.

“Why are you here? *sob* I thought you left *sob*…. i wa wa wa wa wa wahhhh ” (Sherie)

I then pick up my blabbering beauty and carry her back to bed.

I hold her in her favorite position, me spooning her from the outside. But for some reason now it doesn’t bother me much at all to do this. It feels much nicer than it ever did before… Which I like. We stay like that for something like 10 minutes while she slowly slows down her crying.

“Shh… Shh… Shh… Its Okay, I’m here, for now… I thought you said you were going to be strong for me, and weren’t going to be sad.” (me)

“Fuck you mark, *half sob* I never said I wasn’t going to allow myself one night of crying myself to sleep over missing you. I always *half sob* knew that I needed that, but now *half sob* you’ve gone and even messed that up, why are you back?” (Sherie)

“Honestly hun, I had no idea I was going to be coming back. I just stood there waiting for Coyote, and he just took forever to show up. I was too worried to move or leave. I just kept waiting. I mean… god of mischief. I didn’t want to give him a reason to fuck with me…. ” (me)

“Yeah, makes sense, probably a good decision, but did he show up? ” (Sherie)

“Ohh yeah, he did, then he started to tell me we were going to go… Then he swore in a native language and then told me I have until noon. I’m guessing something came up on his end. So I cam back here to spend my time with you. Especially since you have the night off, and we can just lay here .” (me)

I hugged her tighter for a brief moment after saying this.

“But of course… ”

I lean next to her ear and use THAT tone with her, making my voice almost silent, lowering the pitch an octave, and that cadence that implies complete confidence.

“If you think I’m going to let you -just- lay here all night, you’re sadly mistaken. I’m going to -make- you submit to me, I’m going to -make- you cum for me. I’m going to -make- you beg me to fuck you in the ass. And I’m going to -make you- pass out from hard orgasms again.” (me)

An audible moan comes from my now horny partner.

Then I return to my normal speaking voice.

“But before that, I have something for you. I didn’t lie to you at all when I told you what happened with Coyote. But… I purposefully mislead you. I never gave you a clear timeline as to when Coyote finally showed up.” (me)

“What? What do you mean Mark?” (Sherie)

(Hmmm… I’m glad she’s not being super subby yet. I wanted her to accept this as an equal. I just didn’t think about that when I decided to whisper to her…hehe) (me)

(This will be good….) (me)

I reach into my pock and grab it, I then hold it in my palm while I put my arm around her again.

“Hun. I’m sorry for earlier. I wasn’t prepared. And even this position is technically not the one you are suppose to use…. But I at least have the proper accessory…. Will you do me the honor of marrying me? ” (me)

I open my palm and an there lays 3 rings, one I have pointing towards her, and two laying next to each other.

She stiffens and I feel that she’s shocked speechless so I just hug her again.

“The one on the left is a 5 carat moissanite engagement ring. It has a couple tiny moissanite stones around the largest one, but it was the most simple, the most elegant and the most beautiful ring they had. It is already sized to you. It has a platinum band and the metal holding the stone in place are actually not just platinum, they are a special alloy that has tungsten titanium, cobalt, iron, and a few other minerals in there. It is the alloy they use on fighter jet engines, so its among the strongest on earth. It just so happens to have some platinum mixed in for color on your ring.” (me)

“Um…. ” (Sherie)

“Ohh yes, I forgot to say what moissanite is, its sorta like diamond, but its actually man made, because the mineral doesn’t actually naturally exist on earth. It is literally made up of star dust. Moissanite is actually stronger than Diamond in every way other than scratching. Its only a 9.5 compared to Diamond’s 10.0. But impact, heat, scratching against any other material, chipping, whatever… Moissanite is better. Plus it doesn’t come from blood mines in Africa. Which I’ve done the research I know that most ‘certified’ Diamonds still come from there, it is just that they have a better fake paper trail now. So… Yeah… I know its not -exactly- what every girl dreams of, but I think its actually better. You get to look down and think about how your stone is made of star dust, not dead dinosaurs.  hehe” (me)

“Um…. ” (Sherie)

“Ohh yes, I forgot to say what the other two rings are, those will be our wedding rings. There is a trick to this set of 3. Your wedding ring and mine will match, but yours will slide right up next to and basically look like its merging with your engagement ring. Its pretty fucking awesome visual effect hun. You’re going to love it.” (me)

“Um…. ” (Sherie)

“Shhh, calm down hun, take some deep breaths. I know you have a billion things to say, just answer me first, then we’ll get started on the questions, how does that sound? Also consider this just payback for the dozens of children comment earlier.” (me)

I smile after saying that one, and she immediately rotates to face me. Her face again crying, but this time with that ship-saving smile of hers.

“Of course Mark, Of course…. I already said I would, but my god Mark… These are the most beautiful things in world that I’ve ever seen. How… just how did you buy these? and where? … my god… WHEN? ” (Sherie)

She doesn’t give me time to answer, she throws her arms around my neck, despite us both laying on our sides, and then kisses me before I can open my mouth.

…well… kisses me… then forces my mouth open with her tongue… But you get the point…

The rings are now behind her still in my hand. but I don’t think its a good idea to drop them right now. So I fight with all my being to not devolve into a beast right then and there so that we can have our ways with each other.

I break the kiss.

“Hehehe, I’m glad you like them hun.” (me)

“LIKE? Jesus Mark, I love them. Now seriously where did you get those?” (Sherie)

“Well…. And please don’t find this creepy… because I’m afraid it might sound this way… but… When we started dating, I did some research…. I wasn’t planning on asking you to marry me at all… but I wanted to … you know…. be prepared… so I did a lot of research online about stones, cuts, carats, shine, rings, alloys, and a lot of other things. So I figured out I wanted to buy a moissanite ring if I even proposed. Then… you know… I looked around online and found a ring design I liked. I found a local seller who sells that kind of ring. I went down there and looked around like 6 months ago. Well before I was really serious about you, or you me…. But again… I think too much so I wanted to know what they had. And I saw these rings. And I knew they were what I would buy. Its expensive, but its not outside of my range of savings. Plus… they have a 30 day full money back guarantee… in case… well you know…  but thankfully I don’t have to worry about that now do I ? he he he…. So right after I went there, one night when you were asleep. I used a piece of paper as a measuring ruler to measure your ring finger size. I paid the 10% down payment and ring re-sizing fee. And had them hold it. They only make one copy of each ring they make. So they let you put a 2 year down payment on each ring. and if you don’t come back and buy it within two years… you lose your money, but otherwise they just put it in their giant safe with your name on it… ” (me)

I giggle as I peck her lips with a light kiss.

“For when.. you decide you want to pop the question to your loved one.” (me)

I try to give her a light peck on the lips again, and this time she throws me onto my back and starts to ravish my lips.

She starts to to pull my shirt up and then realizes I’m still holding the rings, and grabs them out of my hand and then places them on the bedside table. Then she returns her attention to her prey… me…

She pulls my shirt, mind you it is a button down dress shirt, up exposing my chest, then she undoes the top two buttons and starts to pull it off my body. I lean up to help her.

But then she suddenly stops, and uses her hand to thrust my chest down pushing me back down to the bed. My arms and my head are trapped in the shirt. The only part of me free is my shoulders, my neck and my mouth.

(ohh damn it… she used my own trick against me… but yeah… she was right… this is fucking hot) (me)

She can now kiss me, and touch my body and do anything she wants, without me being able to easily use my hands… its a clever way to quickly ‘tie up’ someone. And of course, I don’t fight it, because I’m enjoying her grinding of her hips into my lap WAY too much.

She then moves to de-cloth said lap.

I help her by lifting my hips up after she has pulled off my belt, and unzipped and buttoned my pants…. Hey… you’d fucking do it too….

Then she pulls my pants completely off me, along with my underwear in one quick movement…

She pulls me into her mouth and starts to bob her head up and down as fast or faster than she has ever done it before. She’s obviously just driven by need. No sense of teasing at all, just pure carnal need.

I’m about to cum after only a few minutes of this. She then suddenly stops and I moan. Well… I moan differently than I had just been… and she mounts me and thrusts herself down onto me completely bottoming out in one quick motion. I hear her gasp for breathe and then finally she leans down to kiss me again. While her legs piston her up and down onto my shaft.

She holds my head with both of her hands, preventing us from banging our teeth together. We both moan into our kiss… Making the kiss itself a somewhat sexual feeling.

I cum not once into her but twice before she stops riding me like that with her world shattering climax that makes her pass out on top of me. I think she really did pass out, though I’m not too sure because when she finally came I came my 3rd time and I might have passed out for a bit too…

When I realized what was happening she was breathing heavy while laying on my chest. Her hands still near my shoulders where they had fallen after she let go of our kiss.

We just lay there in silence for minutes. Both catching our breathe. Hers was easier to catch than mine, since I had a heavy weight on my chest… but I wasn’t stupid. I knew not to say a fucking thing.

Finally she was the first to speak.

“Mark, that… that was amazing… ” (Sherie)

“hu hu hu…. Yes… yes… it was… ” (me)

“huh… oh god.. I’m sorry I’m still laying on your chest… ” (Sherie)

“Huh, hu what, no hu hu, that wouldn’t have mattered” (me)

She slides to my left and leans up and pushes my shirt over my head and I can see her just staring up at me, just smiling.

“Hu… Well hun… I’ll take that as a resounding yes… hehehehehe” (me)

“Of course you goofball…. I love you so much… it almost hurts me to love you this much… you know that? You are too good to me.” (Sherie)

“Sherie, Don’t make me have to go into that again. You know I don’t think you are any less worthy or valuable than me. We both just think the other is worth more than they themselves does. I can agree to us both having that opinion. Its kinda romantic if I do say so myself.” (me)

“Yeah… it is… ” (Sherie) as she curls up to lay next to me.

I am now able (but mostly willing) to pull my shirt up and off me completely. I just have to undo the buttons at my wrists before I escape the infernal contraption. Then I wrap my left arm around my baby and just hold her there where she lays.

A comfortable silence falls upon us both. We just lay there like that for a nice long time. Just feeling the other breath in and out.

I realize that I’m actually not thinking anything. I’m just laying there felling her presence. I don’t know when was the last time I ever just laid down and didn’t think anything.

I then of course have broken the streak. So I quickly break the silence.

“So Hun, what do you think of the rings? I really do hope you like them.” (me)

“Mark, I told you, they are the most beautiful things I’ve seen. I don’t know how someone who claims to not ‘get’ women like you do, can be so fucking amazing to me.” (Sherie)

“haha… Hun, you ever thought that maybe because I realize I don’t understand you… that I work so hard to try to? That’s why I researched rings when we started dating. Because I knew It would take me months and months to figure out what I wanted. Not because I was even planning on asking you.” (me)

“Speaking of… they re on the…” (me) I don’t get to finish that statement, as I get my mouth covered by the side of her hip as she jumps up to her knees and then reaches towards the rings, but falls sideways into me.

“HA, still got it” (Sherie)

She grabs the engagement ring and slides back down to lay in my arm. “Mark, in all my years I’ve never thought someone like you would show up and treat me this well. Before today I would have thought I wasn’t worthy of this ring, and what it represents, but today’s roller coaster of emotions has woken me up to that at least. I don’t want you to be mad at me again. I don’t want to be mad at myself again. I don’t want to feel worthless ever again. I spent long enough feeling like that. I spent long enough not feeling that others valued me. I let others opinions of me define me. That was actually a lot of what I was crying about when you walked in. How I’d let asshole define me as less then worthwhile. I didn’t have any support back then, but now…. Mark I have you…. and I want you to know that I’ll try my best to never feel that way again. But if I do, please help me realize how much you value me. How much you love me. How much you value my worth.” (Sherie)

“Of course hun, that’s what I’ll want you to do the same for me too… because you know… I … well.. yeah… ” (me)

“Yes, I know, your past. But that doesn’t matter to me hun. I love you for who you are now.” (Sherie)

“Deciding to use my own words against me? hehe” (me)

“Why not, they were truly good words.” (Sherie)

“Mark, I want to ask you to do something. It has meaning, I can’t explain it to you right now, but I want you to put this finger on me, and then fuck me in the ass. Just please do that for me. Then ask me if I’ll be yours when you are cumming in me. I need you to do this for me. Please.” (Sherie)

(Of course I realize there is some ritualistic meaning to this. I know she can’t tell me all about it. But I think I get the gist of it. I don’t mind. I’ll propose to her in a 100 different ways if she wants. I’ll shout it naked from the top of a building if that’s what it takes.) (me)

“Of course hun. You don’t have to explain any more I think I get the idea.” (me)

“Good. I hoped you would. Now I’ll be right back. hold this ring for me.” (Sherie)

She got up and ran to the bathroom. She was in there a good long while.

(She must be cleaning up and preparing… ) (me)

(I should do the same when she’s done) (me)

She hops out of the bathroom and then I go in after her, telling her I’ll just be a minute. I use the toilet too. I then hop in the shower for a minute to rinse off, but not getting my hair wet. This allows me to dry off very quickly.

I walk out of the bathroom and am thrown against the wall, where she then kneels in front of me, and starts to kiss and lick my cock.

(I could get used to this assertive submissiveness thing of hers… its fucking sexy. ) (me)

She slowly teases me for a good 30 minutes, By which time I’m so ready to sit down, its not even funny. My legs are quivering. I’m almost ready to collapse from the pleasure and the strain of forcing myself to stand.

“Go ahead and sit on the end of the bed.” (Sherie)

I thank the gods, and do so.

She then moves to be between my legs again, and spreads them wide. Then she does something new. She puts my feet on her legs, which props them up a bit. Then she starts to stroke my cock with her hand, but just watches me as she does it. The look of on her face is amazing, its a mix of confidence, desire, and willingness all combined. She then sticks out her tongue, winks at me, and giggles.

(Ohhh god…. really…. fuck me…. ) (me)

She had suddenly started to lick my asshole for me. I shuddered when she did.

Five minutes later she had relaxed my asshole to the point of being able to stick her tongue in and swirl it somewhat.

(Thank god I used the toilet and cleaned up down there so well… ) (me)

I’m about to cum when she suddenly stops stroking my cock, and instead sticks her tongue into my ass as much as she can, then slowly moves her head up towards the tip of my cock. Licking from the absolute base up past my balls and then finally reaching the tip of my cock.

I am literally speechless at this point, mainly b/c I couldn’t take a breathe being shocked at how good that felt.

She puts the head of my cock into her mouth and then starts to stroke the rest of it with both hands. Now she finally lets me cum. I suddenly gasp for a huge breathe and then moan and grunt so hard when I climax into her mouth over and over. She makes it even more pleasurable by continuing to suck the cum out of my cock even after I’ve came… Pulling that last bit of cum out of my shaft.

“My god girl… ” (me)

She slides up to lay next to me while I recover.

“Now I think I’m ready for you to put that ring on me, and then for you to take me. Hows that sound to you Mark? Do you want that?” (Sherie)

“Oh god yes. Where is the ring?” (me)

“Here” (Sherie)

She hands out the ring on her right hand and then presents her left hand to me.

“Sherie my dear, I love you. I want to know if you wish to be my wife. If you wish to be my lover for life. If you wish to be my partner. Do you? ” (me)

I slip the finger partially onto her finger, but then hold it.

“Yes of course Mark, I want to be your wife, partner, lover, and more.”

I then finish putting the ring on her finger.

“Then I now declare you as mine. I will now start to declare you as mine in other ways too. So please stand up at the end of the bed and face it. ” (me)

She smiles, realizing I fully understood what she meant by taking her rear again and asking her to be my mate.

I then stand up and get behind her. I start to kiss her neck, and fondle her breasts. I do that to the point where I feel her starting to get antsy. I then feel her start to grind her backside into my lap. I lean my hips back and prevent her from doing so. Loving the sigh of rejection she makes.

“Sherie, I want you to know that I’m going to properly ask you this when I get off, but not as a master, or a sir, or anything else, but as Marc, your equal, your lover, your future husband. I want you to please respond as Sherie, nothing more and nothing less. I don’t want this to be shaded by any ‘play’ in any other form. Alright?” (me)

“Marc, I love you. I knew you were going to say that. That is how I wanted this too. I want you. I do want you to be my master, and all that, but Not during these kinds of events. But I might still call you my master. I want you to accept that. I realized earlier that I think you that way. But, it isn’t because of sex. It is because of you having mastered my heart. You control my heart. I love you so much that I want you to control that part of me for the rest of our lives. I know it might sound weird. But It isn’t being submissive like our ‘play’ it is more…. well… I can’t talk about that right now… but I hope you understand… I want you to be my master forever. (Sherie)

(I Hope he accepts this. I never realized why some of my former sisters would call their mate their master even when talking about them in a non sexual way. I thought they were just being fucking weak submissive bitches. But now I understand. Its part of the mate bond. I really do wan him to be the leader. To take charge. To be the Alpha. God I don’t even fully understand it myself, but it just feels so right… I don’t know why…) (Sherie)

“I’m not quite sure I understand it fully hun. But that’s okay. I don’t think its a bad thing. But I have one thing to add to it. I’m fine with being the master of your heart. But only because you are the master of my heart. You have already taken that role. And now I realize I need to give you that title.” (me)

“Oh god Mark….” (Sherie)

She is quiet for a few moments.

“I hadn’t realized why it felt so right to call you my master. I even thought of you that way when referring to you in my head. But that’s why…. You are worthy of it. You love me as much as I love you. That bond is what allows me to allow you to have my heart fully… I’m so glad I found you… You are the best thing that has ever happened to me… I want you to know that… I love you so much. Of course, you can think of me any way you want. You are my master” (Sherie)

I bend her over and suddenly thrust into her pussy fully. I just hold it there letting her body and mind catch up with what just happened. She gasps at the suddenness.

“Sherie, I want to ask you to please kneel on the bed, slowly I’m going to ride you until I’m satisfied. and until I ask you the question I need and want to ask you. Do you want that?” (me)

“yes Marc, I want you to do exactly that, I want and need that too. I need you to use me… hard… and be my master until you ask me that question. I don’t care how rough you are. I don’t care what else you say to me. I don’t care what you do to me, how submissive you make me, how horny, how denied… None of that matters right now. Because you let me start this as your equal, this is something I would never have gotten from anyone but you. You have already earned the right to take the rest of this time as you see fit, and do whatever you want. Not because I don’t have desires. But because my desire is to have you do what you want. Please master. use me.” (Sherie)

(Ohhh I like that… I like that she is talking to me as an equal and then letting me take what I want… That’s what I always wanted. I want her as my equal. I want her to only -give- me power when she wants…. Ohh I know how to get to her right now…) (me)

“Okay Sherie, I’ll do that.”

Then I drop into my commanding whisper tone.

“Sherie My love, I want you to know that I’ll take control of your body whenever you want, but that it is your decision if I ever do that at all. I want to marry and -mate- an equal partner. I want you to think upon this while I’m fucking you. So I want you to look at, watch, and think about your new ring the entire time. I want you to hold your orgasms completely until the very end until -after- you have answered my question. Then I want you to cum so hard you pass the fuck out -for me-.”

Her pussy clamped down and did several spasms around my cock when I said that. Exactly as I had hoped.

Now… Time to make her my mate…