PMA Ch 041



Chapter 041: Magic Trust…

Mark moves to kiss the back of the neck of Geni.

“Geni I give you that one kiss as a thank you. A thank you for trusting Sylva about me. But beyond that… I’m not going to lay a finger on you… well anymore… but both of those times -you- put my fingers on you…” (Mark)

She started to shiver. She was told to be quiet but he just said he’s not going to uphold his bargain… which is it… She doesn’t know…

“Geni, stop being afraid of me… I promise you that I’m not going to fuck Katherine and that I’m not going to touch you. Alright?” (Mark)

“Listen… Geni… whats wrong? don’t you believe me? what have I done to make you think I’m evil like this?” (Mark)

Geni just shakes her head noncommittally.

“Ohh, you can talk… I just wanted you to be quiet for a second… sorry…” (Mark)

“I don’t know if I can trust you with this… this is too important…” (Geni)

“Well Geni… I want to talk to you about me, Sylva, and your Katherine… And then maybe you too, but can you please agree to try and have a normal conversation with me… well as normal as -this- can get…” (Mark)

She nods once.

“Great…” (Mark)

“Well Geni… I think we need to talk about you and me first… Hows that sound?” (Mark)

“Okay…” (Geni)

“Geni can you turn around to face me?” I want you us to look at each other when we’re talking. To help build trust.” (Mark)

Mark lets go of her and lays straight on the bed. Geni rotates her body bringing her front towards him. She grabbed and pulled the sheet around with her… but now she had an obvious gap in the front…

(I don’t think she did -that- on purpose… and it might embarrass her if I bring it up… I’ll just try to ignore her …amazing body… fuck me…) (Mark)

“Okay… is that alright? are you comfortable?” (Mark)

“Yes, your bed is very comfortable, and you have much softer sheets than I’m used to.” (Geni)

“Geni I didn’t mean just that I meant are you alright being like this with me? Laying in bed like this? I only tried to do this to cover you up and to calm you down… and honestly I wasn’t really thinking that clearly… I was kinda winging it…” (Mark)

“I’ve never liked that phrase… but yes… I’m alright… I… I don’t know… Sylva said to trust you…” (Geni)

“Geni… if you had come to my room throwing yourself at me without the Katherine stuff, I would have gladly accepted you… I mean… you are beautiful, smart, funny, I like your quick wit, and you’re already my and Sylva’s friend…. But I don’t feel right even kissing you as it is right now. So I want to ask you ‘why’ you came here… and ‘what’ you want…” (Mark)

Geni remains silent.

Mark reaches over and cups her face in his hand. However she doesn’t startle when he does.

“Geni, I need to ask you some very personal questions now. I want you to try and answer them for me… because it will impact what I do or don’t do in this bed.” (Mark)

She nods her head in agreement, but only so slightly.

“Geni… do you consider me a friend? And why?” (Mark)

“Yes… Because you are nice to me, and you are nice and take care of Sylva” (Geni)

“Do you trust Sylva.” (Mark)

“Of course, I love her, she is almost like family.” (Geni)

“Geni, Sylva told you to trust me, and that I’d be gentle… why?” (Mark)

“She said… I might… want you as a mate… or at least as… ” (Geni)

“At least as your… first?” (Mark)

She nods her head. Mark is still holding her face in his hand and gently petting her cheek.

“I told you… I would gladly accept you… if I knew you wanted it… do you know why I said this? or more precisely why do you -think- I said this?” (Mark)

“Because I’m pretty.” (Geni)

“That you are my dear girl… that you are… but no… The reason I said that was because Sylva told me she wanted me to think of you that way… ” (Mark)

“She what!?” (Geni)

Mark Smiles at her obvious shock and nods himself.

“She thinks I’m already seriously attracted to you and that I’m going to want you in my bed… well you know what I mean… as a proper mate… So she told me she thought it was a good idea… She said she would enjoy being your sister. She does indeed love you almost like a daughter… She cares deeply for you. But she is also a woman and knows of your ‘choices’ when it comes to men and women… I think you can understand what her wanting to be ‘sisters’ with you implies…” (Mark)

Geni was stunned. Sylva approved of her being Mark’s mate… what… that had so many implications that she wasn’t sure what to think of them… She thought Sylva just wanted her to be friends with Mark… Because Mark is so anti-social when one of us is not around… That is all she though Sylva meant… but…

“To you… it might seem like Sylva is being rash… And honestly, it somewhat feels that way to me too. I love her… I ‘know’ I do… but I can’t really tell you all the reasons why… at least consciously… And there is a reason for that. When I first came here I had no control over my energies, that means mana or mental energies. I accidentally pulled Sylva for two nights into my dreams and she lived a total of almost a year with me that I don’t ‘remember’ but that I experienced and know my feelings for her are true.” (Mark)

“Mark… so.. she’s known you for a year now despite it only being less than two weeks since you woke up? Are you sure? I didn’t think dreams changed time that much…” (Geni)

“Geni, I have no way of explaining it. Elder Healer Snow told me that it was true, and she used that to help me be able to control my mental energies enough to not suck her back into my dreams. Mental shields and defenses are easier for me because I can just visualize them within my mind. I don’t have to actually ‘do’ anything like shape mana or control my mental energies. So that’s why Snow had to help me be able to train to use my mana before Sylva could sleep next to me safely again.” (Mark)

“So… that is why she has fallen so fast for you… we had all wondered… It seemed too unnatural… but Elder Healer would never let you use compulsion on her… so we had no idea… we all wondered…” (Geni)

“Geni, please don’t tell anyone. I’m only telling you because I trust you. Alright?” (Mark)

“Um… Sure…” (Geni)

“So I want you to please accept that Sylva has thought a lot about me, and that when she says to ‘trust’ me that she doesn’t just mean it as a wild guess.” (Mark)

“Okay…” (Geni)

“Geni… Close your eyes.” (Mark)

She closes her eyes but is obviously scared at what Mark is going to do.

Mark leans up and gets close to her ear, and starts to whisper to her…

“Geni… I want you to know how hard it is for me to not kiss you… You are so adorable, so cute… so pretty… that it is almost all I can do to not throw myself on you… I only tell you this so that you realize how hard I’m fighting with myself to control myself. I promise I’ll still not do anything you don’t want… but I’ve got to ask you… do you want me to kiss you? Because I’d like to kiss you if you’d have me…” (Mark)

“… I don’t know…” (Geni)

(FUCK ME…just say yes… ugh…) (Mark)

Mark slides back down away from her ear.

“Geni, you can open your yes if you want.” (Mark)

“Mark…” (Geni)

This time Mark’s face was much closer to hers. So close they could easily kiss if she wanted…

“Geni… do you understand how much of a tease this is to me… I have you laying in my bed after you agreed I could do -anything- to you if I promised to not fuck Katherine… And now here you are… just so vulnerable and there for my taking… it is just mental torture…” (Mark)

“Then why are you holding back? Males are not suppose to hold back… they all think about sex all the time and do anything they can to get it… they don’t care if they are rude or mean or do something you don’t like… but you… why do -you- hold yourself back… Why are you different? I want to know this… you always seem different… I don’t understand you… you treat me so well… you say such nice things to me… but then you don’t try to touch me… You don’t make sense Mark… why don’t you make sense…” (Geni)

“I don’t make sense… I know that… I’m both super smart and super stupid sometimes… I know this… Case in point was bringing you to the bed… It as super dumb on my part… I should have had you get dressed again… but now… I quite like you being this close… so again I’m being smart and dumb at once… I don’t know… smart because I’m able to hold myself back and try not be an asshole to you… dumb because I have to hold myself back from kissing and touching you how I want…” (Mark)

“Also… Geni… you should fucking value yourself more… Jesus girl… do you have any idea how much most guys would give to have you in their bed being able to take your first time in bed? I promise you I’m not going to do that even if you decide you want it… But still… being able to kiss and touch you… every guy would dream of that… hell… I bet half the women do too…” (Mark)

“Mark… you confuse me… so much…” (Geni)

“Why? Whats wrong?” (Geni)

“You treat me kind… but you tell me you want to do all these things to me… why do you tell me these things…” (Geni)

“Because it is true… You’re beautiful and of course I’d want to do a lot with you…” (Mark)

“But why don’t you just try and do them? You said yourself most guys would die for it” (Geni)

“Geni… if you want the honest truth… it is because I’m being greedy… I would rather wait and make you want to kiss me… then force it myself… but that is greedy… because I want you to come back over and over and want to kiss me… because I want you to be in my bed over and over… And if waiting for you to accept me is the cost… then so be it… Geni.. Don’t think I’m some angel… I’m not… I’m a male just like any other… I enjoy the company of females… I just take a long-view approach of getting them to be with me… And you in particular… I enjoy your company as a friend… I don’t want to lose that. I want you as a friend, even if we start to fuck… or if in the future you become my mate. I still want the smart young girl to be nice to me.” (Mark)

She blushed fairly deeply at hearing this.

“Mark… do you really like me that much?” (Geni)

“Honestly, I don’t know… I haven’t known you long enough… but I think I might grow to like you a lot. You are much of what I’d want in another mate, plus I know you’d get along with Sylva and even Katherine” (Mark)

“What do you mean Katherine… you aren’t…” (Geni)

Mark grins at her and doesn’t say anything.

“Mark! you can’t be serious… Kathy is the princess… You aren’t even a noble… And tomorrow… you have to… You can’t be serious…” (Geni)

“Geni… I know you love Katherine. Sylva didn’t tell me how far you’d gone with her… but I’m guessing at least kissing and folding if you were willing to offer your virginity to me to protect her…wait… She has the reputation of a play-girl… are you trying to tell me that she’s still a virgin… Is that why you went to this length?” (Mark)

“Mark… I can’t…” (Geni)

“Geni… actually you already promised to tell me the ‘whole’ truth… so you can… I need to know this… is that why you were so desperate? or is there something else I need to know…” (Mark)

“That is the reason…” (Geni)

“But what about her reputation…” (Mark)

“She lets the boys play with her but she has them play a game… if they can make her reach climax… they can sleep with her… The problem is… no one can make her reach it… so she hasn’t let them go further… but she lets them tell others that they did. Because it helps her build up that reputation and it helps the boys with theirs.” (Geni)

Mark gets an evil grin on his face.

“Geni… I won’t lie to you, but I can’t tell you the whole truth either… so please accept that about this topic… but I have conditional approval of Loki with regards to Katherine… And I got that because Elizabeth was the one who wanted to set us up…” (Mark)

Stunned silence is all that Geni can produce at the moment.

“I don’t know how things are going to go with Katherine… but if she becomes my mate… I think you would rather enjoy becoming my mate then… no? You’d be able to be sisters with both Katherine and Sylva, and Sherie… and maybe even two more human friends of mine back home… I don’t know if that would interest you… but it is a possibility…” (Mark)

“Mark… you can’t be serious… that’s almost too perfect… how…” (Geni)

“How… that is something that -I- have to figure out… but again… its something I can’t tell you right now… I’m not promising that it will happen… but It is a very nice idea that I’m thinking might be able to happen. But I can tell you that Katherine needs to know nothing about what we’re talking about. At least until I tell her myself… some people don’t like the idea of being sought after like that… and I get the feeling she is that way *Geni nods in agreement* So… I need you to trust me… that is why I asked if you trust me…” (Mark)

“Mark… I don’t know… I’m trying… but… this… Kathy… Sylva… everything… its so much…” (Geni)

“Also… I’m surprised you don’t seem to care about my ‘choice’… You even tell me you want to kiss me after knowing it… I don’t know what to think… ” (Geni)

“Geni… is male/male and female/female relationships that aren’t sisters/brothers rare on this side of the bridge?” (Mark)

“Extremely, they aren’t looked upon favorably by almost any clan.” (Geni)

“Well… two of my best friends are lesbians, that is two female mates, and it is legal in my country for them to marry, so its quite common. So I don’t see anything wrong with you having those preferences… ” (Mark)

“Are you serious? it is common?” (Geni)

(hahaha… She asked like she was looking to get presents on Christmas morning…. ) (Mark)

“Yes… so I don’t think your ‘choice’ as you call it is wrong at all… but that doesn’t mean it has to be ‘exclusive’ either…” (Mark)

“What do you…. oh….” (Geni)

Geni blushes deeply when she realizes what Mark means…

“Mark… I don’t know if you would want to kiss me… you’re the first guy who would do so… and I’d be clumsy… ” (Geni)

Mark just smiles gently at her…

“Geni… that makes me want to steal your lips even more. That makes me want to take your lips and make them mine… and never let another male touch them.” (Mark)

Geni just freezes…

(Mark… you… you… you… you… )(Geni)

“Geni… Did part of you want me to be gentle with you when you came here earlier?” (Mark)

“Did part of you want me to kiss you and touch you? You seemed pretty adamant that you wanted my hand down there…” (Mark)

“Um… I don’t know…” (Geni)

“What do you mean you don’t know…” (Mark)

“I mean… I don’t know… I thought it was alright if it was you… I don’t know why… You are nice to me… you look at me… at my face and not at my chest or body… Sylva said to trust you and that you’d be gentle… then last night you looked so handsome in your suit.. which you still do by the way (Mark was still wearing his suit pants, but his shirt and coat had been stained by blood and he wasn’t wearing them anymore just a normal shirt) So I don’t know… I just… Thought it would be…. okay…” (Geni)

“Geni… to me that sounds like you like me… and if that is the case I’m a very lucky man… I can’t promise to be perfect… actually I can promise that I won’t be. However I can promise that I’ll try to be gentle right now and not hurt you or your feelings… if you want me to slowly kiss you and then maybe touch you again… and let you feel how those are suppose to feel… ” (Mark)

“Um… Do you… think I like you? … And do you promise… to be gentle…” (Geni)

“Geni… I don’t know if you like me or not… that is up to you… but wanting to kiss someone is generally a good sign that you like them… or at least find them attractive… So that is something you’ll have to figure out… But right now I just want to touch you and claim your lips as mine… so tell me what you want…” (Mark)

Mark is getting impatient. He has tried had to hold himself back. He is even now doing a good job with it… but it is difficult… and he -really- wants to kiss the amazingly beautiful girl laying next to him that is just separated by inches. He’ll take care of Sylva being upset after this… Sometimes certain things take precedence…

“Mark…” (Geni)

“Yes?” (Mark)

“Close your eyes please…” (Geni)

Mark closes his eyes and Geni very quickly puts her lips on his. It is obvious she doesn’t know what she is doing… she basically just ‘places’ her lips there and is trembling slightly.

Therefore mark gently kisses her back and brings his hand up to hold her cheek again. He is going unbelievably slow in his kissing of her. Letting her get used to it. Letting her enjoy it.

Mark slowly starts to lift his body and rotate over her somewhat. This gives them both a better angle by which to kiss. She is now somewhat into the kiss and is even starting to accept Mark’s tongue as it gently starts to explore her mouth.

Mark then gently moves his hand down her face and over her shoulder towards her arm. He eventually reaches her hand and holds it as they continue to kiss. She is now accepting his tongue into her mouth and enjoying the kiss fully.

Mark pulls back from the kiss and smiles to Geni.

“Now… was that gentle and kind enough for you?” (Mark)

Geni is trying to catch up with her breathing because she hasn’t gotten the hang of breathing while kissing yet…

“Umm… yes… you were gentle… and it felt good… you are very good at that…” (Geni)

“Geni… I haven’t even started to touch your body yet… you have no idea how good it can feel… I’d say at least 3 to 4 times better than masturbation… which I assume you’ve done that at least… *She looks down and doesn’t answer* .. Sorry I didn’t mean to say it like I was asking… but if you want… I can touch you and make it feel much better too… I’m going to assume you putting my hand there was the first time you were touched there?” (Mark)

She shakes her head no while closing her eyes and blushing deeply…

“Ahh… our princess then?” (Mark)

“When we were young and didn’t know what it meant exactly… she touched me… for a long time… and I had… well… my first orgasm… She wanted me to touch her and I did, but I couldn’t make her feel that good… so we never did it again….” (Geni)

Mark leans down to her ear and starts to nibble and lick on it as he whispers…

“Would you like me to touch you there again and make it feel good as long as I’m gentle?” (Mark)

She lets out a soft moan for the first time when he nibbles her ear.

(haha… doesn’t matter what species you are… women love their ears nibbled… hehe) (Mark)

“Mark… I don’t know… Do you promise it won’t hurt…” (Geni)

“Geni… only your first sex will hurt… unless the other person is a complete moron…”(Mark)

“Um… ” (Geni)

She closes her eyes and clamps them shut like a kid pretending to be asleep. Then she nods her head in agreement a few times and then lays there almost shivering in fear and anticipation.

(Oh heavens what am I doing…Oh heavens what am I doing…Oh heavens what am I doing…Oh heavens what am I doing…Oh heavens what am I doing…Oh heavens what am I doing…Oh heavens what am I doing…Oh heavens what am I doing…) (Gina)

(God… I’m not taking your virginity… ) (Mark)

“Relax… I’ve already touched there before… and it didn’t ruin you… and you allowing me to do it again isn’t going to ruin you either. I’m going to be gentle, but I’m going to go at a pace that I find works best. I’ll start off slow and move faster as it goes on… Okay? Also I’m going to kiss you first…” (Mark)

(Gotta try and make her feel comfortable) (Mark)

Mark leans back over Gina and starts to gently kiss her again. He is trying to calm her back down and get her into the mood for foreplay. She is obviously too nervous right now to be able to truly enjoy what he wants to do to/for her.

Mark slowly moves his hand to touch her breast. As he does this he moves back to nibbling her ear and whispering…

“Gina, you truly are beautiful, you are without a doubt one of the cutest girls I’ve ever even seen, But don’t tell my mates… I don’t want them getting jealous… that’s only for you and me to know…” (Mark)

(Make her feel special. Check. Give her a secret. Check… but its not hard to come up with… since its actually very true…) (Mark)

Gina is now gently moaning because of her ears and her breast being massaged.

Mark moves back to kissing Gina and moves his hand to slowly start to get her nipple in between his finger and thumb. She moves her arm that is under Mark to be holding his back. She is now more actively kissing back. She is still inexperienced, but is trying hard. Mark pinches her nipple and is rewarded with a louder moan into his mouth.

Mark gently teases her chest for a few minutes then slowly slides his hand downwards. He doesn’t try to surprise her at all with where his hand is going.

Mark wants Gina to be able to accept that he wants to touch her there, and that she wants it.
Gina wants Gina to be able to accept that he wants to touch her there, and that she wants it.

He finally re-touches her down there and realizes that she is hairless there. He hadn’t thought about it earlier. But she is smoother than any girl he has ever touched. But that smoothness soon lets way to warmth, and thankfully for Mark’s ego, wetness.

(Geni is so sensitive, every move I make she moans… this could be fun…) (Mark)

Mark keeps his fingers together and doesn’t start to play at all with her vaginal hole, he instead is just rubbing his hand back and forth, letting her get used to the idea of him touching her.

“Gina… does this hurt?” (Mark)

“Noo…” (Gina)

“Does it feel good? Is it nice and gentle for you?” (Mark)

“Yess… It feels good… I really…like you kissing… and touching me…” (Gina)

(Houston, we have touchdown. One stall step for man, one giant leap for… me… hehe) (Mike)

“Good… I really like touching and kissing you too… Now… I’m going to start to rub you a little differently I’ll be gentle… so just relax and enjoy it… okay…” (Mark)

Mark doesn’t give her a chance to reply and kisses here deeply and passionately. Catching her off guard. She still isn’t used to sudden kisses or how needy he is being with his tongue… But she doesn’t … dislike it… not at all…

Mark now slowly started to work his middle finger into Geni… letting her get used to the feeling. Then he starts to push it in deeper and deeper and lets her feel his finger bottoming out up into her. Then he mark stops deeply kissing her because he can feel her having trouble catching her breathe.

(Was I that bad at breathing while kissing when I started? Hmm Dunno… but it is cute as hell… hehe) (Mark)

(Heavens Mark… what are you doing to me… This isn’t at all like when I touch myself…)(Geni)

“Mark… ” (Geni)

“Yes..??” (Mark)

“I don’t know… I just feel so good… Heavens Sylva was right to trust you… ” (Geni)

“Thank you dear… But I’m only getting started… I plan on making you feel -much- better before this is finished…” (Mark)

Geni reaches up and wraps her hand around Mark’s neck and pulls him back into a kiss. Mark gladly replies in kind. However, he starts to see if he can fit two fingers in her. And to his surprise he is able to easily. She is that wet and that relaxed down there. Now mark rubs his thumb trying to stimulate her clit. This results in some loud moaning from the the little bird girl.

Mark pulls away from the kiss and goes back to her ear to nibble on it.

“Geni… I’m very proud of you… you confronted your fears… and you were able to trust me to do all of this to you… I’m very grateful that you believed in me, and that you like kissing and touching me… So I’m going to give you a reward. A very nice way of making you feel good that doesn’t seem to be that popular on this side of the bridge… but I’m sure you will love it… Sylva does… and that is all I’m going to say… I want you to relax and just enjoy the feeling… Okay my lovely little girl?” (Mark)

“Yes… I trust you… this feels so amazing already… I can’t imagine what you are going to do…” (Geni)

Mark slowly starts to kiss his way down her body. Licking and nibbling and sucking his way down. He leaves a hickey mark on her chest. His possessiveness taking hold for longer than he realizes. Possibly an instinctual urge to ‘mark your territory’. He finally gets down to her stomach and she giggles when he kisses her there. he rather likes the sound of her soft laughter so he gently kisses her over and over keeping her laughing while not letting her edge fall away.

“Geni baby… This is going to feel weird… but just give it a minute… You’ll love it…” (Mark)

(He doesn’t realize all these names he’s calling me does he… Sylva was right… he is very cute because of the things he says without even realizing how others will take them…. OHH MYYY HEEAAAAAVVVEEEEENNNNS WHAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!????” (Geni)

Geni felt mark’s tongue lick her lower lips and clit for the first time. She is so distracted with his kissing of her tummy that she didn’t realize he moved all the way down between her legs. Then he starts to lick her while he still has two fingers in her going in and out.

“UUUUUHHHhhhhhh… Maaarrk…. What… what… are you doing…” (Geni)

“Shhh … just enjoy it…. I’ll explain later… just get ready to cum for me…” (Mark)

They both stop talking at this point. She is shocked at what he said ‘cum for him’ and even more shocked at what he is doing to her… But she loves it… whatever he wants to call it when they’re done… She feels amazing… Her orgasm is fast approaching… but it feels so much different than when she does it alone in her bed at night… She doesn’t dare dream about how this one is about to feel.

Mark times it perfectly he is able to tell by Geni’s moans and shuddering just when her orgasm is about to hit. At that moment he starts to use his top teeth and his lower gums to squeeze her clit and his tongue to quickly lick it back and forth while he fingers her faster and harder.

She has the best orgasm of her life right then. She herself has had generally lack luster orgasms before, but this one is earth-shattering compared to those. It lasts so long… and he continues to force it to last after it has started.

Mark slowly pulls his fingers out from her and crawls up to lay next to her and hug her. He lays on his back and pulls her into him and brings her head onto his chest. He has a bastard grin on his face unknowingly even to himself. Geni is still panting but she has a serene peace about her that Mark can just see in her face. So he’s just holding her while she recovers fully.

They both just lay there for a few minutes enjoying the afterglow.

“Mark… That..Heavens..that was amazing…” (Geni)

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I really enjoyed being able to give you it.” (Mark)

“So… Mark… what does this mean for us?” (Geni)

“I would laugh at how suddenly you ask that if you were a girl from back home… but things are different here. Here I don’t now how to answer you that. I have Sherie and Sylva. I love them. They are my mates and I don’t want anything to ever get in the way of them.” (Mark)

Mark brings his hand up and lifts Geni’s chin up so he can kiss her again quickly.

“But you hun… I don’t really know that well yet… and I do -NOT- want to make you go through the same thing Sylva did where she started to love me for a day and didn’t know why where it drove her nuts. She got spoiled by having access to me alone for 6 months. Only a few days ago did we finally find a happy balance, and I don’t want anyone to get as mentally messed up as Sylva did there at the beginning again….” (Mark)

“So there is really only a couple options… and I think we’ll both enjoy all but one of them. The one option neither of us would enjoy is that we stop being friends and you never talk to me… But I don’t want that, and I hope you don’t either. Do you?” (Mark)

She hugs him… “No Mark, I can’t do that… I don’t know what I feel about you… but I think I at least am attracted to you and like you… ” (Geni)

Mark hugs her back… “Me too hun. I’m only able to say this for certain because I’ve been dating for a long time… compared to you at least… and nothing compared to Sylva… but… I know I like you hun… I want to date you… though… now that I think about it… I’ not sure what ‘date’ means in this world… especially when I have Sylva… let alone Sherie… ” (Mark)

“Mark, do you know what on of the things I like most about you… is that you ramble like that… its cute… you think so fast that you mouth can’t even keep up… Plus you’re the only person I’ve known other than the Lord and Lady who has ever bested me in a match of verbal wits… which… I have to admit… made me find you … very cute…” (Geni)

She starts off strong. Then her bashfulness kicks into high gear and she basically whispers the last of it.

“I’m glad hun… I am… so… I don’t want to formally ask you to be a mate… I think that is -WAY- too early for both of us… I want us to spend a lot of time getting to know each other… I want you get to know me… and I want my body to finish growing back to its original size and functionality…” (Mark)

“What do you mean by size? and finish growing? Aren’t you already done growing? I thought pure humans stopped growing at 20 or so, you’re what… just a bit older than me an Kathy at 29?” (Geni)

“27 actually, but No, this isn’t my original body… or it isn’t it… completely… or something… I don’t quite get it… but apparently when you cross over from my side to this side your body is remade and you start off between 10 and 20 years old. I’m lucky this is my 15 or 16 year old body… So I’m at least not a child… But no… I think I look much better when I’m older.” (Mark)

“That will be nice to see… ” (Geni)

“Yeah… you’re telling me… (my damn cock will work again…) but yeah…I’m going to be here for at least 4 to 5 years… So there isn’t a huge rush on us deciding if we want to be mates or not. I’m fine with us being friends, who go on dates… and have ‘fun’ like we just did… for years if you want.” (Mark)

“I kinda like that idea… especially the ‘fun’ part” (Geni) She giggles after saying this.

“Well there is more to that ‘fun’ than just me… there is Sylva too…” (Mark)

“Ohh yeah… um… I don’t know if she’ll like me doing this with you… will she…” (Geni)

“To be honest… by the way she ran out of here earlier… I’m not sure… But I’m hoping that she just ran out because of shock and surprise.” (Mark)

“Therefore I’m going to give you two notes and I want you to go to Sylva’s house and give her the first one I write and then read the second after she tells you to… This might sound odd… but it should allow her to not be upset anymore and for her to talk to you about how she thinks this will work…” (Mark)

“Because honestly… I have a feeling it is going to be decided by her anyways… hehe…” (Mark)

“That you can figure that out already is a good sign for you… Yes Sylva likes to be in charge… although… from what she said… She likes for YOU to be in charge too… hehehe” (Geni)

“Yes… and there is that, we need to talk about that… but right now is not the time nor place. But I do want to talk a ‘little’ about it… What you heard was only what I call ‘play’. Me and Sylva, and even my mate back home, We like to separate how we treat each other in the bedroom from how we treat each other the rest of the time. Sylva and Sherie both like to -give- me their control in the bedroom. And I like to -receive- their control from them. However, I will not accept my mates being anything other than equals with me the rest of the time. I know its a little hard to grasp at first… but just think of it as actors acting in a play… and it becomes easier… We’re both taking on roles that we want… and that allows us to have more fun during sex.” (Mark)

“That’s … interesting… I don’t really know what to say about it… Except Sylva obviously is happy with it… which is surprising to me.” (Gina)

“Yeah, you would be surprised how much fun it can be once you get used to it… but hun… this is something for us to discuss when you have a LOT more experience. I just wanted to explain that I don’t really want Sylva to call me ‘master’ or anything like that… She was just talking sexy to me at the time. I just want you to not be scared of me turning into a monster or something…” (Mark)

“Mark I think I wouldn’t mind you turning into a monster in bed…” (Gina)

Mark freezes…

“Gina… Pleas don’t say that… because it will lead me to doing things to you that you just aren’t ready for… please… All in due time…” (Mark)

“Ohh wow… You were serious… the way you froze like that was cute… You really do want to do a lot more things with me… don’t you? ” (Gina)

“Gina… yes and no… I want -you- to want them, and until them I’m fin just kissing your lips… *He tilts her head back up to him again* … Both pairs… *he kisses her*… Hehehe” (Mark)

“You’re rotten… Sylva said to trust you… but you have an evil mind…” (Geni)

“Geni… she said to trust me… and it felt amazing right? Well she said to trust me because I have an evil mind… But I limit my actions to what you will be comfortable with… hehehe” (Mark)

“Mark… Can I trust you to be gentle with Kathy too? Please… She has always been a friend… and well… you know… I love her… and I don’t want her to be hurt… physically or emotionally… And all those guys just want to use her… She isn’t going to fight you tomorrow because of her stubbornness… but please don’t push her too hard… She is a kind and gentle person… she really is… but when her mom went missing for a few years… she became stubborn and honestly… has acted like a brat… She is still nice to me… but she won’t forgive you for having to whip her tomorrow. She can be healed the next day to get rid of scars… but the shame and the–” (Geni)

Mark puts his finger on her lips and smiles at her.

“Geni, do you think I would have taken my time and gently talked to you just now for so long trying to calm you down if I was planning on being mean to her tomorrow? Please just trust me… if you want to come tomorrow to watch… it should be quite amusing… I’m going to put on a performance that will be talked about for quiet some time… And I promise that I’ll be gentle with Katherine… Alright?” (Mark)

“I hope you are serious that you’ll be able to help her… because I won’t let you kiss me or touch me again if you hurt her or aren’t gentle with her… I don’t care how good it felt.” (Geni)

“haha… alright alright… I get it.. But you really should get going so I can prepare for tomorrow I need to write out what I’m going to say so I can practice it.” (mark)

Mark gets up from the bed and walks over to the table. He writes 2 letters. Folds them and then writes two names on them. [Sylva] and [Geni].

While Mark is doing that Geni goes and uses the restroom to clean up her wetness and then puts back on her dress.

“Here Geni, here are the two letters. Remember don’t read either until you find Sylva and she tells you to read yours. I hate to do it this way… but Sylva needs to be calmed down and her knowing that she read her letter first will help her do that. Alright?” (Mark)

“Sure Mark, I trust you…” (Geni)

Geni is blushing a little and acting shy. Mark leans forward and kisses her again.

“Geni… you can initiate kisses with me now… whenever you want…, but you might want to only do it in private until we get everything straightened out. But I’ll see you… bye.” (Mark)

Mark opens the door for Geni and she leaves. Still blushing.