PMA Ch 001 pt2



“YOU MUST FLEE NOW!!!” (her)

I stared at her for a few seconds then I got back to my feet and then kneeled next to her. Then for the first time in my life (outside the bedroom) I hit a woman. I slapped her so hard with my left hand that she just stared at me in disbelief.

“Ma’am, I don’t know what the FUCK is going on here, but I think its time you realize I’m here to save you, and that I’m not going to abandon you in your time of need. I won’t be that kind of person. I fully realize some hocus pocus bull shit is going on here, and that you most likely aren’t fully human…. whatever the fuck that implies… and I’m not trying to be some hero here, but I refuse to allow a beautiful girl to be chopped to bits by some psycho monster whether she herself is a -real- monster or not. OKAY?” (me)

She stares at me in utter silence as I raise my eyebrow at her in an obvious sign of asking her opinion as I slightly shrug.

She leans up onto her elbow of her left arm and then takes her right arm looks to put it around my shoulder so I can pick her up. How little did I realize what she was really intending to do. She grabs my face with her right hand and gently cups my cheek with her hand in an almost lover-esk motion, then she fully extends her arm, wraps her hand around the back of my head and pulls my head down towards hers. She did this faster than I could even see. All I realized afterwards was that she had our foreheads touching and that my eyes were looking directly into her light green ones. I gulped realizing that her lips were less than an inch away from mine because of her slightly extended snout.

She held me in that position for a good minute while I Had time to slowly look at her face, and even look at her body somewhat because of the way she was leaning and the angles of our bodies. I don’t know why I didn’t pull away (other than the super-human monster arm wrapped around the back of my head, obviously) nor did I feel the need to pull away from this vixen. Vixen, that’s an odd word that popped into my head. I don’t remember ever using that word before but for some reason I get the feeling that she fits this description perfectly. I feel no fear from her. I actually start to feel no fear or anxiety at all from the surroundings or situation we’re in. I then realize I’m getting aroused by her and forcefully fight that feeling for several reasons. Firstly, this is NOT the time nor place to be thinking those kinds of thoughts. Secondly, I don’t want her thinking I’m some kind of pervert, despite having certain proclivities… which I would would rather enjoy experiencing with her, once she is healed and we are safe of course. Lastly, I ask myself why am I getting turned on by a monster girl who could easily kill me and then realize her legs are still skinned, and that she’s likely lost a lot of blood already.

Finally she blinks, which I hadn’t realized she hadn’t done yet up until that point. A huge white smile with sharp canines appears on her, and she starts to giggle like a schoolgirl.

“Um…” (me)

“miss pretty monster girl” (me) “we might need to leave or try to heal you or at least hide until the police and EMS arrive”

She burst out laughing at this which leaves me completely dumbfounded, and makes me smirk for some reason.

“I finally found a knight in shining armor hero and he’s a human from this side, who doesn’t even care if I’m what he calls a ‘pretty monster girl’… Ha ha he he….” (her)

“umm…. what??” (me)

She then releases the back of my head and asks me in a both gentle and sultry voice..

“Young man, do you have any idea what you doing? no obviously you don’t, you just wanted to save someone because you didn’t want that tragedy to happen again. I admire your pure honest feelings… even your slightly pervy ones you just had about me…” She winks at me with a coquettish grin on her face “But unfortunately it is too late for me, but I shall give you a gift that will allow you to help save the others here in this truck. I won’t force this upon you.” She grins again and says in an almost purr “just like how you never -force- your partners to do what you want in bed, you just know what they want and make them beg for it, but don’t worry young hero. I would likely be the one begging not you in that situation, so I won’t make you beg me. Besides I already know that you’re going to agree to take this burdensome gift from me, and you’ll face the challenges ahead that you’ll face.” (her)

At this point I don’t know if she wants to fuck me or sacrifice me… Maybe both.

“If I were going to live, It would be both… easily… but don’t worry the sacrifice part isn’t what you think, however I do worry what my dad will do when he finds this before he scans your mind… but Don’t worry he will feel my boon to you and know that I gave it willingly so he won’t kill you … immediately… However, I don’t know what he’ll do when you meet (and desire) my sister. ” (her)

“Wait, what…” (me)

At this point I realize she’s reading my mind and wonder if she’s scanned my memories, because otherwise none of this makes sense.

“Yes” (her)

“Jesus girl, that’s creepy” (me)

“Kinda hot that you liked the things I thought about you, but still creepy” (me)

She chuckles at this.

“Now what did you mean about your father, your sister, and a boon ?” (me)

“Ohh don’t worry, I have no problem explaining that to you, since my dad is going to blow his top when he reads your mind like I just did.” (her)

“But I won’t give you my name, my sisters name, or my dad’s name or ‘job’ because it won’t be safe for you if I do, even if he can erase your memories, But I will explain the boon (request) that I request of you, and the boon (helpful gift) that I shall give you before you make your decision.” (her)

“umm… ok… ” (me) Me, the god of all things spoken, showing my mastery of the human language…. *ugh*

She smirks again before continuing. “I am a being of a parallel world to yours where magic and cross breed demi-humans (like myself) exist, where demi-gods exist, and where very few can cross over between the boundaries between our worlds. I happen to have come here as something similar to an ambassador, and would like for you to become the human ambassador to my world. Eventually both worlds will have much easier travel between them, and our two worlds will become one. Not physically, but everyone on both sides will be able to cross over to the other. Therefore, some of us on our side have decided it would be best to bring some from this side to ours, so that our side can adjust to the morals, norms, basic knowledge, and required knowledge for allowing our societies to eventually merge without each side trying to destroy the other.” (her)

“I didn’t think I’d find someone so easily, but how quick you ignored my heritage and thought ‘those’ thoughts about me, combined with your memories and actions now… show me that you are probably one of the most ideal candidates possible. However, know that when you travel to our side, you will at first be one of the weakest beings alive, with no magic capabilities and no common sense of our world. This is why I mentioned my sister…” she sighs at this point “She is a… handful… because she was spoiled by father after mother died… but I have the feeling that you would be a natural counter-balance to her. You wouldn’t take her shit, but would instead fling it back at her. Colorful imagery yes, I know… But I don’t mean literally so stop worrying about that… I just mean that you have a strong enough sense of self, sense of right and wrong, and an… ” She gently rubs her own cheek where I slapped her earlier. “ability to use force against those who you feel need it despite them never accepting that they do. I just ask you to not pervert my sister too much… Though… She’s probably like me and will probably pervert you more in the long run than you’ll realize… ” She says with a wicked grin. (her)

I narrow my eyes at her and wonder what the hell this girl is going on about, I can almost follow what she is saying, but I’m afraid that her father is going to kill me when he reads my mind in the future and realizes what his daughter has planned for his other daughter.

She smiles again, and my hear almost drops out of my chest. “No my young hero, he won’t kill you, he won’t be that lenient. He will instead figure out ways which to make your life a living hell, a living paradise, and a living comedy act for those who watch you. But no, death will be the sweet release that he won’t give you.” (her)

I stare at her with a completely blank mind not even able to process that one completely….

“ha ha… you continue to surprise me, most people would be scared when they hear that, you instead try to figure out the hidden meanings of what I said. That is a very good sign young hero. And yes, I keep calling you young hero for a reason, You might not realize but I’m MUCH older than you, and your actions have granted me the right to give you a hero’s boon. Which I need to explain to you. I will awaken your latent magical abilities, how strong these are compared to others, even I have no way of telling this. However, it will allow you to have some basic defense against those from my world, it will allow my father to realize not to kill you immediately as he’ll sense my magic on you (in a helpful way), and it will allow you to form BONDs with others.” (her)

“These BONDs are what are going to allow you to eventually become a strong Hero, or at least be able to protect yourself properly in the future once you learn how to control them.” (her)

“Forming a bond will grant you some of the other party’s power and abilities, and will grant them some of your power. You won’t remember this for a while after you get to my side and learn it on your own again, but being a BONDer is somewhat rare, and is mostly carried by the most powerful of each species… Which tend to be the females of most humanoid species… So I recommend you not tell anyone you have the power to be a BONDer until you find a nice girl with which you want to be BONDed.” (her)

“Now isn’t it convenient that I know the questions you have and can answer them before you ask them? he he… No, being bonded doesn’t require a physical relationship like you are thinking, though they often do it isn’t required. What is required is a deep level of trust and the desire for both parties to wish nothing but the best for the other. And no, BONDed don’t have to be of the opposite gender. Most BOND QUEENS (a female BONDer with more than 2 BONDed), which we tease them by calling BONDage QUEENS… Have at least one male and one female BONDed partners. And no, you can’t make super-men/women by having a BONDer bond with everyone they meet. First of all, there has to be an emotional bond first, at least to the level of deep friendship, love, or some other strong emotional attachment. Secondly, Each BONDer is limited to the number of BONDed they can have at once, This isn’t some kind of RPG system where you ‘level up’, but for each BONDed you have you will gain tremendous strength(depending on the potential of the BONDed). No one knows for certain how the limit is determined, all anyone can tell is that when someone tries to BOND with someone new past their limit, they will just fail.” (her)

“Now I must ask you if you wish to receive my boon, both the gift and the responsibility. If you will do honor to my name (yes, despite not yet knowing it), and if you face the consequences my gift and request. now… WILL YOU?” (her)

Those last two words were spoken in a different tone, implying some kind of weight behind them, that I can tell has some kind of magical importance.

“Yes, pretty monster girl, for lack of a better name right now, I accept your boon, and will try to my best ability to honor your name, to fulfill your request, and to face the consequences of doing both.” (me)

At this point, she smiled, closed her eyes, and then quickly pulled me into a kiss. It was one of the most passionate kisses of my life, I didn’t realize until after it that she had fully transformed into a human in the instant before the kiss, and when it was over, we both took a couple deep breathes to bring our breathing back to normal.

She looks at me with a loving look, one that doesn’t make sense to me until minutes later when its too late. One combined with many different kinds of love all at once. Love of a life long lover, love of a mother, love of a friend, love of a high school crush, and probably other kinds of love that I don’t even recognize.

“Now my young hero, you must form a bond with me, I will be your cherry-popping BONDed, hehe.” (her)

She giggles at the end in such a cute manner that I don’t even get aroused because I don’t think my mind can fully accept someone being that pure and happy.

“Don’t ask me how to do it, just lean down and kiss me again, touch my heart and ask the question mentally if I want to be your bounded” (her)

I lean down, slowly start kissing her again, this time much more in a savory manner, enjoying the kiss between is in a much more relaxed and practiced manner. Then I reach up and purposely avoid her heart, and grab her left breast, and then pinch her nipple with my left hand as I support us both with my right arm. I listen to the gasp escape her mouth and slight moan she gives me while I do that, then I move my hand to the other breast and do the same to that nipple, getting a equally enjoyable pair of gasps and moans from her as I do that. I stay there for half a minute just enjoying her body’s reactions to me, enjoying her tongue exploring my mouth, as mine explores her mouth and tongue.

After I feel that I’ve delayed long enough, I then stop massaging her breast, and instead start kissing her more vigorously, while I hold my hand over hear heart, right below her left breast, pushing it up a the same time to directly put my hand over her heart. Mentally I ask her if she wants to be my cherry-popping BONDed, she giggles again a little and then moans as a wave of power escapes from her mouth and rushes into me through mine. I feel her sensations, my hand touching her, my feelings for her, her feelings for me… when did either of us grow feelings for each other… I feel her body’s state, the weakness of it, the damage to it, and I feel her joy, sadness, fear, anxiety, hopefulness, pain, suffering, love, caring-ness, and every other emotion she has right now, all lumped together into a mass of feelings deep down inside of her.

She doesn’t let me freeze up this time, she doesn’t let me stop vigerously kissing her. She doesn’t let me scan her memories, which apparently I feel I could if she allowed me. and she doesn’t let me give her power and some of mine back to her once I realize I can at least try to do it. She is giving me more than she is suppose to. I can feel her giving me her everything. I -know- this isn’t safe for her, I -know- that she will just hasten her own death by doing this. I -know- that she is doing it for my own good, and what she wants me to do with this power. I -know- it all, but it doesn’t mean I can, or even that she can, stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks when all of these realizations hit me.

I know what must be done, what must be brought to bear, who must be hurt, who must be killed, and who has will rue the day they EVER decided to hurt people like this behind MY hotel. I feel power like I’ve never felt before, My vision is fixed, I no longer need the glasses on my face. I feel the mana around me, within the animals in the truck, I feel the mana within the blood pooling within the magic circle. I feel the use of mana back in the hotel to try and break down the series of doors between the asshole who is about to meet the wrong side of my fists.

I stand up after gently putting MY BONDed down outside the circle. I don’t understand why I feel so protective of her, it must have something to do with the BONDing. I make sure to put her down further back in the truck so that she doesn’t get hurt further by what I’m about to do. I then slowly close the Velour draping behind us and wait for the beating to begin. I don’t know why I’m so confident. I don’t really understand how I know how to use my mana internally as well as I do. I don’t understand how I know that for the next 5 minutes no being native to my world could ever put up a fight against me, and that most beings in my princess’s world wouldn’t even be able to fight me evenly during this time. My Princess? That’s an odd name, normally I call my girls ‘sweetheart’, the only person I call princess is my little cousin, and I only call her that b/c she was obsessed with princesses when she was staying with us for a couple years when her mom couldn’t raise her.

Somehow I even know how to cast some kind of magical illusion within the truck to hide the fact that I’m here, and to make the asshole think that my princess is still within the circle. I have a wicked grin on my face right now, knowing that I’m going to be able to kill him before he hurts anyone else. I refuse to turn around and look at her, because I can -feel- her physical state, and her magical state. I realize she is a MUCH more magical being than even the other being in this truck who are all also magical beings similar to her, who are in their purely animal shapes, and locked that way by collars that I know can sense around their necks. If they are all level 2~3s she is a level 20~30, easily an order of magnitude more powerful than they are. I spare a split second to wonder how powerful this magic circle would have been if it was completed if the 3 other people were even close to princess’s power.

After the asshole, who I now realize is a bear-type humanoid which is one of the absolute strongest physical beings that exists, blows open the the exterior I can feel him. I felt him use his mana to break down a series of security/fire doors, but NOW I feel him himself. The person I am going to pommel into the ground. Somehow I know that despite his superior physical strength that he has less mana than me right now, and less efficiency in its usage. Meaning that I can beat him like a villain in an old martial arts film. I don’t know -HOW- I know these things, but I do.

He is pissed, I can feel his emotions somehow, he wanted something but wasn’t able to get it… I don’t know what he wasn’t able to get, but I’m glad from the bottom of my heart that he wasn’t able to get it. I know that whatever he wanted, must have been something I didn’t want him to have. He huffs and puffs a few times then I feel his feeble attempt to scan the truck to see if everything is alright, I feel his relief as he realizes that everything is the way he left it. I smirk to myself.

I look over at the rifle I put down on top of one of the cages, then I motion to all the animals who are present to -be quiet- I do this by feeling that thought and then making a motion with my hand and little sparks of mana fly off and hit each animal in the head. I also put the image of what I was about to do to this asshole and explained who I was, and how I got this power. Several of the animals nodded, a couple started crying, a couple got wicked grins on their faces. I didn’t have time to parse all that information. But, I could tell they were all glad, at least the ones that were conscious, at what they were about to be able to witness or at least hear. I say hear, because I know I’m not going to make this quiet, I know I’m going to make this son of a bitch scream in pain like I heard princess earlier.

They say hell has no fury like a woman scorned, they only say that because they never hurt someone that I consider mine. I’m not a knight in shining armor like princess thinks, I know my limitations, I know I have a warped sense of justice, a warped sense of morality, a warped sense of sexuality, and a warped sense of being now that I’ve absorbed so much mana. But so be it. I’m going to enjoy the next 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

He walks up the loading ramp with a false sense of confidence that I enjoy more than he does, because I have planned my next 2 minutes blow by blow, and then I’m going to let the last 2 minutes be a slow torturous time where he begs me to kill him before I cut off his head with a mana blade before my mana-doping wears off.

He reaches to open the Velour curtain, and I kick him through it. I don’t just kick him to make him hurt, I drop kick him to punt him like pro-footballers would dream of being able to do. He lands dozens of parking spots away. I launched him with a fairly high trajectory. But I did this on purpose. I wanted him to have a high amount of air time. I then Jump higher than even he flew, and I see him on my way up, I wink to him. He is dumbfounded. I then reach the apex of my curve and start my descent. I have aimed perfectly because half a second after he hits the pavement and indents himself a quarter inch, I hit him with a drop heel kick that makes a bowl shaped crater that is deeper than either of us standing. This strike is probably the best martial arts move I could do at this point to hurt him the most.

I then quickly stand up and walk over to him slowly, knowing that he can’t breathe or move since I felt his back break with that kick. I know that he’ll regenerate quickly if I just leave him, but I refuse to do that. Instead I stand over him, and then mount him in a manner that would look almost sexual if it wasn’t for the fear in his eyes. Yes that is the look I wanted to give him. He doen’t know what I’m going to do to him, but he is afraid. As he should be.

I kneel down into the crater with my knees touching the ground on either side of the asshole. I then use my foot to quickly raise my heel then use my toes to quickly crush his one testicle with a sharp kick. This while I smile down at him and let his screams of pain echo out of the crater we created. I wouldn’t want to let those animals not get a good taste of his punishment, even if it is only audio.

I then start to slap him hard with both hands, I slap his face and ask him who the fuck he thinks he is, one word per slap. I do this 2x quickly, I then ask him who hired him, and that if he doesn’t answer I’ll break his other testicle. I don’t give him time to answer then break his other testicle under my other foot’s toe kick. Then I ask him again who sent him here. I then heal both his testicles and tell him that I can stay here all night breaking his testicles over and over, and then breaking his spine in such a way that he will feel the pain but never move… and repeating those over and over.

I almost have a religous moment when I see him start crying.

I tell him that I’ll kill him painlessly if he gives me the names of his employers or who sent him. Of course, I’m lying, but he doesn’t know that. I’m actually lying multiple ways, but again, his ignorance is my bliss.

After 2 minutes of this, He finally tells me that “I know its Ouroboros who sent him here, and how”(asshole). I have no idea what he’s talking about, but I pretend I do, and tell him “of course it was, and was just waiting for you to admit it so I knew you became cooperative” (me).

I then tell him that I’m going to break his spine again, I do it, and then I create a mana blade with my two fingers on my right hand, and then start skinning him like he did to the others. I don’t enjoy his screams of pain, nor do I enjoy torturing him. But I know feel I must make him pay for what he has done. I then spend a minute doing that. Finally I ask him again if he wants to tell me anything that I might want to know, that will let me value his cooperation enough to let him die painlessly. He stops crying long enough to tell me that the other princess is going to be married to a Ouroboros agent but that if I interupt it, that will give away that I was the one to kill him. He laughs twice and I cut off his head before he can laugh a third time.

A full 45 seconds before my mana runs out. I now realize I know how to send off a beacon that will alert whoever princess’s father is. I gather mana for a full 30 seconds before I have enough to send off the beacon. By this time I chuckle because feel like I probably look like my power level is over 9000, with the mana surging up around me like an anime character’s fighting spirit.

After the mana left me from the beacon, and then a few seconds later completely left me drained, I realized what I’d done and started to dry heave next to the crater. I logically know that torture never works, that it never gives you good intel, at best you can be like the CIA during the ’00s and can torture someone over a 100 of times to finally get them to say what you want them to say. So I don’t know what got into me that made me so vengeful against that asshole. I agree he had to die, but I probably would have just punched him out of the truck and then sliced off his head, to make it the highest efficiency way to make sure no one in the truck got hurt and that he died.

After regaining my sense. I run back into the truck and go and cradle princess. She looks at me and cups my cheek in her hand and tells me that she knows I didn’t like torturing him, but that she wasn’t as nice a person as me, and that she wanted her dad to to know what the asshole said. I start crying when I realize what is about to happen, and can do nothing about it. I curse her for making me care so much about her so quickly, and myself not being able to save her. I rock her back and forth in my arms, telling her that I’ll take her boon, and I’ll protect those she cares for, like they are my own. She gets a smirk on her face when I say this that holds layers and layers of meenings that I know I might never undertand.

Then the police and EMS, and even an off duty Vet show up. I get thrown to the ground, handcuffed, and verbally assualted until they realize I’m not able to respond by I’m crying so hard. Finally I’m able to tell them that I’m the one who called them, and that I came upon this disaster scene, and was crying because I couldn’t save the princess as she died in my arms, with her last act being to kiss me and then her energy leaving her.

It takes a good 10 minutes before they uncuff me and start talking to me. But by that time the ‘officer’ showed up and told me to go sit in the back of his van. I do. the back of his van has two seats, that face each other. They are surprisingly comfortable for metal seats.

I sit there for a good half hour before anyone comes to talk to me, and thats when the EMS checks me again and gives me the hot chocolate I asked for earlier.

“Thats all I know officer, believe me, it sounds as weird to me now as I’m sure it does to you.” (me)

“Yes, that is one hell of a tale there young man.”(officer)

“But thankfully for you, I happen to believe most if not all of what you said, but before I can fully trust what you’ve said, I need you to please close your eyes and lean forward, I have a test, that won’t hurt you, unless you fight it, that will search your recent memories and verify what you’ve said.”(officer)

“And no kid, you don’t have a choice in this matter, I have diplomatic immunity, I can kill you where you sit, and no one will care. So just do what I say and it will be over soon, and you’ll be on your way back to that little purple tailed front desk clerk.”(officer)

I wonder if he means Sherie, since her hair is purple, but regardless, I nod and lean forward and close my eyes.

“Okay young one, this might be a bit discomfortable for a few seconds, but please try to bare with it. I am going to try and do this as least painful as possible.”(officer)

“MOTHER FUCKER….”x2 (officer)&(me)

We both fling back into our chairs and look at each other in disbelief. We both know who the other is, and the amazing sharp pain that had hit both of us at the same time was caused by the last kiss princess had given me. Well I guess I should say Princess Elizabeth, 1st princess of the Kingdom of Apache, Daughter of the King of Apache, Coyote. The man sitting across from me…