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PMA Chapter 061 pt A [NSFW]

Here is the Chapter:

I’ve been -stupid- busy recently, and what not… but I have at least got a little something for you to read now. I’m going to release ‘parts’ until the end of the chapter is ready. Then I’ll delete the ‘parts’ and put up a single chapter. I’ll see how this goes. It will result in quicker updates but “less” content (still the same amount, or more, as other web novels ~1500 words or so)


SITE UPDATE: 2016-01-08


I’m sorry for the delays in additional chapters. I’ve been super busy for several reasons: doing work for my PhD, being sick for almost two weeks, and then catching back up with work after being sick/holidays… :/

So unfortunately I haven’t been able to write the chapters that I’ve been planning. On the upside, I have mentally thought about the story a lot and made refinements to what I planned here and there… That I think will improve the story overall, so look forward to that.

It will probably be a week or two before I can start writing more chapters, so I hope you stay tuned until then. I think that I’m going to write several chapters before I release any, and schedule them for automatic release, that way I have a buffer to help prevent inconsistent publishing like this again.


P.S. Here is the RSS feed that you can put into any RSS reader to be notified when a new chapter of PMA is published.

P.P.S. Here is the RSS feed for the second series I’m thinking about writing after I get back into a groove with PMA. (Everything is set for it on the site, I just need to get time to start writing.)

SITE UPDATE: 2015-12-17

The astute of you might have noticed that I made a change to the menu of the site.

I have put the index page up for a new series I’ve been thinking about. I am not going to be publishing anything on that for a while… I just had some time today to work on the WordPress site… And the update of the new index page for MAD JACK and the update to the Menu went a lot faster than I figured.

So there is a brief description of the new story up there, and some ‘lessons learned’ from PMA.

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PMA Chapter 060 [NSFW]

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Here is the Chapter:

Magic Futon…

SITE UPDATE: 2015-12-07 300K Words…

First of all… We’ve reached a milestone… 300,000+ words… Spread over 59 chapters… so YAY!!!

Since I teased about being able to make EPUB(s) in the last update… I figured I’d show that off some more (who doesn’t love more teasing… lol) and I’d also show you the spreadsheet I worked on that auto-calculates all the stats.

The EPUB has the first volume (Chapters 1-18) in it. I’ve decided to break the story into volumes, which naturally progressed from the story. The index page for PMA has the chapter breakdowns (as does the image) for each volume.

The spreadsheet is actually quite complex, and the only thing I need to update now is the blue/white rows and the rest will auto fill in (and even the text auto turns black in the color’ed columns ONLY when there is a relevant set of chapters for that volume). It even eliminates the ‘extra words’ that are in the chapter in WP due to navigation links, etc.

PMA-ebook-vol-1 PMA-stats