SITE UPDATE: 2016-01-08


I’m sorry for the delays in additional chapters. I’ve been super busy for several reasons: doing work for my PhD, being sick for almost two weeks, and then catching back up with work after being sick/holidays… :/

So unfortunately I haven’t been able to write the chapters that I’ve been planning. On the upside, I have mentally thought about the story a lot and made refinements to what I planned here and there… That I think will improve the story overall, so look forward to that.

It will probably be a week or two before I can start writing more chapters, so I hope you stay tuned until then. I think that I’m going to write several chapters before I release any, and schedule them for automatic release, that way I have a buffer to help prevent inconsistent publishing like this again.


P.S. Here is the RSS feed that you can put into any RSS reader to be notified when a new chapter of PMA is published.

P.P.S. Here is the RSS feed for the second series I’m thinking about writing after I get back into a groove with PMA. (Everything is set for it on the site, I just need to get time to start writing.)