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This is a teaser for another story I’m thinking about writing.

WARNING: I like to ramble ;) (Actually I do… but there is a lot of text here that is SPOILER FREE, and discusses what I’m thinking about the new story and talking about things I’ve learned from PMA. So if don’t be afraid of reading it.)

–Will take place in the future, at least 2100+ C.E. (Planning on making detailed timeline first, so as to not have same issues I had with PMA about: (spoiler free: days between two events))

–This will be more Sci-Fi, (‘magic’ will exist as ‘techno-magic'[Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -Arthur C. Clarke]).

–The main Character will be a Private Detective-Type character (But has some legal authority, the story will explain this)

–I’m a super fan of Dresden Files, so I realize the high-level parallels to that story, so I’m going to clarify that I’ll try to do my best to be even close to as good as that story does in regards to the P.I. parts, but the over-arching story isn’t going to be same.

Lessons from PMA:

1) PMA’s first volume has too much sex, and starts to repeat itself(I purposely did that to show some parallels between character… but I can see how how someone might not like it/get turned off too early from the story. The reason I did it this way was to try and show how the main two chars (up to that point) were very sensual/sexual, and to slowly weave in their insecurities and deep seeded mental ‘issues'(Not clinical mental issues, just your normal insecurities/self-doubt/etc). I think I did a fairly good job at ‘sprinkling’ that material into the volume… But… I can see how someone would get bored/not enjoy the story up to that point if they don’t like ALL the sex. So, I’m not going to put a -ton- of sex into the first volume of Mad Jack. I’m not going to ‘shy away’ from sex or adult themes, but it won’t be used as a plot device (well plot… ‘mechanic’ more accurately) like I tried in PMA vol 1.

2) I’m going to outline the entire first volume, along with ‘themes’ for both ‘the overall story’ and for ‘the next 2 volumes’ in particular. This way I don’t paint myself into corner accidentally. I didn’t ‘formally’ do this with PMA, but that was only because I had thought up the first 4~5 volumes worth of (major plot point) material before I started writing the first chapter. However, with PMA… I didn’t have an ‘end game’ thought out… (I do now) and I want to ‘end’ both PMA and Mad Jack at appropriate points, and NOT stretch them on like a lot of stories do. I’d rather leave you wanting more than have you feel like I’ve entered the: DBZ, CD, MGA, etc. ‘cycle’ of leveling up and finding new OP bad-ass villains (or circumstances/cases/etc) to fight against. One of my favorite stories is the Codex Alera series (from same author as Desden Files, and from that series you learn the “best to leave them wanting more”… ;)

3) I’m going to write the first volume completely before publishing the first chapter. I’ll also be editing the volume BEFORE publishing any content too. That way I avoid the verb tense issues that PMA suffers in volume 1. The verb-tense issues in PMA vol 1 arise mostly out of the POV I tried to write it in. I wrote in first person, and tried to use ‘past perfect‘ tense too much. I thought it was adding more ‘how someone would actually say it’… but honestly I was just messing up and making it harder to read/understand. :(

3.5) I’m not sure if the story will be First-Person POV or Third-Person POV. 3rd Person POV I think tends to be easier to write. But I still kind of like the ‘shifting POV(s)’ effect you can get from telling a story from 1st person POV(s). This is going to be part of the rough-draft/editing phase, I’ll probably write the rough draft in 3rd person POV, and leave the 1st person stuff for the parts where I ‘need’ a special POV to be given. This will make the story easier to write/read most of the time, and then I can focus on the 1st person parts more carefully when they arise.

4) I’m thinking of seeing if someone(s) would like to help me by being editor(s). This would be a volunteer position, but you would get credits in the volume(s). I am still not trying to make money off of my writings… and I don’t want people thinking I’m taking advantage of them… So… I’m somewhat hesitant to actually ask for this kind of community help yet.

4.5) I don’t want to ask for help from the community and then get into a situation like the author of ‘fifty shades of grey’ got into, where her online-fan-fic of Twilight (which is what 50 shades started as) got so good that she took it offline and then changed the MC to not be a vampire and published the book. I don’t ever plan on publishing my work (I’m writing it to 1) have something productive to spend my time on 2) See how good at weaving a compelling story I am/can be 3) I actually really just like the fact that (the few of you) who have reached out to me have said you really like the story. 4) I -love- seeing the statistics page on WordPress when it shows a ton of views from a single country in a single day, and then I look at the specific views of each page and it is 1,1,1,1,1,1… indicating that someone new has found the story and is mass-reading the chapters ;)

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