PMA Ch 011



Chapter 010: Magic Points…

** Sherie’s POV **

“So hun, how did you like your first angry sex? hahaha” (Mark)

I slapped his ass and told him that it wasn’t fucking funny.

** Mark’s POV **

“Hahaha.. I’m sorry hun, I just to do that. I had to lighten the mood. You would have started crying again once you really woke up and started thinking” (me)

“Plus how did you like your princess carry across your threshold? Huh? I mean its the first time I’ve ever princess carried someone. I just wondered how I did.” (me)

She turned bright red, and had a little grin on her face for a split second.

(Ahh, thats what I wanted to see… no more tears please hun…)(me)

“Okay, I’m sorry hun, I just felt that was the best way to stop you from crying and to tell you to cut it out.” (me)

“Don’t fucking say you’re sorry to me you bastard, do you realize how fucking scared I was. I was so fucking scared of upsetting you and you leaving me because of it. It wasn’t fucking funny don’t you fucking ever do that shit again do you hear me? I don’t care how fucking much I love you I wont stand for that shit.” (Sherie)

(I won’t get upset at her for saying that, I’ll just stand outside of the range of her fists and her kicks.) (me)

“Nor should you. But I want to let you know something I wasn’t faking being pissed at you.” (me)

She froze, I know I have her now.

“You’ve never upset me really before, you might not understand the signs to look for when I’m really upset. But I want you to know that right now I am still kinda pissed at you. Not as much as I was before. I gotta admit cumming helps that… fucking enorphins. But I want to stop scaring you also, I want to tell you why you pissed me off, and not let you just sit there and stew in our juices trying to guess why I’m upset.” (me)

“I want you to fist take some deep breathes because you look like you’re going to pass out on me” (me)

“I’m going to come over there and cuddle with you, is that alright with you?” (me)

She nods her head, obviously trying to not cry.

I get into bed with her after grabbing another fresh blanket. Room service is going to hate us…

I lay straight on my back and then pull her into my embrace. I pull her tight against my chest, and then cover us with the blanket, We can’t really look into each other’s eyes, but we can feel our bodies touching in a non-sexual way.

(I hope this close contact helps reassure her for a bit, before I finish telling her everything) (me)

“shhh… shhh… shhh… Lets thing about this one hun… Would I pull you into this position if I was truly mad at you?” (me)

“ummm no sir” (Sherie)

“Sherie, I’m looking to play anymore I want to talk to my equal Sherie.” (me)

“Ohh, Okay, No Mark, I don’t think you would, but I’m sorry I’m just an emotional mess today. There is too much going on. I’m just not ready to… lose you.” (Sherie)

“God I love you, you know that. I’m sorry it took a fucking kick in the ass like today for me to realize that. I know I’m not the best person when it comes to these ‘feelings’ things.. hehe… but I do try and I do want you to try to. Because right now I just realized an area where we’ve had a lack of communication.” (me)

“Um… Okay. What do you want to talk about, and I’m sorry I upset you earlier.” (Sherie)

“Sherie, You know… I’m curious as to why you are -too- submissive today… Not that it doesn’t fucking turn me on in one sense, but on the other you’re letting it bleed over into everything. I don’t want us to fall back on Dom and Sub roles when we don’t want to face our feelings. I want us to use them when we want to have fun. That’s It.” (me)

“Ohh I wonder if I started this… fuck… I did didn’t I… ” (me)

“Huh?” (Sherie)

“Early this morning when I ran to you and told you to stay safe. I started to use my dominant tone with you in a normal setting, to try and make you act submissive and to obey me. I’m sorry hun, that was inappropriate of me. I panicked. I was just afraid of you getting hurt. I just wanted you safe and sound while I… Oh crap… It really is my fault isn’t it…” (me)

“No you don’t have to apologize. I’m glad you are that concerned about me. but…I was just so scared. I’d never seen you like that. I’d never seen you move so fast nor had you order me like that out in public. I was torn. I just became scared of losing you.” (Sherie)

“Then I saw you again, after I thought I’d never see you again… and then I got so relieved, and then the first thing you tell Mike is that you have to quit to leave to some magical world….” (Sherie)

Sherie started to fight crying again.

“Yeah… I just realized that. I’m sorry hun. You’ve had an emotional fucking roller-coaster today just like I have. I didn’t tell you what happened in out there yet… It wasn’t right… it was wrong on so many levels hun. I’m still afraid to talk about it. I trust you. However, I don’t want to say anything that might put you in danger.” (me)

She stiffens when she hears this.

“Ok hun. Firstly, I’m glad we’re talking as equals again. I fell in love with -you- not your submission I want you to always remember that. Being a subby or maybe switch… since you seemed to fucking love riding my face and milking me… which… by god… that WAS amazing hun… and I won’t mind you doing that in the future … Occasionally… Its literally too much for me. I wouldn’t be able to operate if you did that every day to me. … Um… Ohh shit.. ADHD..fuck where was I… ohh yes… I love you… I know I haven’t said it until today… But you know my history and you know that I refuse to say that until I’m 100% sure. Today has made me realize that I love you *I squeeze her tight against me and I swear she softly purrs* And knowing that I love you means that I know I need you to be safe. I’m sorry if I sound like some 1950s anti-feminist pig or whatever… But I’d rather sacrifice myself than let someone harm you. I’d actually rather fucking kill them… but you get my point…” (me)

She kisses my chest and hugs me tight when I say this.

“Mark, we need to talk about my past. I know I’ve always been shy about it, but I need you to know…” (Sherie)

“No.” (me)

“What?!” (Sherie)

“I said No. I don’t want to know about your past. I don’t fucking care. I don’t give two shits about your past.” (me)

“Um… that’s not how this works Mark.” (Sherie)

“Actually, yes, yes it is. Remember Who is the person who fucking fought you for a week on who got to sleep on -my- side of the bed? huh? hehe” (me)

“ohh you bastard, why are you bringing that nightmare back up?” (Sherie)

As she gouges me in the side, still being a sore loser it appears.

“I’m bringing that back up right now, because it illustrates a good example of how we’re both stubborn assholes. I love that part about you. But right now I’m thinking on many different levels and I need to finish telling you about what happened in the truck before you’ll understand that I have an Idea of what you want to tell me, but that I need you to NOT tell me. I need you to trust me on this one for a little bit. I have some 3rd party information that is currently helping me. and is sorta telling me… its hard to explain… but I ‘know’ that I need to stop you from telling me anything about your past right here and right now. For both of our stakes. For your safety until I can become powerful enough to protect you.” (Mike)

I Tilt my head down, and use my left hand to pull her into a kiss, which she gladly accepts and returns.

“I’ve been pulled into a fucking shit storm hun. I have no idea what to expect on the ‘other side’… which is apparently what I’m suppose to call it… But… like I said… Um…. I need you to trust me on this for little bit. I want to know your past… oh god.. I really do.. It has always driven me mad that I haven’t been able to figure it out. But now I think I know why. But that is the key. I only ‘think’ I know why. I haven’t been verbally told. Apparently that’s one of the ways in which I can protect you right now. Apparently most mind reading that people from the other side are able to do does a lookup based scan of my memories. Allowing them to search for certain things that I have done, or I have said or I have been told. But NOT what I have thought. So I need you to just shut the fuck up about your past right now. I need you to not imply anything. I need you to not talk about your family or mates or anything… Okay? Do you understand me? I need to NOT hear these things … at least not until I can protect my mind… Which apparently I’ll be able to do when I see you next. I don’t know if that is a high level skill or what. But she’s telling me that I’ll be strong eventually, but that I’ll be super weak when I get over there. and that I need you to stay hidden from the people who would become my enemies who would use you against me. I love you hun. Do you think you can just NOT say anything about all of that? I promise to tell you as much as I can. but you can’t ask me questions. You can’t say a word. You can’t imply anything with your questions. I am taking a risk even talking to you about this at all. But I trust you. I love you. You are the woman I fell in love with. and that won’t change…. ” (me)

I kiss her again and then take a look at the clock…

(Jesus only 4pm. That didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it was going to.) (me)

“Okay hun. I just realized there is probably a better way for me to do this. I’m sorry but I need to get up and get a shower.”

“Don’t look at me that way. I’m running out of time… you can’t join me… not this time… go damn it… I want you to…. fuck it… just a BJ ok? just make it quick… OHhh… ummm…. god yes… that… was.. quick…. I didn’t mean start now… but fuck it… Ughhoooohhhh….” (me)

*** 15 minutes later

“God damn it woman… You are fucking insatiable…” (me)

She smiles up at me with her war-starting Troy-Destroying coquettish grin that she has, and squeals like a little girl and runs off when I pinch her ass cheek.

“Kyaa… hehehe… ” (Sherie) As she she runs out of the bathroom giggling.

“Hun you know I fucking love you blowing me. but when I say fast, that doesn’t mean you have to massage my prostate -every- time now… Alright… I rather love it when you give me your head to use by putting my hands on the back of your head… Thats pretty quick too…” (me)

“Ohh what… is my ‘big and powerful master’ feeling insecure that he is enjoying anal so much? hehe” (Sherie)

“No, not at all I don’t care about that, I just don’t want you to -only- play with that…” (me)

“Oh Take a joke Mark. I was just giving you one last not quite submissive climax, Okay? I rather enjoy fucking listening to you moan under my control alright? its so fucking hot. I think I’m going to milk your cock like I just did *She says this next word like a fucking succubus*…every… morning.” (Sherie)

My cock visibly twitches and she fucking breaks out into hysterical laughter.

“Fuck you cock, don’t fucking conspire with the enemy , that’s fucking mutiny.” (me)

She loses it even more and literally falls to the ground laughing.

“Jesus Christ girl, you’d fucking turn me into a morning person if you did that… whatever… I’m getting dressed now.” Also. I’m going to leave my room in the hotel active. If you want to use anything in there, feel free. What is mine is now yours. Forever.” (me)

I slam the door to the bathroom before she can fully grasp what I meant by that.

I get dressed and try to dress somewhat nicely. I’ve never dressed up to travel to a different world before.

When I walk out in my business casual outfit, she is wearing her trademark skinny black jeans, a black baby-doll t-shirt, and has put back in her lip ring and her earrings. (That was one of the first fucking things I made her promise me was no BJs with metal in her mouth… Just.. NO)

“Ohh you fucking vixen, Wanting to make me miss you before I leave… reapplying that red lipstick… grrr at you… thats all I’m going to say ‘grrr at you’.” (me)

She sits down at the table and I start to finally cook that ‘breakfast’ food for us. While I’m cooking it, we start to talk.

“But alright. Hun Now that we are dressed, I need to talk to you about some more stuff… Mainly that stuff you were talking about earlier about multiple girls….” (me)

“Are you sure its safe?” (Sherie)

“Oh its fine.. plus my fucking curiosity wouldn’t let me live if I didn’t get some answers, hehe.” (me)

“So… were you fucking serious about -wanting- me to have more females? b/c thats not something you’ve ever hinted at before…” (me)

“Um… sorta… I said it in desperation sweetheart. I didn’t realize I was going to say it, I didn’t want to say it. Somehow my body just took over for my mind right then. I didn’t realize that I missed that … umm…kind of bonding with other women… and I don’t mean just the sex… Its hard to explain, especially with the limitations right now… but its sorta like a special club. I wasn’t soul-mated with anyone, so I… how should I say it… roamed between different groups… as a … helper…” (Sherie)

“Ohh… wait.. ohhh… were you alright with that?” (me)

“yes and no. I had to do it, and I did enjoy parts of it, but overall no. I never had a situation where I had someone like you. someone who cared about me. that is why I left… But I won’t talk more about that… but yes… Part of me misses the closeness with the other… umm… lets call them… umm… family members.” (Sherie)

“Umm.. I don’t really get that… but alright…” (me)

“Yeah… its really hard to explain… especially right now…” (Sherie)

“Yeah… Okay, I’m sorry, so… what does that mean to me? I mean what do you want me to do?” (me)

“Fuck me every living second of every living day… ohh wait… you mean seriously?” (Sherie)

(I fucking hate you sometimes… stop making my cock twitch when I don’t have fucking time for this…) (me)

“hehehe, Seriously I don’t know… if I understand what you said earlier… you need to tell me about the truck, but that you’ll become powerful… I don’t quite get that… and even if I did I wouldn’t admit it right now.” (Sherie)

“Yes, very smart. See thats why I feel in love with you, not your amazing ass……. though… ouch, don’t throw things at the fucking chef. what if it gets in the food?” (Me)

“Ohh don’t worry I’ll throw at your lower half then, below the food… Since I’ve already claimed ownership of it anyways… hehe” (Sherie)

(Fu…… thats not fair.. All she is doing today is turning me on…) (me)

“Alright… I realized something, I’m not going to tell you what happened in the truck. I think its safer, but I will inform you. Just don’t ask questions. You’ll find out after I leave. Okay? Does that sound alright?” (me)

“Um. As long as you promise me that you ARE going to come back to me, I don’t care about anything else I just want that. I just can’t accept another mate after I’ve found someone as perfect as you.” (Sherie)

“I promise you with my heart, my body, and my soul… if I have one… That with every fiber in my being. I will work to be able to come back to you as quickly as is safely possible. You have my word, my honor and my heart.” (me)

“Fuck… You know you just aren’t fair Mark. Saying things like that with a straight face. It makes a woman want to throw themselves at you. Its like a fucking cheat code to my heart and loins. But Alright, as long as that is the case… then about the… other women topic… um…” (Sherie)

(I know enough to keep my fucking mouth shut right now. I’ve fucked up this conversation before So I know that I’m not smart enough to say the right thing, no matter what I say. SO I need to just SHUT THE FUCK UP and let her decide what she wants.) (me)

“Mark, I love you, and I KNOW women are going to want to pair with you in the future. That kinda scares me. But then I think about how much you love and care about me and it… ” (Sherie)

She just sits there in quiet for a minute. I start to scramble the eggs. Knowing to keep fucking quiet, and to keep eye contact with her as much as possible despite facing mostly away from her to cook.

“Um… Part of me is still scared of them trying to steal you away from me, but I don’t just today realized I don’t think our relationship is that weak. I think you care about me on a much more profound level than even I fully understand yet…. which fucking turns me on by the way… I think thats why I was cumming so hard and submitting so much earlier… the realization that you cared so deeply for me, and that it was such a wide and powerful love that I felt from you… it was a little emotionally jarring… That combined with the fear of losing that greatness… I just had a maelstrom of emotions explode at once… and it overwhelmed me. I often think I’m experienced enough to be able to know everything that’s going to happen… but today fucking floored me and taught me that I’m a fucking pup still myself.” (Sherie)

Silence again until I tell her that the food is ready.

“Okay, This is the fucking longest I think you’ve been quiet since you were born. I’d have to check with your mom to make sure… but I got 50/50 odds right now its true. And the only reason I can see that being the case is you want me to continue talking about what I fucking want huh?” (Sherie)

“Don’t think I know what you are doing. I know you don’t want to fuck this up, you want to at least have some threesomes. And I can tell you right now that no matter what I’ll enjoy that. Actually… oh fuck you… I just turned myself on… but if I have to be miserable so do you… I’d be willing to have you dominate both of us. I’d be willing to have one of us dominate the other. I’d be willing to have us both dominate you. I’d be willing to have her dominate us both. I’d be willing to have you just sit back and watch as we play together by yourselves. I’d be willing to do all of that for you… now hows that cock of yours? huh? did you think I’d let you off for making me talk about this huh?”

(god have mercy…) (me)

“Umm.. yeah… you win… i fucking lose alright…” (me)

“Ha, That’s the thing you don’t realize, I already won long ago. I won the first day you asked me out. hehe.” (Sherie)

(Fuck if I don’t think she’s right most of the time… but I won overall by getting her, heheh) (me)

“Okay hun, yes I wanted to know what you wanted, without me fucking it up and saying some stupid bullshit. I mean… what fucking red blooded male wouldn’t want you AND another fucking girl to fuck at the same time… But I mean… I would rather not even try that if it meant losing you. Which is why I didn’t want push it, I wanted to find out what you wanted first. I mean I… I just love you and want to give you what you want… especially if it means a harem for me…. ouch… fuck that actually hurt hun.” (me)

Sherie had kicked me in the shin with all her might.

“Fuck. You know I was joking, you don’t have to be like that.” (me)

“No. Fuck you. Because I’m actually afraid that shit is going to happen.” (Sherie)

“And Fuck you more for saying you’d give it up for me. You just don’t realize how great you are and how much I think people are going to want you after you start to shine brightly.” (Sherie)

“And Fuck you the most because I am realizing that I kinda -want- it to happen… ” (Sherie)

“And Fuck you even more than the most for that shit eating grin on your face right now you bastard. Hahaha… what the fuck am I going to do with you… Jesus… I had to fall for someone so out of the fucking world like you that the idea of you forming a fucking harem doesn’t even fall outside of my realm of ‘likely’ possibilities.” (Sherie)

“haha hun, You know I’m teasing you right now with that grin, but I want you to realize something. I am ONLY teasing you. I’m not saying I won’t find someone or god forbid someones attractive and worth getting to know in the future. But look at me. I have enough problems talking to just YOU and you’re almost more than I can handle. so I can’t fucking imagine actually having someone like you be a part of our family. I really just wanted to know what you wanted.” (me)

(Kyaaa…. God I love how he does that without even thinking about it.. he said ‘our family’ like it was the most natural thing in the world) (Sherie)

“Hun, if I ever try to bring in a new woman into the group, I promise you that I’ll try to find someone who meshes well with us. That way we can all get along and all that. Though I promise you, Its taken me almost a year with you and you are basically perfect for me. So I feel pity for any other woman who tries after you.” (me)

** Sherie’s POV **

He smiles to me with his pure innocent smile and makes me certain of the future. Which kinda scares me, but also kinda excites me on several levels, only one of which is sexual.

(He has no idea how easy he is to get along with though… I fucking know he’s going to come back with at least 2 to 3 women… He’s just going to try and be nice to them to make friends, and then they are going to fall for him and throw themselves at him. They will slowly start to realize how amazing he is and never look back… just like me… ) (me)

“Hun, I’m a little shaken by the idea how just -how many- women I’m afraid you’re going to add to your … harem… for lack of a better term right now because I can’t talk about my past… but I do want you to know… I don’t mind the idea of it forming… I’m nervous, but only because of my own insecurities, and a lot of stuff to do with my past. Not because of you. I know you’ll never treat me differently, even if you had a 100 women. … which I’d have killed you long before you got to that point… because I do not want to share you THAT much… just to let you know… But like I was saying… I am scared of the future. But knowing that you’ll be there in my future… it kinda helps.. I’m sorry I was so freaked out earlier… I… well you know… Actually you know more than most about ‘loss’ but… I want you to be comfortable in finding new partners to join us when you are ready. There is certainly no rush. There is no reason to push it immediately, we can take our time and if we ever find someone to join us, then so be it, but if we don’t then I get to hog you all to myself for the rest of my life. That is all I wanted to say… Also I’m going to miss your cooking while you are gone… I Love you now. I have Loved you. I will Love you. And I will always Love you my Heart’s Master. The one and only to ever capture my heart and make it his.” (me)

(Ohh… So thats why… I’m glad I’m becoming so open with him… It helps me feel so much better right now… and I had always wondered why I thought of him as ‘master’ recently in my head… its because he’s the master of my heart… Kyaa… thats so fucking corny… I fucking love it)(me)

** Mark’s POV **

(I don’t get why she squirms like that all happy with herself sometimes randomly, but god I find it cute.. So I refuse to ask afraid she might realize she does it and stop.) (me)

“Hun. I need to ask you to stay here in this room for the next hour. I don’t expect to spend that much time. But I have some things to do, and I need to know for sure you will be here and won’t be anywhere else. I can’t explain it to you. I just need to know that. I will be back before the hour is up. its almost 4:30PM I only have 90 minutes until I leave, I want to call my mom and get some other things done and out of the way.. so please stay here. I’ll rush back as soon as possible” (me)

“Okay Mark, I’ll stay here, but I’ll come hunt you down if you don’t say goodbye before you leave…. Okay?” (Sherie)

“Ha, yeah… you got a deal sweetheart.” (me).

** 5 minutes later outside Mike’s room.

*knock knock knock*

“Mike I need to speak to you, please hurry up.” (me)

A few seconds later a door opens up.

“My boy, what is it? what is so urgent.” (Mike)

“Mike we need to talk inside, please can I come in?” (me)

He just steps aside. not even saying anything.

“Mike I need to talk to you without you answering me. I need to tell you some things so that you can tell Sherie after I leave. I need you to agree to this. It is for her safety above that even of mine. Can you do this for me Mike?” (me)

He nods affirmative.

“Thanks Mike… So where to fucking begin… um… Well I don’t know if you realized what happened last night… but I met a God…. or Something… King Coyote of Apache. He has made me his ambassador to visit his country and help with the eventual merge of two worlds, this one and a more magical one. The reason he did this is because last night I went to go save a screaming woman in the back of a truck that was parked outside my room. I went and wasn’t able to save her. I wasn’t able to save her despite her doing so much for me. I didn’t realize who she was until I met her dad. She was the 1st princess of Apache Elizabeth. I wanted to make sure you understood That I got a ‘boon’ …whatever.. that exactly means… from her… Something about BONDs… Honestly I’m still not entirely positive. It sounds like some kind of soul pair magic thing out of an anime or manga. But I don’t know if I’m just projecting my naive understanding onto a much more complex topic or what… Oh shit I’m rambling…” (me)

I try to take several deep breaths and try to collect my thoughts.

“Ok Mike. So I got some power to form BONDs or whatever they are. I will be forming one with Sherie in the future once I’m powerful enough to or at least thats what I want to ask your blessing for. I know I don’t technically need your permission… at least I don’t -think- I do… but I want to make Sherie my mate and perform this BOND, whatever it is.” (me)

Mike just watches me like a statue from Easter Island.

“But I need to back up I forgot something important. However, before I say anything I want to ask you to please do NOT respond in any way… though you’re a fucking statute right now… I mean… oh shit.. fuck…

“Son, calm down, slow down your talking and just say what it is you want to say. I’m just going to stand here and wait.” (Mike)

(I think that is more words than I’ve ever heard him speak before… combined…) (me)

“Umm… Okay…”

I take a minute again and try to slow my pulse down and slow my excitement.

“Um sir. I want you to please NOT respond to me at all. But I think I’ve figured out at least part of Sherie’s past, her origin, but I don’t want to say out loud because I was told that if I speak it outloud it will make it easy for someone to pull that info out of my memory, and that far fewer people can read my past thoughts. So I want to say that I love your niece. I’ve probably loved her for a while now, but it took last night for me to realize it. She asked me to be her mate, whatever -exactly- that is. And I want to agree once I figure that part out. And I want to BOND with her at some point too since apparently I’ll be able to have a pretty big pool of BONDs. and that each one will help me and the others in the pool. ” (me)

“I’m not going to verbally assume you know what BONDs are or how they work, because that would be implying too much. But if you happen to figure that out. I want you to explain it to Sherie, as long as you think it is safe. I don’t want to endanger her at all. I will be transported to the other planet at 6 PM tonight. I spent most of today … um… being with Sherie… and it as pretty emotional. She’s going to be a mess when I leave, so please help her. I know I’m going to be a mess too, but I’m too fucking overwhelmed at this point to even be scared anymore. I want you to please watch over her. I can’t trust anyone else. I hope I can trust you. I hope that you will approve of my marriage or mating or whatever we end up calling… to your niece… I hope that you’ll… god I don’t know… just tell her that I will do everything in my power to keep her safe, including keeping her in the dark right now, which is fucking killing me. because I want to rush back there and just talk to her until I leave…

I start breaking up and almost start crying.

(God damn this fucking day. I haven’t cried this much since granma Fletcher passed away.) (me)

“Son, You don’t have to cry. There is nothing wrong with crying. It is a sign of strong man who can admit his weaknesses and his fears and show them to his family. I have known you and Sherie would be mated for a long time. I have always approved of it. I knew you were a fine boy before you asked her out on your first date. Else I would have made you suffer LONG ago… for among many other things for which I do NOT want to know about… but the time house keeping found her tied to her bed… I would have slain you in your sleep if she didn’t want it, and you both weren’t such inexperienced pups who were trying to sort out your obvious feelings for each other.” (Mike)

(ohh god damn it… they told me Mike didn’t know about it… fucking house cleaning…) (me)

“Um… Sorry about that by the way sir… Also I’ve apologized over and over to her about that…” (me)

“Yes I know, She begged me to not murder you that day. I was a little… shall we say… upset… with the means of mating you two were partaking. But she assures me that she is the one who asked you to do it. So that is why you are still breathing.” (Mike)

(Ohh holy fuck… Mike is fucking scaring me…) (me)

“Mark, I know you are doing your best for Sherie, and that you will do your best for Sherie. I just ask you to not take any other mates until she has”

I interrupt Mike, which feels like it might be a very bad Idea, but I’m too scared to think about possible consequences right now.

“Excuse me sir, but we’ve already talked about that… like 20 minutes ago actually” (me)

“And what did she say? She in particular has a… troubled… history with that part of her past” (Mike)

“Yeah, I’ve gathered that much, She told me about generalities, about going from group to group and being a ‘helper’, that she didn’t like a lot of it, but that she enjoyed her time… um… I don’t know if I should be saying this to you but I don’t want to lie either… well.. She enjoyed her time ‘playing’ with the other females, and that she misses that somewhat, but that she hated ‘playing’ with the males, but she loves ‘playing with me…because I’m not like them… and what she misses the most and actually kinda wants is the social aspect with the females she would spend time with…” (me)

He doesn’t move to kill me where I stand… so that’s a good sign.

“Honestly I’m not planning on looking for more ‘mates’ or whatever the fuck you want to call them. But Sherie seems to think I’ll have a small …or not so small… group of women looking to join with me. I kinda think she’s crazy… but either way I’m not as easy to approach as most males. I don’t know if she’s told you but I have some mental hangups when it comes to most people touching me… so yeah… I don’t think that’s really going to be a problem. Plus… Women are crazy… and I can’t handle more than one.” (me)

“HA HA HA HA HA” (Mike)

“Son, you are wiser than your years if you realize that women are beings beyond the grasp of male minds. I Had wondered if she missed that part of … her past… I will recommend you find 1 or 2 more amazingly strong women when you are gone. Ones that do NOT mix well into you and Sherie’s current back and forth bickering. You and her are almost too much alike I’m afraid that a 3rd if one even such exists like you two would actually be bad for both of you, and would hurt the group. A wise old man once told me that you should envision yourself as the center of a star, and each of your mates as points on that star. The start only looks right when the points are evenly distributed around the star. Therefore, you should pick your mates accordingly. Beyond that, If you don’t make Sherie happy I don’t think I have to threaten you do I?” (Mike)


“No Sir, you do not, My goal in life right now is to figure out how to make her happy, safe and happy, but still.” (me)

“Good, now get back to her if your time is this limited, you should spend as much time with her as possible.”

“I will, but I need to contact my family first, and let them know whats going on, not that they will believe me… but you know.. *I shrug*” (me)

I leave Mike’s room positive that my assumptions were correct. Kinda happy that I am right, but saddened by what must have happened to Sherie…

(Ok… now the shitty part out of all of this. To call mom…)