PMA Ch 054



Chapter 054: Magic Chick…

Snow, Sylva, and Mark arrive back to the castle after an uneventful ride back. The three chat among themselves about different things. Mark keeps asking about how mana and healing worked. He figured that since he has 3 hours with two of the best healers in the nation with him… He might as well ask. Unfortunately, his questioning resulted in nothing but more confusion. His original frame of reference and theirs are just too different still, he doesn’t understand what they mean by ‘feel how it -should- be’ and then ‘make it back that way’… Mark didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the extremes of their differences of ‘what was obvious’.

The three of them, Mark back in his hooded robe, travel back to Mark’s room. The arrive and are let in by nothing else than Snow just walking past the guards.

Mark is starting to realize ‘just’ how important the Healers are…

They get back into Mark’s room and close the door. Snow again asks if they can notice anything different. Mark starts to say no. Then he realizes to try something… He attempts to shape a torus again. This time it almost instantly takes a perfect shape like how he wants.

“Well… I’ll be damned…” (Mark)

“What? and also… what -are- you doing?” (Snow)

“Well I can’t safely inject elements into my mana right now. So I’ve been working on improving my accuracy and speed of shaping just pure mana. Yesterday I couldn’t even form this round shape properly after almost a minute. Now… well you can see… it formed really quickly and accurately>” (Mark)

“Hmmm… Interesting… so you’ve gained a higher degree of skill and speed with your mana shaping. Well I guess that does indeed make sense. That is one of Sylva’s best talents. She doesn’t have the raw amounts or extreme control that some of my clan have. But her control is still top-notch. So that must be what… your ‘thoughts’… about the subject meant that ‘now’ was the time to ‘partner’ with Sylva. It would allow you more control… Makes sense…” (Snow)

“But I still can’t tell any difference.” (Sylva)

“It might not have manifested yet. It might be a conditional thing. It might require one or both of you to practice to unlock it… it might require a lot of conditions… It is hard to tell. This isn’t an ‘exact’ science as Mark keeps on wanting to repeat when talking about mana and magic.” (Snow)

She smiles at his obvious frustration. All because he can’t understand something. It reminds her of… no… she refuses to associate those two. Sylva and even Geni is enough. He can’t have anymore. So she won’t even mention the name to Mark.

“Well I’ll be off. Sylva I’ll see you tomorrow before you leave.” (Snow)

She walks to the door and opens it and is about to leave before turning around…

“Now I’ll leave you two young love-birds alone to get back to your cuddling on Sylva’s bed back home…” (Snow)

Then she closes the door before Sylva can even fully finish blushing at the implications of her knowing about that…

“Mark, What else does she know? She wasn’t watching us was she? No… She wouldn’t do that…” (Sylva)

“Sweetie… You were sound asleep so I didn’t want to be the one to wake you. She knocked for a minute and then came in and saw us cuddling on your bed. She thought I was asleep, but I was just enjoying holding you and laying there. So she pretended to ‘arrive’ and this time knock much louder. To give you our illusion of privacy, hehe.” (Mark)

“Mark! You shouldn’t be laughing about this… I don’t want her knowing -anything- about what we do in bed.” (Sylva)

“What if it a bed at her place? Which I guess technically that one ‘is’, hehe.” (Mark)

Sylva grabs Mark by the shirt pulls him over to her and bites his nose in a non-friendly/play way.

“Hmph….” (Sylva)

Mark gives up..

“Alright… I’m sorry… I was just teasing. I know what you mean. And if she had -seen- us doing anything I’d be mortified too… But she only saw us being proper mates sleeping while holding each other in a loving manner. Personally, I’m glad she saw that. It should help her think I’m not just out to ‘use’ you like I think she thought after seeing snippets of my memories… ” (Mark)

“Yeah… I talked to her about that… and told her that I love her, but that I’m an adult who can have fun in the bedroom however I want.” (Sylva)

“She didn’t quite know how to take that… But she finally stopped complaining about it. So that should be -the last- we ever have to discuss it again. I can’t be having Snow know what we do… I love you Mark, but that is too much even for me.” (Sylva)

“Haha Hun… Believe me, I don’t want that either… it would be almost as bad as my mom knowing… and god forbid that ever happens… She might try go kill me…” (Mark)

“Good. I’m glad we can agree on that” (Sylva)

They then go about just enjoying each other’s company. Mark suggests they bake a bath and they take a really long hot bath where they wash each other. Mark purposely doesn’t do anything ‘naughty’ as Sylva likes to call it. Instead he just mechanically washes her thoroughly… twice…

By the end of it. She doesn’t know is she wants thank him or hit him for going so slow and methodically.

When they get out of the bath they each dry each other off. But Mark pulls Sylva to the bed before she can finish drying her hair. Mark tells her to stand still, he’s going to try something. She wonders what her little kit is up to. But remains still to find out. Mark has her kneel and wraps her hair up in her towel. Then he tells her to lay face down on the bed. Now she -really- wants to know what he’s planning, but she figured if she started this, then she might as well finish it.

She lays down and then mark gets up next to her and has her stretch her arms above her head, but at a 45 degree angle. She has given up trying to figure out his plans right now and is just enjoying him touching her. She doesn’t yet realize that Mark is putting her into the most ideal position he can for him to give her a full body massage. Every female he knows loves these and he finds them to be a major hassle. But he figures his mate and ‘BONDed’ deserves the treatment to today, especially since they won’t see each other for half a year to a year.

So he leans down and kisses her cheek and tells her in his normal voice to just relax and enjoy the massage she is getting. She has of course gotten massages before. Simon used to give her feet massages all the time when she was pregnant. And he would even give her shoulder massages whenever he noticed she was more stressed than usual. However, she has never felt what Mark is giving her. He is slowly massaging her entire body. He starts with her arms and works his way from her shoulders out to her hands. He does this for both arms. He then massages each leg from top to bottom. He doesn’t even touch her in her exposed areas like she was actually hoping he would.

He then sits on her straddling her with his legs and his butt on her butt. She almost giggles at the thought of how he must look from the side. Then Mark starts pressing hard on her back and doing a deep tissue massage. She decides right then and there that his male is the best male on the earth. He Slowly works his way up and down her back several times. Sylva isn’t sure if this is what a religious experience feels like. But she imagines it is close.

“Mark… ” (Sylva)

“Shhh… just relax and enjoy this. I can’t do much else for you trapped in here… I can at least do this for you now.” (Mark)

“But Mark…” (Sylva)

“No… unless you need to pee… then just be quiet and let me please do this for you…” (Mark)

“Grrr…. Fine…” (Sylva)

Mark continues to massage Sylva up and down her body over and over for the next 2 hours. By that point Sylva doesn’t know how long it has gone on for, but it feels like it has been both a small eternity and just a few minutes. She loves it. It is so relaxing, peaceful, and soothing to her after that long ride in the transport… But her -need- to have Mark touch her in other ways is beyond reason right now. She wants to properly bed him more right now than she has wanted to as far as she can tell. She -needs- to feel him in her, one way or the other -now-. And she will have it. But she continues to lay face down and lets him do as he wants to her, because she also can’t make herself move and have his touch stop.

“Mark… this is amazing… but I don’t need you to be that way right now… I love you so much for you caring about me to this degree… but I -need- you right now… please don’t make me fight you about this. I can’t handle how much I both love your touch right now… and how bad I need it between my legs. Mark… please.. Please touch me the way I need…” (Sylva)

Mark continues to massage her, but moves up to her shoulders and leans down to kiss her cheek.

“Now now hun… You gotta admit this is an amazing massage. Wouldn’t you agree?” (Mark)

“Mark, it was divine. I love it, I love you… but I don’t -need- it anymore… I -need- you to be touching me in the right places…” (Sylva)

Mark reaches his hand down and gently overs it over her. He lets her know exactly where it could be touching, but he stays less than an inch away from it. He leans down and starts whispering into her ear…

“You know… I love you… I enjoy your company… I can’t stand the idea of you leaving me like this… but I also trust you and respect that you have a job to do… So I would never ask you to slack on your job. But that doesn’t mean I can’t torture my little bunny girl for the rest of the night making her wish to god that I would stop teasing her and finally let her cum…” (Mark)

“But instead of me just telling you things that I think are sexy… I want you to tell me what you like, what you want, and what you want me to do for and to you. I want you to always remember, that I am only… okay… mostly doing this for your desires. I don’t want you to think I’m forcing you to be submissive, or anything like that. I want you to tell me how you want me to get you off and I’ll do it. Unless it involves me fucking you… because despite how bad we -both- want that… We have to wait an excruciatingly long period for that little joy. But I promise you that the mind is willing but the body is weak and spongy, hehe.” (Mark)

Even she has to laugh at his corny joke at this time.

“Mark… I still don’t know what all I want. I know I want to submit to you… I know I want you to touch me… I know I want to be fucked by you… and god… I want to give you pleasure… I want to use my mouth and please you nonstop for days… I just want to experience that for real… to really know how it feels to have you in my mouth… But other than that… I just want you to talk to me… I want you to lay next to me and tell me dirty sexy things you want me to do for you, or to Geni or whatever… I just want you to drive me crazy… and allow me to cum when you see fit… I want -you- to control my orgasms… I want you to be my -master-… I hope you can handle that…” (Sylva)

Sylva started off talking strong and confident, but by the midpoint she was getting softer and meeker. At the end she was basically whispering and closely approaching mumbling.

Mark stops whispering and stops rubbing her entirely, instead he lays half on top of her. Still putting his weight onto her so that she feels his closeness.

“Do you still feel some shame about submission that deep that I control your orgasms?” (Mark)

She doesn’t answer, but closes her eyes and nods her head.

“So I haven’t asked… But I still have a lot of questions for you… Namely Later after all of our play I want you to tell me about your childhood. I think you need to hear about mine in more detail too… especially my young adult years… ” (Mark)

“Sylva, you are my love, and my mate. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t met you… but with our whirlwind romance… we both have major gaps in our understandings of each other. I want you to know a little about me… I don’t know if you saw it in my dream-state or not, but I can submit very very deeply. But even when doing that with Sherie I don’t like to use ‘names’ like ‘mistress’ or anything. That is because I once had a partner who felt that she was suppose to dominate me all day every day. She had me calling her ‘mistress’ no matter the time of day or what we were doing… And let me tell you… it grew old quick… But I wasn’t smart enough to realize that for a while… The reason I always ask for permission to even kiss a girl who I know wants me to kiss her… is because of that ex partner of mine… She didn’t ask for anything, she just took what she wanted and didn’t care if I enjoyed it….” (Mark)

“Mark…” (Sylva)

“Shhh… let me finish saying this in one go then I’ll answer any questions you want… I just want to get this all out there… Alright?” (Mark)

She nods to him again.

“Sweetie.. she was a shitty Dominant… So that is why I tried to learn from her mistakes… I knew I enjoyed the ‘play’ as I had learned to call it… But I knew her methods were wrong. I knew I wanted to be better than her. I wanted us both to enjoy it… And that is why I need to know what we’ve done so far, what you’ve thought about, what you saw in my dreams, what-ever it is … I just need to know what -you- like and what you want -me- to do when we play… But above and beyond that… Do you know the secret I want you to know? Do you?” (Mark)

“No…” (Sylva)

“I want you to know it is alright to be embarrassed, to be frustrated, to be ashamed… but know that those are passing feelings that you are thrusting upon yourself. There is nothing wrong with being unsure. There is nothing wrong with trying something and then deciding you don’t actually like it. There is nothing wrong with you wanting to call me a ‘name’ in particular or deciding to never call me a ‘name’. Those are all personal expressions of your submission. And that itself too is something you don’t have to do. I only introduced it so early because I have no real other ways to give you pleasure I want to… I’m sorry hun…” (Mark)

“Mark… are you done?” (Sylva)

“Yeah… I’m sorry… I just wanted to get that all out…” (Mark)

Sylva rotates and pulls Mark into a tight hug, and kisses him passionately.

“Mark… I know… your subconscious and me talked about this for over a month… I love you. I love -my- Mark. I love -my- mate. I love -my- little kit. And… I love -my- *she takes a deep breathe* …master… I love you in every one of your names, your forms, and your personas. I love all of you. And yes… I know I still get shy about calling you master sometimes… or telling you what I want… but I’m just shy about that… It doesn’t mean I don’t know what all you just said… It doesn’t mean I don’t want you to treat me as an equal in the rest of our lives… I just want…. *she sighs heavily*… I just … ” (Sylva)

“Actually I don’t know what I want… All I know is that I’m not fully submissive… but… I think I’m going to wait until your lower half is working again before I am truly able to enjoy being dominant again… So I’ve been coming to grips with my -loving- being submissive to you… and my love of calling you my master… and sometimes ‘sir’… But please… please be my master right now… I need -that- version of you right now… I can’t stand it… I need you to talk to me… and tease me… and everything… That is what I -need- and -want- from you right now… please… my loving and kind master…” (Sylva)

Sylva lets go of mark and lays flat on her back with her hands above her head. Her legs spread wide allowing Mark to easily access her via his hands or mouth. She closes her eyes, and waits.

“Master… please bindfold me… I want to experience that again… I want you to deny me and talk to me for hours… and then I want you to force my sore and painful loins to climax over and over past the point where I want or can even stand. I want you to completely dominate my pussy… I want you to claim it as yours tonight and give me something to think about while I’m gone and missing you…

So how about I tell you about how I’m going to torture you when you get back… by making you listen to the ideas I have about how I’m going to enjoy driving you and Geni both wild with desire and then teasing you back and forth… *Mark moves his hand and starts to rub Sylva now*… making you both agree to get tease and torture the other one… And then whichever one of you is able to make the other cum first gets rewarded. Rewarded with me teasing and making them cum over and over the entire night. The one who came first has to help me… has to lick the other’s pussy. Has to kiss her. has to finger her holes… Has to be punished. Just imagine me getting a pair of those cuffs that Kathy were wearing… putting them on our wrists and then tying your hands behind your back… not letting you rub your pussy no matter what… Making you watch as I tease and pleasure Geni. Making you kneel before her and lick her sopping wet pussy with your tongue… Making you just kneel there and submit to me, submit to my will of making you serve your sister as your punishment. Making you submit yourself to being completely denied orgasms for a day… or maybe even days… depending on how things go for you….” (Mark)

“Or maybe I’ll just alternate back and forth each day… Make you but the submissive bitch who has to serve us both, and then the next day it is Geni… You’re dual need to submit and dominate would love that wouldn’t it?” (Mark)

“Yes Mark… Yes it would… I want you to be my master… I want you to do that with me and Geni… and I know she wants to too… We fucking loved licking each other under your command… ” (Sylva)

“I bet you’re going to lick each other so much when you are gone… that you’re going to drive the soldiers mad with the moans and pleading each one of you will do in turn… the sounds will make some of them go insane with jealousy… and you’re going to fucking love it… aren’t you… just licking her hot wet little slit… isn’t that right?” (Mark)

“Yes… ohh gods in heaven yes… we’re going to please each other so much at night… but we’re going to have to be quiet… We can’t let others know how good we are at pleasing each other… not until the world knows whose mates we are… knows whose wives are going to be… and knows whom our -master- is… ” (Sylva)

Mark talks to Sylva like this for a few hours and then finally allows her to climax. But he interrupts it by telling her to stop cumming. She has never had her orgasm ruined like that… so Mark continues to build her need for another hour before he finally starts to get between her legs and finger and lick her until the point she is almost crying from the soreness. Then he forces her to cum two more times. Pushing her limits like she wanted.


The next morning they awake from their night of Sylva’s first agony and then bliss. They awake after having talked for several hours after they stopped ‘playing’. They awake to find that Geni is knocking on the door and wants to see me before she leaves, but the guards won’t let her her in…

(Damn it… that would be a fucking great way to kick them off… have them make out while I finger them both… and I can just sit back and watch… hehe… fuck this rule… I know Loki did it to ‘help’ me… but ugh…) (Mark)

Sylva leans in and whispers to Mark…

“Mark… I’ll go ahead and leave… We had our time… and she is still so young… please hold and guide her carefully. She is still a bit more fragile than she likes to admit… She’s going to be the most heartbroken over us having to leave… Though I’ll miss you just as much if not more… but I’m a grown woman and can deal with my emotions… I want you to reassure her more than even -you- think you have to… I’ll be there with her… but -you- are the one she loves… not me… I’m just a friend and a sister… not her ‘true’ lover.” (Sylva)

She leans over and bites his nose in jest and tells him how much she loves him and that they will be back as soon as they can.

And with that… Sylva quickly dresses, and opens the door to hug Geni. She kisses her on the cheek and tells her that she’ll be waiting for her.

(You know… we’re suppose to be ‘keeping it low profile’ that we’re all mates… but I’m sure 90% of the castle realizes by now… but I wonder if ‘friends with benefits’ are that common in the noble court that they won’t think it is anything more than me getting my rocks off… I’ll have to ask Snow later…) (Mark)

Geni enters the room after Sylva glares and purposely speaks in a tenor voice which is too low for her appearance… Telling the guards that they had better have been nice to Geni or she will find out and they won’t like the consequences…

(Jesus H. Christ girl… you put fucking Japanese women in anime to shame with your deadly Oni-Mask appearing behind you when you want it to…) (Mark)

“Hi Mark!! How are you??” (Geni)

Geni closes the door and then Mark is dumbfounded…

Geni glides over to him with one jump and throws herself into his arms.

“Geni… what the fuck was that?” (Mark)

“hahaha… I remembered I didn’t show you a trick I can do… Well since I can fly… I can also glide in my human form… I just reduce the gravity affecting my body and use whatever jump or whatever I was using beforehand to propel me. Off of a cliff I can get pretty far… Sometimes a mile or two if winds are favorable. I used to do that when I was a chick.” (Geni)

(kit, chick… I want to know who decided that these groups were all going to use the -English- names for ‘children’ of their corresponding animals… because I sure as fuck don’t want to see a bunch of crows and have to call them a ‘murder’…) (Mark)