PMA Ch 046



Chapter 046: Magic Wine…

(That… bastard… He intends to keep my panties… not only does he intend to publicly humiliate me by spanking me for an hour… no… not only that… he claims that I’ll be his mate and that he’ll love spanking me when he beds me… no.. that’s no all either… he claims I -like- being spanked… and then after his almost teary explanation that I though was sincere and kind in his attempt to explain it to me… no… he was being a damn liar… he went and got my panties to keep as a damn souvenir…. GHHHAAAAAA that bastard) (Kathy)

Kathy spends the next 5 minutes cursing Mark’s existence, his parents, his lack of etiquette, his lack of decency, and everything else she can think of. She wants to strangle ‘that bastard’. She refuses to move off the bed at all because she knows she can’t reach him, and she won’t give him the satisfaction of knowing she is this angry. She also refuses to let other people know that he angered her so… She knows the game he played is dangerous and she doesn’t want to be caught in the blow back either.

The side wall where attendants come in turns clear and then a dozen people all come rushing in. Half of them look to be nurses and the other half soldiers.

It isn’t hard to guess which half went to Kathy… Katherine, and which half went to Mark.

“Sir, we will need you to follow us, By orders of Lord Coyote you are to be quarantined in your room for the time being.” (Solder #1)

“Sure, but please tell me Coyote isn’t there waiting for me…” (Mark)

“No…. *the soldier looks a bit embarrassed* the Lord has been ordered into quarantine himself in his private champers by the Lady. And NO ONE is going to argue with Lady Loki right now. Ohh I guess you haven’t heard… I suppose I should inform you with your position and all… I’m sorry to inform you but Princess Elizabeth has passed away. We are in a state of national mourning now.” (Soldier #1)

“Yes, I know. Her death troubles me greatly…” (Mark)

All the soldiers wondered how he already knew, but they assume it had to be Princess Katherine that told him… They also decide that if he -still- did his actions earlier when knowing about Princess Katherine than he’s an even more dangerously crazy person than they previously thought.

“The nation of Apache and the royal family, along with all the citizens of Apache and even those on both sides of the bridge have lost a great person. I’m sure that every person who met Elizabeth was better off for it. I hope that everyone involved can survive without her from now on. I know it hard for me to think about doing so even when I only met her for so short a time. I know I will think back upon my brief experience meeting her with sad and heartfelt memories for the rest of my life…” (Mark)

Mark doesn’t know this at the time but the words he just spoke are going to end up being some of his most widely known words ever. He is being recorded with a memory crystal right now and a copy of his reaction will be spread around the castle and a written transcript will be available almost anywhere in the capitol within a few days. This heartfelt remembrance of the princess will show a different side of Mark to the populace who doesn’t know him except for his brazen declaration and actions against Coyote. These words will help to build or rebuild his standing within the kingdom. However, Mark doesn’t say these things for this reason. He doesn’t know he is being recorded. He just feels that they are the right things to say and they are his honest heartfelt opinions on the matter. This is what moves the populace into thinking that there might be more to this human male than his apparent insanity in challenging Coyote and Lady Loki.

The nurses take off Katherine’s gag and ask her if she is alright. They then barrage her with a series of questions while they uncuff her wrists.

“Yes, I’m fine. No, I don’t need healing, he didn’t leave any permanent damage. He hasn’t touched me since earlier I’ve been asleep until just a few moments ago, so the pain has gone away.” (Kathy)

“Princess, your mother has requested your presence immediately in her private chambers.” (Nurse #1)

“Yes, I assumed she would. Let us go there now.” (Kathy)

Kathy is directed out of the room first and leaves after staring at Mark in silence for a brief moment.

The nurses take notice of her look and aren’t sure what they see. They see anger and frustration because those are obvious, but they can tell that there is much much more there they can’t identify.

Kathy leaves first and then Mark is taken to his room. They walk in a line from the amphitheater to the castle in that order, since both parties are going to the same general location. Once inside the castle they diverge and Mark hopes that Kathy isn’t upset with him and that she tells her mother that he did his best to agree to his promises.

Mark is taken to his room and Kathy is taken to her mother.


Kathy opens the door to her mother’s private study and walks in. She is soon rushed at by her mom and hugged tightly.

“Sweetie… are you alright, how bad was he, do I need to kill him? How much healing did you need? Please tell me he followed all the rules… Please… Is it all over?” (Loki)

“Mother… calm down… it is alright… he followed all the rules and despite that I didn’t need any healing… Alright… can you let go… you’re squeezing me to death here.” (Kathy)

“I’m sorry… I was just so worried… He could have done anything to you… and I just couldn’t trust him entirely… I know he promised me… but he was playing a dangerous game… and he didn’t tell me he was going to spank you like that… I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry at seeing his melodramatic acting…” (Loki)

“But more importantly… what did he do to you when we couldn’t see you? How much did he hurt you?” (Loki)

At this point Kathy starts to pace the room walking back and forth while her mother just stands there.

“Hurt… he only hurt me once the entire forsaken time… and that was the first set of hard spankings… the rest he used some secret pattern to make them not hurt…” (Kathy)

(Why is she blushing…) (Loki)

“Umm… what do you mean?” (Loki)

“I mean He was so fucking gentle with me that it drove me crazy…. He refused to kiss me until I gave him permission he refused to touch me despite me -obviously- wanting him to… and then he fucking continued touch my… well… down there… the entire time he was spanking me… he made it so that the spanking felt good… He fucking made me enjoy it… he… god… he was so gentle and kind to me… that I just felt like trusting him… then he made my ass just fucking sting… then he just made me feel so heavens-damn good that I can’t even explain it to you mother… I just fucking hate him right now… that cocky bastard… He was so gentle and so fucking much a bastard about it… he made me love his touch… and then he publicly shamed me like that…GUAAAHHHHH I don’t know what to do with him…” (Kathy)

(ahh…. okay…. this is more than I was expecting…. ) (Loki)

Loki is stunned by her daughter’s outbursts. She knows her baby is young and still emotional, but she never has outbursts like this… She is normally very restrained. Plus the back and forth nature of Katherine’s complains almost bring a smile to Loki’s face. Not because of evil intent by Loki herself, but because she remembers how Coyote would swear about Loki when he didn’t realize she was able to watch him. She recognized this pattern of rant…

“So Dear… Did he tell you what he was going to do to you? what he was going to say?” (Loki)

“Yeah… he refused to tell me what he was going to do until a few seconds before it started too… I swear… I don’t know what to do with that damn male… I just don’t know what to think about him at all.” (Kathy)

“But he -did- tell you? beforehand?” (Loki)

“Yes, but he didn’t tell me what he was going to -say- though. But he told me he was going to put on a performance that would make -you- proud and would enrage Father… I don’t know about you… but I can guess Father’s reaction… Just from knowing you quarantined him in his chambers if nothing else.” (Kathy)

“Yes, He was -quite- en-ranged… but I later asked him what he had done to Mark… and even you will find it quite funny the reasons why Mark felt like he wanted to get back at Father…. but that is for another time… I have yet to decide what to do with Mark myself… I appreciate his trickery. I do… but… I don’t understand… if the spanking didn’t hurt and felt good… does that mean you enjoyed it?” (Loki)

“MOM!! That’s a bit personal… And I’m not comfortable talking about that with you…” (Kathy)

(So yes… she did enjoy it… and it appears quite a lot… Yeah… she wouldn’t be happy knowing that…) (Loki)

“So… you enjoyed it… and he was gentle… does that mean you enjoyed your time with him?” (Loki)

“MOTHER!!… ugh…” (Kathy)

Kathy walks around the room a few more times.

“That’s the thing Mom… I did enjoy it… that is what is so frustrating… I enjoyed him kissing me… I enjoyed him touching me… I actually enjoyed everything he did to me… And I mean… I -enjoyed- it… He was amazing… I don’t know… I would have never given him a chance but last night apparently Geni went to see him and even offered her virginity to him in exchange for him not bedding me… and even -she- started to like Mark. And you know how she is… She loves me more than anything… I know you see it, don’t pretend… but yes was gentle and kind with her and promised her that he wouldn’t bed me… without taking her virginity… which I -now- know he couldn’t have done anyways since his body had to be rebuilt when he came over here… so despite him being -older- than me… he hasn’t hit puberty in this body… So I fucking enjoyed my time with him… but only when he wasn’t be a fucking bastard… He god… he is so infuriating… He is a damn bastard that much is for sure… I don’t know if I want to march to his room and jump in bed with him or march to his room and strangle him…” (Kathy)

(Wow… she really has… wow… my little girl… Mark… you… just what are you… how could you affect her so greatly in such a short amount of time…) (Loki)

“So he was kind, gentle, he didn’t hurt you, he made the spanking which looked like it should have hurt… he made it feel good, he was a good kisser, asked for your permission to kiss and touch you, you say you loved what he did to you…. why do I hear so much venom when you talk about him? what did he do?” (Loki)

(I’m -really- curious about this… this is too cute… hehe)

“He did whatever he wanted… that’s the thing… The most infuriating thing was him telling me what would happen, how it would happen, and how I would react… then him being right… But no only that… He openly declared to me over and over, that I -will- be his mate -if- and -only if- we fall in love and he thinks I’ll fit in with his other mates… So he’s acting like I would be his mate -now- if he wanted me, He already has a Tanuki and a Sylvilagus as his mates, he openly told me that Geni -is- going to be one of his mates, and that they are privately calling her his ‘pre-mate’… ” (Kathy)

“Apparently he is rich back home and has two human females that are lovers who he told his Tanuki that he would make THEM mates if she wanted since they are their friends and he can afford to take care of them… And then he declares that I’ll be his 6th mate… behind a tanuki, a Sylvilagus, Geni, and two humans…. ME… the 6th mate… to a -human-… But that… that isn’t the worst part of the mates part… no… not by any means… he says that he’ll love us all equally but different. And that he doesn’t care about order of mates. He acts like I should just accept that I will be his mate… and he is so confident about it… but his ability to know what I would do, his predictions, and his always being right makes me hate that he predicted this… because it feels inevitable like he has some cosmic powers that go beyond prophetic ones and he can just ‘make’ reality into whatever he wants… But no… all of that isn’t the worst part… no…” (Kathy)

“The worst part is how he just acts so god damn self-confident about the most outlandish things… he tells me that I enjoy being spanked… he tells me that I’ll be his mate… he tells me that Geni is going to be my ‘sister’ and that we’ll love being sisters… He tells me that he is going to love spanking me when he beds me… he tells me that you ‘approved’ of him courting me as long as he followed his promises with you… which I don’t believe now for a second… He told me over and over that he thought I was beautiful and that I was -his- little coyote princess… he told me to and I swear to the Ancestors on this one to cum for -him-… and the fucking bastard made me cum right after that… the fucking bastard… I could kill him for any or all of that… but no…” (Kathy)

Kathy takes a deep breathe.

“No… The reason I can’t stand him is his smile… his evil grin… his evil bastard grin that he would make whenever he knew he was being evil. He did it whenever he was trying to surprise me… whenever he knew I’d liked something… whenever he was being a bastard to me… which was quite often… I just want to wipe that fucking grin off his face so much it makes my blood boil.” (Kathy)

(My Heavens… she has got it bad… I Don’t know if I made Coyote this disturbed before he realized I loved him… Mark… Your powers of unsettling the female heart are indeed great… but be careful… She obviously already loves you somewhat… but her frustration with you is equally large right now… there is no way she is going to give in and realize, let alone admit her feelings right now… but I have to admit… seeing her so frustrated… so frustrated that she even tells me about her sexual climaxes and what he said to her… without her even realizing she said it to me… is quite amazingly cute and adorable… I wonder if our parents thought we were this cute when were were in love before we admitted it to each other? ) (Loki)

“Honey… I’m glad he upheld his promises to me… I’m even glad that he asked for permission before he even kissed or touched you… I’m glad he was able to not only make it appear that he punished you drastically but also was able to make you enjoy it… to a climax… or two… as it sounds… hehe” (Loki)

“MOTHER!… Ugh… I didn’t realize I said that… but yes… now that I admitted it… he was amazing… But his attitude I just can’t accept.” (Kathy)

“Well my little coyote princess… you might just end up -his- little coyote princess one day… hahaha” (Loki)

“MOTHER! Stop that… it isn’t funny… ” (Kathy)

Kathy sits down on a love seat and pouts.

Loki moves over to the love seat and sits down and hugs her daughter.

“Sweetie… I’m sorry… I was just teasing you a little… You know I love you more than life itself… I just found it a little funny… but not what you think… I found it funny that Lizzy was able to find someone like Mark…” (Loki)

“Little one, did Mark tell you anything about his mate Sherie? About his now uncle-in-law? or about anything else about the powers he’ll hold in the future?” (Loki)

“No… why?” (Kathy)

“Well it has to do with Mark’s character… It has to do with Mark’s powers, well future powers… and it has to do with why I think she chose him…” (Loki)

“Elder Healer was the one who healed Mark after your guard hit him. Did you know this?” (Loki)

“No” (Kathy)

“Well she was there that night for the sole purpose of healing Mark after you had him beat up… yes… so you realize what that means… he planned -that- far in advanced… I didn’t think it was possible… that is something beyond even what me and your father normally do… but this -human- as you keep on calling him… Mark… He is able to think that far in advance.” (Loki)

“Elder Healer has a connection to Mark that you might not realize. His second mate, Sylva, she is a nurse here in the castle and in the hospital. She is a fine lady. She is almost like Elder Healer’s grand-daughter. There is no family ties, but she cares deeply for her. I want you start keeping track of the powerful people surrounded by and caring for this boy… We’ll start there… But she told me something that even I found more absurd about Mark than his powers of planning. First… he has a subconscious that operates at hundreds of times faster than real time… which you might not realize because we don’t spread this knowledge around… but that means in the future he has the potential to be an amazingly powerful combatant. I only know of a few Full-Gods that have a ratio -that- high… Which means his ability to cast magic is going to be almost instant in the future after he practices…” (Loki)

“But that is only ‘rare’ not unheard of… The most mind-breaking thing about Mark is that he had over 6 elements that he was able to use after Elder Healer used her mental magics to help Mark start to be able to understand how to use his mana. He even said that there were a few others he thought he could use but needed more practice…” (Loki)

Daughter just sits there in her mother’s hug speechless. Six elements and probably -more- when he just -practices-… This was absurd… She herself only had 3 and she was considered an elite, those with 4 are considered super-elites and are generally only those who are already considered historic figures. If mark has 6 …or more… than what kind of monster is he?

“Katherine I must remind you that this room is protected… you must NEVER speak of this, and I’m going to shield this memory from scanning in the future unless someone looks -specifically- for it. We shall never speak of this again unless we are in one of our bedrooms or a Healer opens a shield to protect us… You Understand what this means right?” (Loki)

How could she not. She nods her head in agreement.

“Good… Remember me telling you to count the powerful people surrounding Mark who value him? Well you’ll never imagine who Sherie’s Uncle is… nor what Mark calls him… her uncle is Michael… ” (Loki)

“WHAT!?” (Kathy)

Kathy pulls back from her mother’s hug and turns to look at her.

“Are you serious? -THE- Michael?” (Katherine)

“Yes, and that isn’t the most amazing thing… he lets Mark call him ‘Uncle Mike’… and you know the legends about what he does to people calling him that when he doesn’t consider them family…” (Loki)

Kathy just sits there slack-jawed, unable to even say anything.

“Yes… -that- Michael… He even went so far as to -threaten- your father -and this nation- if something should happen to Mark… He apparently already considers him part of his family and we all know what he’ll do for family…” (Loki)

“So that is 2 powerful figures… But I’m not even done yet… Coyote was also -threatened- by two more people… two of the Tuatha Dé Danann apparently known Mark and his Sherie too… and -they- also threatened your father and this nation if something should happen to Mark… So that is 3 figures out of legends who are willing to threaten your father… to his face… and the Elder healer who all support this young human… Think about that…” (Loki)

“Think about it? Mother… What is there to think about? Mark is just insane… I don’t understand anything about him… his background… he -can’t- be a human… he just can’t be… what is he?… why would not just one but two Tuatha Dé Danann and Michael all threaten Father of all people for a human… those 3 could destroy a majority of this nation if they attacked… This isn’t a simple matter… this is beyond anything I could have imagined… and heavens… lets not forget HIS personal potential…” (Kathy)

“Kathy I’m not done… Mark has one more powerful person… and eventually couple that will be backing him… Me and then your father…” (Loki)

“Why you? I mean other than not losing your kingdom if you don’t…” (Kathy)

“Of course I’m going to support the person who has sworn to protect my baby girl. The person who would even anger her father if it meant both not hurting her… and helping her fix her public image… Which he’s done in one fell swoop… you will no longer be the ‘bratty princess who sleeps around’ you will be ‘the princess who was was shamed and learned her lesson and became a beacon of hope for her nation’… or something like that… but that is up to you…” (Loki)

“Ha… so -that- is what he meant he was going to make himself the villain for my own benefit… that bastard… doing whatever he pleases” (Kathy)

(You say ‘bastard’ but you smile at his thought… oh yes… you have it bad my little girl…) (Loki)

“Plus… Mark didn’t lie to you… I told him that he would have my blessing when it came to pursuing you if he was kind, gentle, and didn’t hurt you. However, I never expected him to openly declare to you that he wanted you to be his mate… not even I could have predicted he would take that route.” (Loki)

In a monotone voice… “Mother…” (Kathy)

“Hun… I only said he had my blessing to -pursue- it… not that I’d hand over your body to him… Though… with the way you talk… you might end up doing that yourself…. hehehe” (Loki)

In the same monotone voice… “Mother…” (Kathy)

“Kathy… my girl… I’m not telling you to just accept being his mate, I’m not stupid. I know as well as anyone how troublesome falling for someone you -probably- shouldn’t can be… I spent years making your father fall in love with me… so I know how hard it can be… But I also know how rewarding it can be… which is why I’m telling you to trust Mark… If he upheld every one of my promises and the promises that others made him give about the punishment… then… he has proven his trustworthiness. Plus he has sworn to protect you… If someone like Mark swears to protect you… then I can actually be a little bit more at peace after what happened to Lizzy…” (Loki)

“Mother… I just… I just don’t know… I don’t know him well enough to be his mate…” (Kathy)

“My little Kathy… I promise you I’m not trying to push you into being his mate. Undoubtedly there are benefits to that, as I’m sure there are consequences, but I just want to tell you that I approve of you making your own decision about that on your own time-table. I just want you to know that I approve of him being your protector, I approve of him being your friend -if- that happens, and I approve of him pursuing you for being a mate, again… that is up to the two of you. That is not something I should influence at all… and I know you… if I ‘told’ you to do one thing you would do the other… so I’m just approving of you two figuring it out between yourselves. That is all. I wont be, nor will I let your father be a road-block in whatever you decide.” (Loki)

“Okay… I can accept that… and yes… I would have probably done whatever was opposite of what you told me to do… I guess I’m too much my mother’s daughter… hehe) (Kathy)

Loki pulls her baby back into a hug.

“Yes… yes you are my little angel… I love you so much… and I don’t want anything to ever happen to you… so promise me… if you need help… please rely upon Mark… He isn’t yet powerful… but his brain is outrageous and even if he himself can’t help you… he’ll know who can and what you’ll need to do… Okay?” (Loki)

“Yeah… I don’t -hate- him… he isn’t a bad person… he is just unbearably frustrating… I can at least promise to seek him out if I’m in real trouble and you or Father isn’t around to help me… ” (Kathy)

“But I make no promises or comments about being friends …or more… with him…” (Kathy)

“Well my girl… I know you have had many male ‘companions’ without ever fully ‘bedding’ them… but I think its about time you and me have some frank ‘women talk’ about things like an adult woman. And firstly we need to talk about how Mark treated you… because maybe I can help you explain some things… or give you some tips… etc… plus honestly… I’m just downright curious what could make you say he was -that- amazing…. hehehe” (Loki)

“Mother… Maybe.. but please stop hugging me… I can’t have you hugging me when I’m recalling that stuff… that is just weird… plus I’m hungry and thirsty…” (Kathy)


Kathy and Loki had fruit, cheeses, and wine delivered to their room. That night Loki and Kathy talked about ‘womenly’ things for the first time. About how it feels to have a man inside you… how much it honestly hurts the first time… if they should do it in their human version or other version first… Lots of ‘usual’ topics for women on this side of the bridge. Then Loki listened to Kathy talk in detail and at length about what her future son-in-law did and said to Kathy. Loki knows that he is going to one-day make her little girl fall for him… but she keeps that to herself because of many reasons, not least of all was that it is up to them to decide…. plus it is too much fun to watch them be cute.

Loki is amazed at how far he planned things out… even where and how hard… and how much time between each hard spanking… so as to make it the most enjoyable for Kathy. Kathy is embarrassed telling her mother all of this… but it feels good to talk to her like ‘a woman’ like this. The alcohol helps both of them open up about their past experiences and how to best tease a man in bed. Loki gave some tips from the few times she took male shape and explained how it feels for the man. Kathy talked about how she loved cuddling with him… but hated his guts when she saw him pocket her panties…


By morning Loki looks down at her daughter who passed out from both exhaustion and drinking. She thinks about Mark… The little trouble-maker has indeed pulled such a grand trick on everyone in the nation that she is indeed proud of him for that… Which makes her sit there leaning back in her chair and looking into her wine glass as she rotates the glass slowly.

She smiles as she thinks about how to -repay- mark for his trickery…