PMA Ch 032



Chapter 032: Magic Interests…

** Sherie’s POV **

*** As she gets out of the limo containing Mark and Coyote

(Him saying ‘later’ like that… I like it… much more confident that he’s coming back.) (me)

Sherie runs away from the car and looks back and its already gone. Not gone as in ‘drove off’ but vanished.

Sherie felt her heart sink. Mark… her mate was gone… but she would know if he is safe, and she knows that he loves her and is coming back to her.

Sherie felt sadness hit her, but not the crippling fear that she had been afraid of and had experienced when she thought Mark was already gone. No, now she feels almost not-sad. Almost content.


Sherie still goes to her room and cries until she falls asleep. She sleeps for almost two hours before she hears knocking at her door. She yawns and opens the door.

“Hi Sherie…. um… we came like…. like you asked… ) (Susan)

Sherie yawns again.

“huh… pre-coffee, come in” (me)

Susan and Beth walk in and stare at Sherie with truckloads of doubt that she is upset at all. That is until they see the Tigris and Euphrates that she started on her pillow that now runs down her pillow and makes a new Persian Gulf there. They then realize that Sherie fell asleep face down into her pillow crying, she used to always cry in this position when she was upset. However, neither of them had ever saw her make such a large puddle of tears before… They both realize that she must have been crying for so long and so hard that she just fell asleep, and she isn’t yet awake.

(What’s going on, why don’t I smell my coffee. Why hasn’t Mar…. MARK!) (me)

Sherie instantly awoke fully.

She remembers everything that happened and she realizes why Susan and Beth are now in her room. She runs over and hugs Susan and then starts to cry again into her shoulder.

Beth wordlessly looks at Susan and they both decide to hold their heartbroken friend. Susan wraps her arms around her shoulders and Beth hugs both of them together. This leaves Sherie between the two of them wrapped in both their arms.

The three friends just stand there for almost 20 minutes while Sherie wordlessly cries and starts to soak Susan’s shirt completely through. Susan doesn’t care at all, she is just glad that her ‘crybaby’ is still the same as always. Sherie didn’t cry often, she had only seen her do it one other time before.

Back when they were 14. Sherie just had her first menstruation and one of the boys in class was picking on her for her hair color. Sherie was fine until he said something about her not being able to ever get a husband. That sent her over the edge and she ran out of the room and went to the girl’s bathroom and just cried and cried. Susan was in the same class and upon seeing this the teacher allowed her to go comfort her. Susan went to the bathroom and ended up holding Sherie as she cried for over an hour.

Later Susan found out that it was Sherie’s menstruation that day and realized that it was mostly hormonal back then. However, today… today is not hormonal. Today is because of world-shattering news for Sherie.

Finally Sherie stops just crying non-stop and tells them both to let go.

“No, I’m serious, please let go. I need go pee…” (me)

Sherie stops crying and then runs into the bathroom.

Beth goes over and starts to make some coffee.

“I have a feeling we’re going to be here all weekend… and this coffee pot will cry by the end of it…” (Beth)

“Yeah…” (Susan)

A few minutes later Sherie reappears from the bathroom and smiles at Beth who is next to the coffee pot.

“You always know what to do to help me Beth. Thank you for brewing my life juice.” (me)

“Anytime sister.” (Beth)

Sherie froze at that choice of wording.

“Whats wrong? Why’d ya freeze like that?” (Susan)

“Umm… reasons… that I don’t know how to fucking start talking about… so lets all have some coffee. Let me properly wake up… and we can start talking about ‘sisters’ and what exactly they are…” (me)

“Uhh…. alright… Beth can you get me a cup too please.” (Susan)

“Sure, Sherie you too?” (Beth)

“Please.” (Susan)

Susan lazily turned and sat down next to Sherie on her couch. Putting her arm around Sherie and pulling her into a cuddle like position. Sherie smiled. This was the first time in many months that she’d been like this with Susan. She hadn’t realized she had missed it as much as she had. Now feeling it again, she realized that despite it being different than how Mark holds her. It is no less loving.

(I guess Mark’s opinion about Susan’s feelings might not be right… from Mr. [I’m not good with people] Mark being able to read Susan was really impressive. Even I didn’t realize she felt ‘that’ way/much about me.) (me)

Faking a bad old southern bell accent Beth laughs then starts to say…

“I do declare, I might just have to get upset at this fraternizing with the enemy. I think I might just become jealous of our little doggie friend getting all that attention while I’m out working in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant.” (Beth)

Sherie and Susan both laugh at Beth’s absurdities.

“Sherie my dear, I’m afraid you might end up collared by Beth… she has been doing nothing for the past few weeks talking about dogs…” (Susan)

“HEY!, I said raccoon-dog, that means raccoon is more important… Besides that was only a visual description. I’m a Tanuki, not a small animal from Asia. We have some connections… but I’m more human than anything else… And I’m glad you can joke about this… but I was serious… I’m sorry you guys… I’m just not fully Human… ” (me)

Sherie’s voice started to trail off at end there.

“Sherie, if we cared, we wouldn’t have come over, but if we hadn’t come over we wouldn’t be good friends who love you. We wouldn’t want that now… so we had to come over so as to be good friends… isn’t that right Beth?” (Susan)

“Despite Susan’s attempt to confuse the topic with circular logic… being the silly pastor’s daughter she is… hehe… she is absolutely correct… Sherie we came here to take care of you… and obviously you need it. We wouldn’t leave if you tried to make us.” (Beth)

“Well that is unless you plan to drink our blood, THEN we might choose to politely leave early” (Beth)

“Thanks you two… no… no blood drinking, we save that for Saturday nights, besides what is today?” (me)

Susan reaches down and tickles Sherie’s side.

“Ahhahaha stop it you…haha..stop it..haha..” (me)

“That isn’t fair… you’re the only one who can tickle me properly…” (me)

“Well… I’d rather be having you laugh than crying again… so I’ll do what I must.” (Susan)

“Fine fine… I promise I won’t cry… well… I’ll -try- not to at least…” (me)

“Beth do you accept the defendant’s plea of guilty? What say you O’Judge, or should I the executioner sentence her to more of my tickling?” (Susan)

“I dunno… I do enjoy you two play fighting like that… but… she doesn’t appear to be in the mood. And she wants to talk to us about something. Isn’t that right SherSher?” (Beth)

“Umm… Sorta… I kinda ‘need’ to talk to you two about some things… but ‘want’ isn’t actually a good description… I’m afraid you might get upset at me. Me and Mark actually…” (me)

“Don’t scare us girl, just tell us what it is and let -us- decide if it’ll scare us or not.” (Susan)

“Well… First of all Susan… I don’t know if appreciate you going behind my back to talk to Mark about our… past. I would have appreciated at least being told that he knew. I had thought he didn’t know about it. But no… he did… which worked out for the better, which is why I’m not mad at you. But I wish you would have told me is all.” (me)

“Well I’m sorry sweetie, I just wanted to make sure he knew, and that if it ever came up in the future he wouldn’t be upset at you. I didn’t take Mark to be that way, but you can never tell. Still a lot of people hate girls being together. Especially men who aren’t invited, etc. But, I was happy to see that Mark took my warnings to heart. I threatened to beat him up if he hurt you. hehe” (Susan)

Sherie closed her eyes and decides to jump in head first into this conversation she was dreading…

“Beth I’m sorry if what I’m about to say upsets you. I don’t think it will… but just in case… Susan, I know you love Beth, but I know you still love me too.” (me)

Deafening Silence.

That was what hit the room after she said this. Sherie could tell Susan had tensed. She could feel it in her body. She wondered about Beth… but she had a better grasp on Beth’s feelings than Susan’s… surprisingly.

(Beth always admitted to loving me like a ‘sister’, though she didn’t know what that meant entirely, but she had the natural personality that would have let her be a ‘sister’ back home. She has always been more submissive in both her sexual desires and her overall personality than even I am.) (me)

(Susan on the other hand… I have to figure out what she wants…) (me)

“I’m sorry for just saying it like that. Even the knucklehead Mark was able to figure it out when you went to talk to him about me. Which means that I should have figured it out a while ago, but I was purposely telling myself it wasn’t true. However, Things have slightly changed. I have changed, Mark has changed and it sounds like the whole god damn world is going to change….” (me)

“Susan, I want to let you know, that I love mark in a way that you may or may not be able to ever understand. I know you love Beth, and I know you love me, they are all different kinds of love… … And I love you both too… and not just as friends. I realized I was missing the time and companionship we spent together. Mark made me realize this. Mark said he was alright with it. Mark said that I loved me and valued you both as friends. Mark even said that he would take care of me for the rest of my life. He said he would even take care of you. He apparently has a lot more money than I ever realized, and he said we could all live together in a big house he’d buy for us… I don’t know if either of you would want that… but please just let me finish talking and telling you about… what ‘mates’ are and what ‘sisters’ are before you decide. I really don’t want to feel like I didn’t say enough before you turn me down. I just want to ask you this one thing please… Okay?” (me)

“Sure, I guess…” (Susan)

“Go ahead.” (Beth)

“So… my clan is communal when it comes to young women, I was ‘shared’ with many families so that I could learn which male mate I liked best and would join with him when I chose. That wasn’t always as… pleasant… as I’m making it sound… and some of the males treated me like a princess, and others treated me like an object to be used for their pleasure… I didn’t like living like that… so that is why Uncle Mike brought me here.” (me)

“I became a 10 year old version of myself because of my lack of control over my mana. I didn’t care though. I was just enjoying playing with the other kids my age. Then I met you two. We became inseparable by 11 and you’ve known me this entire time.” (me)

“I was in favor of being with you two instead of with most guys because of my past. That is why I accepted, or maybe even pushed both of you to join me in the bed. I don’t know. I enjoyed it, and I think you two did too. You two however took to it more than I could have imagined. I would still probably be like that with you two if it wasn’t for Mark.” (me)

“I never really intended to even date him. I just thought he was a nice guy and I enjoyed his company. When I was just having fun flirting he never acted on it. It sorta got my competitive streak going and it made me flirt with him more and more. Eventually, I realized he wasn’t blind to them. He was just stupid.” (me)

“Stupid in not being able to tell if I was really flirting or if he was reading into things too much, or if I was playing with him. I finally figured out I actually -did- have a crush on him and I just asked him out, and the rest you know…” (me)

“So… Back home we have a thing called ‘mates’ its similar to marriage, but less well defined and certainly not 1 male and 1 female… that much is for certain.” (me)

“So I’ve decided to make Mark my mate, and me his. But… I also realized that I wanted ‘sisters’… Sisters are what we call women who have the same mate. Brothers to the same female in clans that do that. But my clan only has sisters for obvious reasons. So… I told Mark this and… neither of you are going to believe this… but he did NOT want to have more partners, more mates….” (me)

“I swear… Nothing that boy does ever falls in line with what I expect… I mean… its like a dream offer being thrown at his feet… but no… I had to convince him that I didn’t care, that I actually WANTED him to have a few other mates… Because mostly I want him kept safe over there. I want him to come back safe to me. And I know he’s going to have women thrown at him… So I’d rather he pick one or two and make them part of a ‘family’ rather than being used by ever woman over there… ” (me)

“So… Mark agreed… and he even made me realize that I want you two as my sisters… that I miss you two like that… I know this makes no sense to either of you. I know this is weird… But Mark accepted my feelings… He accepted that some part of me… the part of me that is still from my clan … NEEDS sisters… that I need to have them to be truly happy… ” (me)

“So… I teased mark that you two offered to help ‘train’ my stallion. And then after a lot of talking he realized I still loved you both. That I would need support and love while he’s gone… and he -told- me to come tell you that he’ll make you both his -mates- even if he never sleeps with you, but that he cares for you both and will let you always live with us, always be a part of our family.” (me)

“I know you both find Mark attractive… without even seeing him with his underwear off… hehe… but… You know Mark, he’s not one to go back on what he said. If you want to ever ‘play’ with him, he’ll accept. But otherwise, he’ll be perfect gentleman to you both… He just wants me to be happy. And he realized that Beth likes to be overtly submissive to him when we’re together, and I’m guessing from what Susan said earlier that she would enjoy that too… But its entirely up to you.” (me)

Mark rather enjoyed the idea of being with both of you once I told him it was alright. And god… the idea of us 4… it made me squeal in delight to think about it… I think you’ll both end up choosing to be ‘full’ mates, but you don’t have to be. Either way… I want you to be mates with Mark and to live with us. I want you to be sisters with me. I want you to love me as much as I love and miss you to both…. There… I’m done… I’m sorry if you don’t like any of this… but… I felt I needed to say it. (me)

I just laid there still in Susan’s arm. My eyes still closed. Just waiting to hear their decision.

They didn’t tell me.

I found out by Beth suddenly kissing me. I opened my eyes in surprise. Before slowly closing them again as she continued to kiss me.

Susan and Beth pulled me upright and I was now sitting on the couch instead of laying down. I felt Susan moving and felt her kiss my cheek and then move to kiss my ear.

“Sherie, is what you told us true? you want us to become part of your ‘big O’l Family’ where there are us and Mark, and maybe a few others, because apparently Mark is super loaded and can afford for us all to live together? is that what you -really- want?” (Susan)

Sherie barely nodded her head and made a ‘uhhh’ ‘huh’ like sound out of her mouth as Beth never stopped kissing her passionately.

“Well the living together thing we’ll have to talk about, but we don’t mind being part of your family at least to see how it works out… because you were right…” (Susan)

Susan was almost talking in growls at this point sounding so confident.

“We both do find Mark attractive and we both fantasize about the three of us submitting to him at once… him taking his turn with each one of us while the other two watch… We both actually love that idea… So -that- much of what you want, we can -promise- you we like. But as you can already tell, Beth in particular has been fantasizing about kissing you the most.” (Susan)

“Whereas my interests lie elsewhere.” (Susan)

Susan slowly slid her hand down the front of Sherie’s pants and made her moan into Beth’s mouth.

“We can all talk more about the longer-term implications of what you were taking about… but I think everyone’s needs… especially yours… need some attention first. Don’t you agree?” (Susan)

In answer, Sherie reached her hand out reached up under Beth’s skirt and into her panties. Making her moan just as much back into Sherie’s Mouth.

“That’s what I thought….” (Susan)

Susan then pulled Sherie’s other hand to her crotch and wanted her to work that hand the same as the pleasuring Beth.

That night they fell asleep as a collection of emotionally & physically exhausted ‘sisters’ for the first time in almost a year.